I wish i could get back in time

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it's a sad song which talks about what one moment could do.
i hope you like it but don't forget to read my previous work's ;-)

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017





Is anybody out there?

I don’t where the world is

But…… I miss it now


Strange how one moment turns your world upside down

Strange how one moment can make you wear the lonely crown


I wish I have got the power to turn back time

When it was alright

 Now all I have got is the memories

No never saw it coming

 Took us all by surprise

 Used to say we will make to the sunrise

Strange how one moment can make you loose who you are

 Strange how one moment can leave you with a scar

So over all this bad luck …but

Still hearing u gotta be patient

Is it ever gonna change?


Destroyed all the hope we once had

I would like to say am okay …but…am not

And I….. Can’t tell anyone because am so worried

They will get scared and run

So I……don’t speak

I miss when we were younger

 The moments where much funner

Weren’t they?


Strange how one moment can make you miss the old days 

Strange how moment make you look at the life from different ways.


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