the beginning of my end (storyline)

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Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



The first time I saw you Your eyes told me stories about stars and a world in which you figured I belonged

I was captured, Your voice like water, Flowed right through my body Deep and healing scares - At least that's what I thought

A little too late, Your lips were caging venom Poison that dug deeper the wounds And the after effects came to my attention - A little too late

You made me open up like a blush on the first day of spring I came loose and trusted you enough to let you in

I let my walls down and my guard layed on the bed of thorns You spoke black magic in my ears while you penetrated, Squirting poison in my heart that killed my brain There, my goddess laid naked

Your eyes lost the galaxy and stars And I saw ghost smiles being sketched on your face And as much as I knew that you were my first mistake, Contemplating suicide was too predictable for a girl who was like me

But it did sink deep It sank so deep like the titanic with all those dead bodies in the sea

I wasn't special or anything At least I knew this, But for you to plant death in my membranes and let me walk on hot coals from the first day we kissed..

I remember now but everything is so vividly vague And how your love was lucidly fake And how I still stupidly think, That its my fault you left so faded

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