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A quickee that I thought about while driving to work. Looking around at all the cars in traffic while praying to God for my sanity to get me through the day.

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



As for the chaos it creates and the devastation that it makes,

It comes fast, but goes quick, blink and you just might miss it,

This insane myth we must live, this life is just a minute. 

Who can say for certainty that one will live to see tomorrow?

It’s the regretful who call out to God asking for more time to borrow.

Life is but a dream or is it a made up destination?

Maybe it’s just our soul’s complex manifestation?

I imagine myself on a beach, the scent of a fresh breeze flowing through my nose,

while the sand filters between my toes. 

I look up with my eyes closed to ask for His grace; in hopes to understand my purpose in this place.

As He sets his hand on my shoulder I feel my sight getting stronger, the insanity becoming calmer

and in my heart I hear Him say, as life ebbs and flows, stay on course, stay on your toes, walk tall

and stand strong for this life is not long, and before you know it, I’ll bring you back to where you


Create your future with faith and hard work and I promise you my son, I shall give you all that you’re

worth.  Don’t worry about the insanity going on all around, for when you see me my son, beautiful

trumpets will sound.  See through the storm for there is calm in the center and with me as your

teacher I promise to make you better. - Ryan Duffee

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