Below The Sins

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Submitted: July 09, 2017

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Submitted: July 09, 2017



Below my sins and beneath my character I feel the old person fading 

Like a caterpillar coming through the cocoon a new life is now creating; 

To let go of the past, and no longer be dragged through life without faith in hand 

The sun setting on the sea, with belief it will go well even without a plan 

Trust within, the same way I know life will forever be moving along 

First time feeling content, the world running through me like the melody of a song;

I see these flaws for the first time, confronting them with a pure spirt within 

Nothing to feel bad about, it's a new day that i begin 

Nothing left to settle for, as I'm burning the pages on secrets settle in the past 

For the first time speaking within, one of many who's taking off a mask;

Slightly different because the dial is now set to a different tone

Who you are, and what you could be now has the chance to be known 

Change always, constant and all consuming 

To become a better me, more then a thought the feeling so soothing 

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