My Final Escape

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A short poem on living with an addiction.

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



Welcome to a world of paid pleasure 


They call us the scum, but we perceive what they cannot 


When my mind leaves my body I am free


Truly free, free from a human body 


I leave to a far away place 


Where I cannot sense my senses 


Floating in euphoria 


Seeing beings of the past, present and future 


But then I come crashing down at terminal velocity 


My soul slams back into my body 


And now I must chase down the escape 


Creeping through the shadows like a vile creature 


Stealing and selling, desperately rushing for my next departure 


I only live for the high 


I reside where others once lived, I live amongst the abandoned halls


I sit in the dark room, paint stripped from walls, shattered glass lying on the floor


I look at the small pills in my hand 


Grateful for another escape 


My final escape


As I don't intend to return this time

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