A tribute to H.P.Lovecraft, Slavebrains

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A discussion gone "wrong".

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



 "Well, your new life begins.You have finished your training and free to go anywhere you choose."The  white-haired professor said.
"At last, but I'm not really sure what I'm going to do", young Eric responded.He took the rolling parchment in front him and unfolded it, looking closely.His eyes stopped for a moment in the middle of the document and this drew the attention of the 75-year old man.Eric seemed to lose balance as his knees wavered and he lost focus.

"Are you all right, Eric?", the professor asked worried.

"No okay.I am all righr.Just a bit tired and these reccuring bad dreams."Eric replied getting himself straight.

"What dreams? What do you see? Perhaps I can clarify a few things.I've been through similar pressure."The professor encouraged.

"For the past month, after I sleep for a while, the same frightening images come.Undistinguished shadows that seem to invade my mind because of  a mistake of indifference.They make me feel, as if I am doomed and no matter what I do, it gets worse.Not just every action, but evety thought provokes a reaction, though that is a scientific descreption, more like an attack, that the whole future is doomed and my life has ended.They just seemed to know what I am afraid of most, before I even realize it and hit me with the image.It's as if shadows are playing with their food, if not cooking it."Eric finished looking hopeless.

"So, do you have the feeling that someone reads your mind?Like you are a slave but don't know it?",the professor asked in an investigating tone.

"That's for sure.It's not simply defenselessness or insecurity.More like having one option and whenever you use it, just see, that you are  TWO steps closer to death.", Eric said looking down in a desperate way.

"Have you ever thought about the notion of freedom, Eric?You are an adult.But do you consider yourself free?", the professor asked, obvisously starting a question-answer persuassion debate.

"Of course, I am free.Everyone is free.No one can mind control."Eric said, lifting his head up.

"Do you deny that mankind is experimenting with monkeys and chimpanzees, for medical purposes and to make observations for life?Do you believe that the animals in the cages understand what is happening to them?",asked the professor, putting his hands behind his back and starting to walk back and forth.

"No, of course that is happening.But they are animals.Mankinds dominates Earth.",Eric stated with scientifical confidence.

"Earth?An interesting word, Eric.Mankind is dominant due to the extiction of dinosaurs by a meteor.Not a single dinosaur species survived, assuming chickens are not one.So, is Earth not a closed ecosystem?Can man survive in space? It's not as if we live in an natural cage?", the professor asked again advancing his line of thought.

"What are you implying?That shadows in my dreams are aliens experimenting?",Eric asked in disbelief.

"We may not be 100%  free.But we do not know that, until we see the bonds of slavery.But how can you see them, if they are wrapped around your mind?"the professor asked smiling.

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