The Druid King

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The story of Caesar's battle with The Gaulish King, Vercingetorix.

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



The Druid King


Vercingetorix, the Druid King  

Looked down at the Roman army surrounding him.

Caesar had invaded his land, washing over it like a sea of red.

The Romans would not stop till they had his head.


He had harried and harangued them at every twist and turn

Setting the fields and crops to burn

But Caesar and his army had come through unscathed

They surrounded Alesia with a wooden cage.


The final battle had been fought and lost

For the people of Gaul how high would be the cost.

Vercingetorix with armour and weapons agleam

Rode out to meet Caesar, with his celtic pride shining.


Three times he rode around Caesar sitting on his throne

Vercingetorix the Druid King stood before him alone.

Prostrating himself before Caesar the bold,

Vercingetorix felt tired, hollow and cold.




He sacrificed himself to save his land.

The fate of Gaul now lay in Caesar’s hand.

They took the Druid king to Rome

 Where he lay for six years in a dungeon of stone.


Then one morning the soldiers came.

In his cell, Vercingetorix lay starved and lame.

They strangled the Druid king and tossed his withered body aside

But they had never broken him, or taken away his Celtic pride.


At the ruins of Alesia a statue of Vercingetorix now stands.

A testament to the brave warriors of this ancient land.

Where the Druid King gave his all,

Sacrificing his life for the freedom of his beloved Gaul.

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