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I just need to write something and I have no computer

Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



There is a complexity to reality

It holds a similarity to the morphology of a tooth

Whatever i just said it cannot be fully explained.

To reality such as a tooth there are 2 BASIC parts

The the crown which is the surface that we all are free to see

The people

The jobs

The false smiles and the actions of society.

And the root the cause to the actions; the effect

And anatomical crown is the portion of the tooth that is covered with enamel.

The parts of our reality; our lives that hidden and protected by this hardened sheild easily eroded and brushed off by the damage of our every day lives.

The anatomical root is the portion of the root covered by cementum, the material that hold the tooth to bone.

Our anatomical reality in the context of my piece is all that supports us our friends and our families.

Our jobs, our personalities our reactions and that which influenced the construction of who we our. The setting and upbringing and all of that afterward

Whatever is the emotional ballast for us as children and adults and that which ultimatly controls our lives. This is the Cementum of our reality. Of our lives.

Be it religion, government, parents, career or dreams.

It can be many things.

The clincal crown is the portion of the crown that is visible in the mouth.

The clinical crown may be smaller than the Anatomical crown if the gingiva or rather the gums covers portions of the crown like during the eruption of the adult teeth as a child.

If you notice what you see in the people around you is always less than that protected by their private lives; their gingiva which hides what they protect with their enamel.

The clinical root is the portion of the root seen in the oral cavity. Such as where the gums have receded

Thus that which holds you together is seen and through that what you protect is visible to all.

Reality and tooth morphology are far more complex than what is written

You are you

You are a tooth

You are beautiful

And your life ia worth living

And you my tooth are worth loving

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