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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Encourage Writing Inc.
While patrolling her section of the park, Airi is talked into leaving her post in order to discover one of the parts secrets. However, is it worth her sanity to discover it.

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017





One day, whilst patrolling her section of the park, the eastern section, Airi heard her coworker Yasmine voice coming from the walky- talky on her right hip.

“What’s up Airi?”

“Nothing much.”

“Yah, it’s a boring day, isn’t it?”

“Total boring, I need some excitement in my life.”

After giving a slight chuckle, Yasmine replied, “I know a way we both can get some excitement.”


“First, I want to you head over to Serena’s side of the park.”

“You mean the western section?”

“That’s her section, isn’t it?”

“I don’t think I should leave my area.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll keep watch over it for you, ok?”

Airi didn’t respond, for she wasn’t sure if she should go or not. On the one hand, the park seemed peaceful and boring enough to sustain its self while she was away. However, on the other hand, she didn’t want to get in trouble by John (her boss).

“Don’t worry Airi, I won’t let you get caught by John. Heck, even if you do, he likes you too much to fire you.  Besides don’t you want to see more of the mysteries this park has besides Byzantine? I know you curious to see stranger things.”

 Yasmine’s words were very convincing to Airi. She knew that there was more to the park than she was shown by John and she wanted to explore it’s mystery’s further. “All right, I’ll go to Serena section.”

“Great!” replied Yasmine in great joy. “The times good right now so go.”

Airi went westward until she came to the park road that separated the east form the west, she then quickly crossed it and continued straight until she heard from Yasmine again.

 “That’s good Airi, just keep going straight until I tell you head in another direction.”

  Airi did as she was commanded. She kept going straight until she was told otherwise. When Yasmine told her to go left, she went left and when she was told to go slightly right she went slightly right. They kept that up until She came to a narrow path that had thick clustered trees brilliantly illuminated by the sun on both sides.

“Am I to go down this path?” Asked Airi.

 “Keep going.” Said Yasmine.

 Airi went down the path that lend slightly to the left until she blocked from going any further by long yellow tape (police tape) that ran horizontally from one tree to the one on the other side. The words ‘Do not enter without permission’ ran across it.

“I can’t go any further Yasmine.” Said Airi

 Yasmine didn’t respond.

 “Yasmine,” said Airi before yelling into the walky-talky two times. “Yasmine…Yasmine.”

 Because she was focusing on the walky-talky, Airi didn’t notice the figure that was sneaking up on her from behind. Grabbing Airi by both shoulders, Serena yelled, “Boo!”

 Airi leaped forward towards the yellow tape before looking back at her co-worker. “You scared me Serena!”

 Serena was too busy laughing to apologize right then. However, when she calmed down enough, she did just that. “I’m sorry Airi. I couldn’t resist.”

 Airi took sometime in catching her breath.

“Are you, all right?” Asked Serena.

“I think I’ll survive.”

“Do you want to go further?” Asked Serena.


 “Yes, past the yellow tape.”

“Why is this a restricted area?”

 “Not telling, it’s a secret you’ll have to find out yourself.”

 “Well, it a restricted area so I shouldn’t go past.”

 “Don’t worry goody to shoes, you have my permission to enter.”

 “I think I need Johns permission.”

 Both Serena and Yasmine laughed at her. “You only need his permission for the northern section. This is the eastern section, My section. The tape said you need permission to enter. You have my permission to enter; so, enter.”

 Airi lifted the police tap slightly before going under onto the other side. Serena followed her.

“Keep going, “said Serena from behind Airi.

 Airi followed the path that edged right instead of being a straight path. Serena followed close behind her, almost leaving no space between them. Everything seemed to have been normal for a couple of seconds before she turned the corner and saw an insect that was the size of a huge dog stand on the pathway (blocking it).

 “What the heck is that!” yelled Airi whilst walking backwards only to be caught Serena.

 “Don’t be scared Airi, it’s just a mantis,” said Serena with her arms around Airi’s waist.

 “That’s a giant Mantis in front of us!”

 “I can get rid of it if only you promise not to run away.”

 Airi promised she would stay still while Serena got rid of the giant Mantis. Serena let go of Airi and went for the Mantis. Serena fearless grabbed, lifted it up and throw the giant mantis into the cluster of trees leaving the path open. “OK, let’s keep it moving, said Serena.

  Airi was speechless. She watched Serena pick up and throw a giant Mantis, so she was stunt.  Serena grabbed Airi’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, I’m a professional. You don’t have anything to fear but fear itself, but I’m here so fear can go screw itself.” She then walked Airi further threw the path way.

 The route was somewhat long. Airi had seen more giant insects while being led by Serena. She saw many giant versions of insects that you would usually see in the wild: Lady bugs, grass-hoppers and beetles. Once they reached the police tape on the other side of the pathway both went under and Serena finally let go of Airi’s hand meaning the journey was over.

 “So, how was it?”

 “That was awesome!” shouted Airi.”

 “Want to go again?”

 Airi ran away.

© Copyright 2018 zuki. All rights reserved.

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