Falling in love for the first time

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this is a story of a 13 year old who falls in love without knowing that it is love. stay tuned to find out what happens next.

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



Falling in Love for the First Time

The lights glistened and the flowers smelled fresh and auspicious. It was an engagement party. My cousin from England had specially come to Pakistan to get married. As if there are not plenty of women in England. I being a 13 year old was dressed adequately in a black fancy dress. A dark complexioned, chubby little girl wanting to get out and play as most teenagers find engagement parties cliché.

“Why do people get married? “

This thought poking in my mind again and again as my stomach growled for food. The food was not yet served as the bride had not made her entry yet. Wedding and bridal showers are just a waste of money where people spend tons of money to feel special and be recognized as equal members of society.

I tried to distract my attention from my stomach which was acting like it hadn’t eaten for months and started taking a look around the hall. Ladies were wearing too much make up and the men wanting to get home as soon as possible to watch television. I could hear the occasional complains about the economy and the job market. Not knowing exactly what that meant. (Hello! 13 year old here).

I glanced over to my left side and in that moment, in that blink of an eye, my world stopped. He was the most beautiful human being I had ever seen in my entire life. His hair as black as the night sky and skin as white as the snow. He walked like he knew that he had killer looks. Now it may seem funny that a 13 year old has fallen in true love. To be honest it was not until 2 or 3 years that I found out that it was love. I was confused and mesmerized by his beauty at the same time. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. The dumbest move, I actually stared at him throughout the night. Now when someone is gazing at you, he/she can’t stay unnoticed for long. The same happened to me. My little staring act was over when he caught me. But did it stop me. NO. It was absolutely impossible.

Soon the bride came (also wearing too much makeup). The rings were exchanged and right after that dinner was served. I decided to eat first and then I could continue my game. When I went to the table, surprisingly I wasn’t hungry anymore. I could feel butterflies in my tummy and those butterflies were in no mood of a eating. I couldn’t get him out of my head. The night soon came to an end. Everybody bid farewell to each other.

As I lay on my bed, I kept thinking about him. Will I ever see him again or I will have to live all my life with his Image in my head. No idea what his name was or which school did he go to. As a matter of fact I had no idea of his age too. But that image, that image was one exquisite image and I was happy to live with just that all life. That night I went to bed hungry, muddled and exhausted but it was totally worth it.

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