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Just a little thing, but I can assure that it links and will link to all other stuff I made.
Honestly, this is just a dump of ideas I don't know what to do about yet. But still.
Yes, it IS heavily influenced by SCP FOUNDATION, but I am pretty sure that I've written down original things here.

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



The list of artifacts in possession of our organization (fully declassified version)

Part 1, artifacts from before 100 A.R (After Resonance)


-“As king Worwet treads the soil of his enemy’s country, he brings famine, death and despair. Walks king Worwet on and on for months alone and everyone who dares to oppose him fall and squirm before his feet. He pursues the king Jowan, he shall pursue him to the end of days until he, his family and his servants are dead, starving with their riches just in front of them, but too far away”-Ancient epos translation.

King Worwet’s robes are clothes and mask belonging to a ruler of Mesopotamian nation. Their estimated age is 1851 years. We believe that abnormal qualities of those robes manifested in the time of the “first magus wars”, when king Worwet’s armies were taking heavy casualties from the neighboring country on east side. When his enemies resorted to necromancy and mind control, breaking rules of war at that time, rage and tiredness of king Worwet manifested their effects in his robes. King Worwet then abandoned the title of king and went on a pilgrimage to kill king Jowan with his own hands. Mesopotamian state fought a losing war for 4 years after Jowan had left and lost the war, 5 years later Worwet finally found Jowan, however Jowan’s country has fallen to a demonic outbreak and he himself died defending it. In his delusions, Worwet saw demons around him as Jowan’s soldiers, but his mind cleared once he reached Jowan’s long withered body. While he held Jowan’s skull, his rage turned into grief and nostalgia. He inscribed words “Whoever you are-king or servant, remember: revenge is not necessary, the only thing that bring justice, are the sweeping sands of time”. Worwet then took off his robes and their negative effect has taken place, leaving him only as dust.

Worwet’s robes have the following effects: wearer of robes and mask will have a field of magic energy 4 meters in radius, inside which everyone but its wielder will have vitamins, minerals and nutrients physically ripped out of their body and transported into the wielder. While not worn, robes possess no abnormal qualities. If a person wears those robes for a long time, when they take the robes off, they starve as much as they would starve if they hadn’t eaten anything for the time they have been wearing the robe, therefore king Worwet himself had crumbled away into dust after wearing his robes for 9 years.

In our age, there is no use for such artifact. If attempted for use as a weapon, user can be easily taken down by automatic weapons (Worwet used a giant shield to defend against arrows and incendiary weapons). It is useless in any industry, except for starvation research.

We got it through confiscation of ancestral relics from an abandoned family mansion. Robes themselves are grey, the mask is identical to Worwet’s face.


Leviathan’s skull is not a single object, but many objects with same effects of unexplained origin. These ‘skulls’ were originally only in possession of a certain occult organization named “VOID’s PROPHETS”. Most of these skulls we received through deals, others through organization’s rogue members whom we captured and were allowed to keep the equipment of.

These skulls when worn on a person’s head, supposedly, they bring out a person’s talent and allow its user control of his memories. Example:

Joe is a rather boring guy, he receives one of those skulls, first time he puts the skull on his head, his whole life flashes before him. Now he remembers everything and a small thought creeps into his mind: “I remember I could draw very well, I think I know how to do it, I’ll try again”. He now understands what he’s good at and can easily learn and remember knowledge he gained, to become a professional artist.


We use these artifacts to draw out talent from our top scientists and promising individuals, just like MISTRESS ordered. But, because we have a limited amount of them (limited amount being 21 skull), we choose carefully.

We do not know where these skulls originate from or what beings they belonged to, they vary in size and form, most look like those of crossbreeds between species, like a mix between an insect chitin and a reptile skull. We attempted to buy a secret to where those skulls come from, but that is one of the many things they hide well. Age of skulls varies, some are very recent, from few months ago and some are prehistoric.

Mistress raises it as a great priority to find a way to massively gather these skulls. It would greatly boost morale of our citizens and has potential to increase the standart of living, automatically forming a meritocracy and keeping all anyone with any talent at all employed. We understand the significance and are actively working on getting more skulls.


Danko’s heart is an object resembling a white-hot biologically accurate human heart, ‘hearts’ can be put into their own category, because there are many of them and they form quickly, they appeared often all throughout history, but this particular heart is unique in many ways. First and foremost, it is one of the first ‘hearts’ to exist, possibly being formed in the Paleolithic era.

Danko’s heart’s main effect is its constant exertion of heat (76 degrees Celsius), light, sound and lifeforce. The reason why we could start the homunculus project was due to the endless supply of lifeforce. Also, this is the main supply of red potions (drinkable lifeforce-charged liquids) in our country, giving us endless opportunity for export of them.

Danko’s heart’s secondary effect is that people who come in contact with it will feel an overwhelming urge to bravely lead people around them to a certain goal that varies depending on the situation, no matter how inconsequential the goal is. When said goal is completed, person in contact will jump onto the next goal, but this does not last forever, sooner or later, this person will sacrifice themselves for a cause even if it would be better if they carried on. For this reason, MISTRESS has refused to use the artifact.

Heart’s last anomalous effect is its ability to retain full power even while being fragmented into many small pieces, if the heart is split into 86 pieces, each piece will be as strong as the original artifact, which we had utilized.

The heart and its pieces emanate a sound very similar to a hundred-strong choir.


Negatheca, aka. the negative substance. Is a mass of an unknown element, very little is known about its origin, but the oldest confirmed evidence of its existence comes to 908 B.R.

Negatheca is a substance of unknown classification, it responds to the environment around it and gains completely opposite properties. If the temperature around it is 337 degrees Celsius, its own temperature will always stay at -337 degrees and solid, solidness will also be affected by whether it is surrounded by gas, liquid or solid. If its environment is hot-it is cold, if it is surrounded by darkness-it will glow, if it is under strong light-it will become non-reflective, if is surrounded by one color-it will take on a negative color and etc.

All info on uses of it can be requested from our head metaphysicist.


All-Seeing Eye is an immortal magical living being, it is only as big as a rabbit, but due to its hunting habits and displays of hyper metabolism, it had once been capable of causing genocide to any species it came across. Now it may be used for execution of protocol 157.

All-Seeing Eye does not absorb nutrients, soul or life essence, yet it still hunts, we believe that its only feeding source is the static magical energy in the environment, but it prefers active magical energy, which is why it kills prey-to release it.

When a person stares into the All-Seeing Eye, they are almost instantly evaporated from within by an electric shock of 3GJ, with a loud cracking sound just like when lightning strikes the ground. The flash of light and sound attracts nearby sentient beings that are curious enough. If its victim refuses to look, it will move in their direction and start quickly burning through victim’s flesh on contact until they are either dead or had teleported away to escape.

All-Seeing Eye’s hunting patterns include:

  1. Rising high above the ground on sunny days on the ‘opposite’ side of the sky in relation to sun, thus attracting attention and letting people see it even if they don’t realize they’ve seen it.
  2. Hiding in secluded places, often behind doors or containers, to kill prey before they can take in the situation.
  3. Breaking reflective surfaces to create more shards to cast its own image (reflections are as deadly as Eye itself).
  4. Burning through flammable surfaces to arrive unexpectedly.
  5. Moving at incredible speeds to let passing beings see just a glimpse of it, which is enough to trigger the combustion.


We had first encountered it in the Sahara desert, which explains why very few carcasses had ever been found in Sahara. Thanks to reports given by natives, our losses during the recovery were minor (7 operatives), but devastating none the less. It has been found in a glass sand cave lair which it made from reaction of intense electricity, natives knew nothing of it, but it was obvious that some electric being that is stronger than most had created a nest, most of our losses came from reflections in the cave and confusion that ensued. However, through improvisation and quick thinking, it was easily placed in a containment field due to somewhat primitive hunting behavior.

It is now kept in a titanium cube with non-reflective coating. To weaponize it, we made an emplacement weapon designed to hold it in place and quickly hide and open in to vision. Since distance and realization of its existence don’t matter, all who had it in their line of sight, seen it on reflections or live broadcast, will instantly vaporize. However, we know that the Eye will grow about 8.7 cm in diameter for each average human vaporized, so far, it is 2.59 meters in diameter, our emplacement can hold it for as long as its diameter is less than 56 meters. However, it would be a last ditch effort, because if it goes to such sizes, it might float into stratosphere and engage in intercontinental travel, which is a world-ending situation. It is recommended to start protocol 157 only against an otherworldly organic cosmic threat or giant creatures (size of creatures does not connect to their ‘nutrition’ to the eye).

The All-Seeing eye’s ‘body’ only consists of the ‘pupil’, which is an ‘organ’ from which the rest of the eye, that is actually just a mantle of blue flame and energy emerged from the surface of the pupil, manifests. Pupil itself is a near 2d rhomb, its size (not including the mantle) may shift to conditions we don’t yet understand. All attempts to damage the ‘pupil’ were unsuccessful. In our research, recordings proved to be harmless unlike live broadcasts. The mantle itself is highly unstable, main researchers hint that strong quantum reactions are involved, providing some explanation for instant disintegration, floating and cold yet endlessly dangerous plasma mantle. The only way of fighting it of is either encasing it in heat-resistant materials or using extremely bright light to scare it away

This single being can explain most of UFO sightings, therefore, we declassified it fully within the borders of *DATA DELETED*.

-“And so there I was, a horrible light, a second sun towering above me, the only way I could see it was thanks to sun’s life giving rays that were stronger than the corrupted sun’s. And so I ran and it was as fast as me, I was burned by it, saw the shadow fully. It was like an eye of anger, everchasing, never tiring, endlessly taking lives… for no reason… not even for sport… not even for purpose or universe’s intent. It was truly the ultimate evil, a mindless evil.

But I could run away by casting a light that could overshadow this entity, it flew away. All my people were dead before they even realized what they had to do, their ashes scattered across the desert.”-‘Shammar’s journey for the Diamond city’ book, it is to be examined for further clues to new artifacts.

Part 2, artifacts from 100-600 A.R


Sub-zero orb was found near the North Pole, inside an iceberg. It was not discovered by anyone prior.

The orb constantly emits cold, and it will keep emitting until the temperature of its surroundings reaches -216 C. When force of 97 kg is applied to the orb, it will instantly suck out heat from the environment to a degree at which gasses around it will become viscous and flow down to the ground and everything solid will crack into pieces. This effect needs no cooldown. In our cryogenic-research, this artifact was very helpful for quickly reaching sub-zero temperatures without wasting energy of our own.

The orb is relatively fragile, from our observations, it is made of cut glass. We should not apply too much pressure or we risk losing it in a moment.


-“The only way was to make an ultimate sacrifice. That group of dragonslayers managed to manifest a focused sunlight ray by granting it a vessel from their own flesh and souls. Through their sacrifice, people of *DATA DELETED* finally had a weapon to strike down the shadow dragon from the deepest depths of the ocean.”- Chronicles of *DATA DELETED* region.

Unlike the name suggests, it is actually a sword. Unlike the chronicles suggest, it was not just a ray of sunlight turned solid, it is a sword of transparent colorless spinel with a substantial amount of light encased within (and with many runes). Among its many properties, is glowing with a power of 6423 lumens, changing color every 43 sec seconds, release a strong ray of light upon touching the right rune(basically, a laser of the same color as the light from the sword is), weak luck manipulation and  reflex modification(making reaction time of its user 1.4 times faster).

Today this weapon is mostly obsolete, however, it is probably the first ‘laser’ ever made by mankind and is extremely effective against all kinds of incorporeal and dark (and light) beings. This double-edged sword has also proven effective at destroying artifacts with negative effects. It was given as an instrument against dark beings to our anti-occult citizen protection. So far this legendary sword just keeps on giving and serving.


A creation of an ancient alchemist, these vials have no proper use but are in their fundamental nature and method of their creation that we tried to replicate, are a creation of a genius who was way forward in his research than colleagues of his time and even alchemists of our time.

Inside each vial, which are essentially cast glass, are trapped various phenomenon.

List of trapped phenomenon:

-Lightning. The lightning inside is trapped still, but it keeps glowing and holds the same charge for 1697 years. Just like any phenomenon trapped in a vial, its processes will resume once the vial is broken.

-Flame. The flame still gives out the same glow as in its first state, but does not produce heat.

-Explosion, spark, magic outburst. All of these phenomenons are frozen still, some components of original flammable, sparking and magically unstable components that originally caused detonations can still be seen.

-Sunlight. This particular vial was decorated like a lamp. Photons inside can relatively easily observed, which proves that sunlight can truly be in a molecular state, research on this subject still goes on.

 -Ghost ‘flesh’. A finger of a ghost made from cold plasma. We managed to summon and consult the ghost.

-Mana, piece of soul. We do not know how this alchemist managed to extract pure soul and mana without the use of spells, inert magic usually is invisible to the naked eye and activated magic is manifested through other natural phenomenon(like ones mentioned above).

In the worst case scenario, we can sell them for about 12 billion credits.


Endless mine is a geometrically impossible tunnel in form of a cylinder (probably, can’t be concluded until the end is reached), going down into the ground in an angle of 45 degrees. This mine theoretically has infinite depth and is independent of ‘outside’ space, inside it is deposit of black granite, black opal, constructing components of steel, radon, lead, silver and dangerous amounts of oxygen.

Originally discovered after reports of missing cave explorers and one failed rescue operation, witnesses were unable to recover those who have lost their footing and slid down into it( it is confirmed that many of them fell too deep or even never stopped sliding down after fatal injuries).

8 km into the mine, it becomes difficult to navigate, most navigation systems lose their effectiveness and it is difficult to say if any anomalies are present, personnel working in the deepest parts report sometimes confusing up and down due to repetitive structure and cylindrical shape, as well as lack of navigation marks(we engrave depth marks on the tunnel’s walls) and the deeper we reach, the more effort it takes to deliver materials outside and build structures inside, which we can more or less solve by teleportation. Also, personnel losing instruments inside the mine is a big problem, since once something falls, it just might slide down infinitely deep (unless the mine changes in one way or another). We work on fixing mining machines to a rail system, this might fix many problems.

Location of this mine is to be heavily secured and hidden from foreign nations.

Part 3, artifacts from 600-19XX A.R


Vengeful eye is the respective biologically accurate body part (except for colors) with red sclera, black iris and normal pupil, with thin red lines separating each part of the eye from each other. The eye never decays and if implanted into a living person, causes no rejection from host’s body, which makes it relatively easy to use.

The ability of the eye is that whoever has it in their eyesocket, can choose to put a random curse on whoever they have in a direct line of sight, the setback is, that each time a curse is set, the victim becomes  more and more aware of curser’s presence(among other effects). The first time a curse is put, victim feels jarring unease, the second time, victim will actively seek out the curser, the third time, victim will know for sure he has a curse on him, the fourth time, he will know who cursed him, the fifth time, the curser will receive the same curse he gave this time, the sixth time, he will receive two curses when he gives his victim one curse and so on in the geometrical progression.

It is recommended that agents with this artifact wear eyepatches for obvious reasons, if the eyepatch is removed, they should dispose of the witness. This artifact should be used mainly on important enemy political figures, because the more their responsibility is, the more of a damage they can do with, for example, the curse of unluck, or it can be used to put competent people out of their place to be replaced, thus causing damage to the enemy’s commanding structure.

Curses put by the eye:

-Accelerated aging.

-Reaction delay.

-Blindness, deafness, tactile numbness, loss of sense of smell.

-Reduced stamina (increased fatigue acid).

-Regeneration neutralization (including effects of red potions).

-luck neutralization, anti-luck.

-Spontaneous combustion.

-Demon attraction.

-Various diseases ranging from common cold to instant symptoms leading to heart arrest.

-Brittle bones.

This artifact is only as durable as a normal human eye, if user gets shot in this ‘eye’, we lose it.


It is a huge clockwork/steam powered machine mostly made from lead, it is like most steam engines, what is anomalous, is its size. It is a giant underground cube, which functions as a steam engine, but it is clear that it was a part of something. The volume of it is 449 m2, we believe that such size was needed to create enough force to dig through the ground, probably in order to create a subterranean vehicle, but we don’t think that in 1100’s (estimated time of creation) any feudal house would have resources to take such risk or the guts to, so either it was some strong secret third party or a united effort, but obviously, such engineering marvel would not be possible at this time. Currently the object is open to our citizens as a museum.


This mask is a construct made of wooden plates beneath a white leather cover with many cranking mechanisms, with these mechanisms, this mask may recreate almost any kind of emotion with these mechanisms, wooden plates are gathered into groups: eyebrows, eyelids, cheekbones, lips, jaw, muscles.

Once the mask is put on a person, it will stick to their face and make them feel the same emotion the mask represents and they will keep feeling said emotion even if their hormonal state should not allow them to. Some expressions of the mask may not even really represent emotion, there are facial expressions that show pain or near-death shock or pleasure and etc., the mask will reenact these feeling anyway, in case of a death shock, a real clinical death.

This mask was previously used as torture device, to give people endless feeling of sadness, disgust, pain, near-death experiences, fear, pain, all without end, which it was most effective at. Currently we use it to train our soldiers against interrogation.

We got it fairly recently and we still have contact with its maker, make anything you want out of this.



Main effect of this object is its ability to distance its wielder from the situation he’s in, letting them to look at their situation soberly without any interfering emotions, kind of like a skeptical movie watcher, but with control. This artifact was created by us and can be mass produced, but is still going through testing.

This coin was given to a very capable person at a young age for testing, so far, this person has achieved great success and is on a dangerous duty at the current moment successfully completing small missions, but they seem to be reliant on the coin, so we will wait more until we mass-produce it


The Madness of Life is a book with 1000 pages, whenever a person reads it, they re-live the subjectively weirdest moment of their life in their mind, that memory then appears as an article in the book with its own illustrations. These memories will appear as an article even if the person themselves don’t remember them or even had them wiped out of their mind, because of that, it was given to medical institutions in order to discover a way to heal amnesia and constant short-term memory loss(Alzheimer’s disease).

Also, it was attempted for use as an interrogation tool, but of course, it worked better to shame abductees than to extract specific information.


The blade lives up to its name, it is a zweihander made of human bone, with a heavily decorated handle with engravings and strings of various types. It can only be held by its handle (in one accident, it fell on the ground and it just kept ‘cutting’ and ‘falling‘ until its blade turned upwards and we dug it out), its cutting ability is infinite, if someone was to drop it, it could fall down and down ignoring friction until it reached earth’s gravity center. It ignores density, to the point where the only thing it cannot cut is the thing it can’t reach (like protection that ‘skips’ the space where target resides) or something that reassembles itself instantly, so, basically, anything natural.

This sword is the only weapon suitable for modern dragon hunting, however, to use it on normal battlefield, a person has to be able to keep themselves safe first, which becomes harder and harder by the day magical and ballistic weapons develop, but there is a justification: considering quick development of armored vehicles, it takes more and more to take them out, but such weapon could be useful in any age if its user can protect themselves.

The user will not feel sense of collision or weight (if they strike a falling object) of the sword, the only attribute that matters in wielding it is the speed at which its user can strike and meet attacks, which made its original user (count Geinrig the second) extremely efficient, allowing him to claim false glory. Count Geinrig the second was a knight who claimed to be the strongest man alive, he said that he could beat anyone if he used his sword and his opponent used literally anything else, which was true, but he never fought against ranged weapons and without his sword, until he was assassinated by our man in 1765, who reported him to die with little struggle, proving his worthlessness as a fighter.


We possess 32 more artifacts, but they have no significance to our state as a whole or are fully public. We work on getting more of them.

Desired artifact: the spear of destiny (request from MISTRESS)



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