Reverse Fountains

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
There is no ordinary summary, you'll have to read it.
Here is some tips on what to expect: a girl directed work with romance, psychology, a little bit of humor and action.
Shin-la hopes the reverse fountains make your time run faster than ever in your life.
If in need contact me, give tips on how to proceed with the project and what you would like to read. c;
ATTETION: it may contain strong languange as well as situations not appropriate for children.

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



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-"I won't deny it. Life is not simple, but it gets harder from each one's perpective. I'll light it up for you, if one is to suffer by the hands of another it will be created rage, sadness and hopelessness coming to consume that one. If  one is esteemed and placed on a safe side, it will be created innocence, happiness and hope. only see the world as it is shown to you and based on what you think you want." - P.

-"You're too pessimist, lol. But i respect, that yah know? c:  Even saying things like those you haven't commited any atrocities, how long are you planning to stay alive? Kiddin'!"- Hua <3.

-" Pessimist? I prefer P's special way of thinking , even though there are certainly more who share it. Atrocities know i'm not one for that, so just rest assured. Well, what where you saying?" - P.

-"Hm? Oh! As i was saying...these other girls appeared right before me as I was trying to get a sweet special hearted cupcake from the cafeteria...they washed me away like I was a lost jellyfish on the beach! After I got on my knees and bought the cupcake, wich btw was delicious!!! I saw some other girls running down the hallway so I went to see what it was...AND GUESS WHAT IT WAAAAS...!"- Hua<3.

-"From judging that it was at your school and if I remember those types...or it was a big sale or a new somebody replected in things you love."- P.

-"You could always let me do a surprise , you know? That would've been more fun... But yeah, It was a new someone...a new EXTREMELLY HOT guy! I didn't go close to them becauso of my height they wouln't see me and I would be crashed... Say...when are you coming back? It is still your school after all! Is it this time?"- Hua<3.

-"Well, surprise me...What is it?"- P.

-"Please come to school Reika is going to leave to Spain and I'm gonna be all alone and I miss you. Talking throuhg a computer for two moths is not good for our kind miss!"- Hua<3.

-"I get it. If I go will you stop stopping my non-life?"- P.

-"We're non-friends so we need to be friends, i mean, we already talk a lot and share many thing with each other... Is it no good? :c"- Hua<3.

-"No, it isn't. I'll only do it if I make a profit for myself."- P.

-"Ok! Just come so we can discuss and make it work for both of us c; BYE! "- Hua<3.




-"See you in two days..." - P.
















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