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fictional short story inspired by real events

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



Avarice Inspired by a True Story

By Lee Davis


“Danny, we need to hit a lick man!”Nick said.  Daniel Winkler looked at his friend, his eyes troubled, right eyebrow raised above his left.  “I think you’re right…..  the question is where?  We can’t have another Nike U-Haul incident!  Let me think on it while I hit the shower.”

“Yeah, well maybe this time we check the tire pressure before we go rob the place?” Nick said, sarcasm abound.

With that, Danny hit the shower.  As the hot water ran down his back a thought wandered in view of his mind’s eye;they cannot continue to hit these miniscule thefts, risking their precious time and freedom for a couple hundred dollars a hit!  They either had to go big or not go at all.  That’s what they would do, the two would go all-in, hitting the bank nearest their location… and why not?  The two were young enough that if they were to get caught neither would get serious time--probably a good wrist smacking!  With Danny aged eighteen and Nick at nineteen their youth would be their salvation.  That’s if they even got  caught--and no decent criminal enterprise ever plans for their inevitable demise.

The more he thought of it, the more sense it made to Danny.  The two had spent the majority of their teens together and half of that time was spent menacing society; partaking in general misdeeds.  It was only recently that the two city boys had taken to small time crime, starting with generic shoplifting then working into something a little more complex.  For two years the boys were quite satisfied with their small time oblique behavior, affecting the neighborhood girls in a rather unremitting and incessant fashion.

Now, however, small time is exactly what these two wanted to graduate from, on into large scale larceny and full blown felonies.  And so these two boys set off to the beginnings of their first planned effort, due to little more than South Orlando teenage angst, commoner’s greed, and (most of all) youthful boredom.Armed with his crumpled hundred dollar bill from last week’s minute paycheck, Danny told Nick to drive to the nearest men’s clothing store so that he may purchase this robbery’s costume.


“I wanna be, ya know, incognito….  I need to look like I belong there, dress shirt and tie…” Daniel said halting his explanation for a brief moment of contemplation, “look’n like a banger is only going to shoot up red flags.” Nick saw Danny reach into his pocket and pull out his wallet to double check, ensuring the hundred was still there.  Danny turned to his friend and smiled, “we’re gonna pull this off man, we are gonna nail this shit!”


The midnight blue 1992 four by four Chevrolet Jimmy pulled up outside the South Orlando K-mart.  Danny and Nick hurried inside where, Danny- giving fashion sense little room to sway his decision-picked a light blue dress shirt, a dark red tie, and a pair of black socks.  Before heading to check out, Danny, without saying a thing, threw these clothes at Nick and took flight towards the cosmetics aisle.  Danny came back with a sinister grin stretching the width of his face, a box of brown hair dye in his hands.

“What’s that for?” Nick said, asking as if Danny had made some terrible mistake.

“I’m gonna have April dye my hair, man!” Danny said.  He spat an answer as if his friend should have known.  Nick looking at Danny quizzically, “Is that even going to take?”  Nick asked, noticing his friends short, fade cut hair.

“Listen…even if it makes me look a touch different, I’ll take it.  Anything I can do to alter my image is ultimately worth it.”  Danny spoke with a steady authority.Though he was the younger of the two, he had always been the duo’s unspoken leader, which, Nick seemed to be ok with.  It was a dynamic that ran smoothly the vast majority of their capers before this, one, that if wandered from, would make the two unsteady, which opened the door for error.  Both boys knew this time, they could not afford any errors.

The pair checked out and briskly walked back to Nick’s father’s truck.  A custom tag, bolted loose on the back, rattled as the engine warmed up.  The tag itself a glossy black, the words 69REBEL imprinted in neon orange.  Danny noticed this as he walked up, two plastic bags dangling from his wrists.

  “We need to change that tag.”  He said.  At first, Nick didn’t know what he was talking about, and before he had a chance to reply Danny spoke out.

“I’ve got an extra somewhere in my garage…  we’ll have to find it.”

Nick backed the truck out and headed back towards Danny’s house.

The guys entered the house- a  pep in their step.  Danny threw his clothes on the black leather couch and tore open the box of hair dye. 

“APRIL!”  He shouted, holding  the L out, hoping to grab his sister’s attention. 

“Yeah!” They heard her reply, her voice dulled by the closed bedroom door. 

“Come here real quick!”

Danny’s sister made her ingress, modestly sporting a white shirt and pajama bottoms, looking as if she just rolled out of bed.  She seemed to know Danny needed her to do something, eyeing the room and her brother in a cautious manner.  Danny waited for her gaze to fall on the coffee table in between them. 

“I need you to dye my hair…Please!”  The please slumping from his mouth, praying his crafty sister  wouldn’t discern the potential leverage the situation presented.

“Um…Why?”  She rebutted. 

“Don’t….don’t worry about that April.”  Danny said.  He was thrown off by her curiosity, expecting to have to bargain with her instead of explain himself.A brief moment lingered in the Winkler living room, hanging there making Danny nervous.

“Whatever, I’ll do it.  Grab a chair and bring it to the bathroom…  Ya know this stuff kinda burns right?”  Danny’s sister said, holding the dye bottle up, shaking it as she did so.  Both Danny and Nick must have noticed the perverse satisfaction in her voice.  Their eyes met, knowing that if they went through with this they had to follow through with the bank job.  Danny broke his gaze on Nick and shifted to a suggestive smirk on the face on April’s face, his lingering glare stating an abhorrence only siblings could share.Noticing this, April smiled higher.  “It’ll be fun to watch you squirm!” she said, offering a maniacal chuckle as punctuation.  Danny grimaced, laggardly walking to the household dining set, pulling away a chair.  Nick looked on as April ran dye-stained fingers through his best  friend’s hair.  She had his head craned backward in a seemingly uncomfortable position, the skin of his forehead orange-brown, irritated from the hair dye’s more activated contents.Fifteen minutes later Daniel Winkler had become a brunette.The change of color took some getting used to but Danny wore it well.

Satisfied, Danny put on his new outfit, the blue and red appearing far less tacky with darker hair.  Transformation successful, he looked like he belonged in a bank, hell,  he looked like he ran the bank!  After spending a few minutes in front of a mirror, his face a constant simper, Danny returned to the coffee table where the remains of the hair dye box lay.  He ripped a piece off and scribbled something down on it.

“What’s that?” Nick asked.

“You’ll see!  Come on!” Danny said, grabbing his friend by the wrist as he walked towards the door , slamming it shut as the two exited through it, leaving April to clean the brown dye stained bathroom sink.

The two friends made their way inside the well-used, cluttered cabin of the truck, Nick turning the key in the ignition.

“Wait!” Danny said abruptly. “I feel like we forgot something.”

Eager for exhilaration Nick exclaimed, “Nah bro, we’re good!”

Danny ran down the rather short check list in his head, drawing a blank.

“Fuck it, take off.”  Daniel lit a Marlboro as his friend put the truck in drive.

Nations Bank was a very short ride from the Winkler house, operating at the beginning of the neighborhood they lived in.  As they neared the entrance of their locality Danny grabbed the piece of cardboard he had wrote on. 

“What is that?”  Nick said.  He didn’t like being left out.It made him feel  more like a driver and less like a partner.

  “This…”  Danny said, “is the note I am going to hand the teller.”

“Well, you’re getting finger prints all over it!”  Nick reported, his remark shooting from his lips like a bullet from a gun.

“Actually… it’s extremely hard to get prints on paper.  You’d really have to finger-fuck It!” Danny said, leaving it at that, setting the piece of cardboard down in his lap, unsure of the accuracy of the statement.

The pair arrived at their premeditated destination:  two blocks from the bank, still in their neighborhood, in front of the old Peddleman house.  The family had moved three months ago and their house wasn’t surrounded by contiguous homes like the rest of the neighborhood, which meant less prying eyes.  Nick pulled up like he owned the place and put the Jimmy in park. 

“Keep it running” Danny declared, hopping down from the lifted four by four.  As he stepped closer to the bank, his eyes glued on the door, Danny moved with zeal.  Danny wasn’t usually nervous before committing any sort of crime.  This time felt different  somehow,  Danny could feel the situation’s graveness in the air around him, following his every move like a pair of inquisitive eyes.  This feeling of being watched bred a certain meticulous anxiety that kept Danny sharp.  Entering the doors of South Orlando’s Nations Bank, he felt as ready as he was going to.

Scanning the bank and its occupants, Danny carefully examined the folks in line and the respective tellers they waited on.  Currently working behind the desk were three blondes, each varying in age.  Only one was close to Danny’s age(Danny knew the greener the employee, the more prone to mistakes they were when the pressure was turned up) and coincidentally, the most attractive.  Moving quick, Danny started toward her.  He hadn’t made more than two strides in her direction when a hand reached out and stopped him.  Danny’s

heart sank.

“Transaction slip sir?” a raven haired woman in her late thirtyies asked, amicable smirk falling perfectly  in place due to years of muscle memory.

“Oh, no thank you!” Danny replied, holding a hand up.  He pushed past this woman and the others between him and the attractive blonde behind the counter.  Danny slithered perfectly between the customer leaving her desk and the next one in line, offering the one in line a glare that dared him to say something.  Danny turned to the pretty teller, smiling as he noticed her bronze name tag, emblazoned VIKKI.

“Hi Vikki!”  Danny’s tone sardonic, slipping her the piece of hair dye box he had written on earlier.

“What’s this?” Vikki ‘s grin didn’t die until she began to read Danny’s note.  I HAVE A GUN.  I NEED $10,000.00. NO DYE PACKS.  NO BUTTONS.

Danny saw the dismay in the young woman’s face and shared a reassurance with her.  “Don’t do that….”  Danny spoke soft, “I’m not going to hurt you, just treat this like a normal withdraw and don’t do anything alarming.  This’ll be over before you know it!”  Danny smiled at her again but, this time, she just stared at him blankly.  The girl lingered, still in disbelief, then grabbed for a set of keys attached to her hip.  She fumbled thru them, moving too fast in a fit of concern.

“Slow down Vikki…. Relax and take your time” Danny said.  His calm demeanor seemed to remove any need for speed.Danny watched eagerly as she unlocked two sliding drawers beneath her and pulled out five two thousand dollar bundles of one  hundred dollar bills and placed them in a bag, handing Danny the bag in a calm manner(as calm as she could).  She had played  it off like a normal transaction,“thank you for choosing Nations Bank, have a good da-“  Danny didn’t stick around to hear the end of her sentence or see the instinctive smile that surely followed it.  He walked fast  at first, then-after hitting the double paned glass door-broke into a sprint.

Danny flung open the passenger side door and vaulted himself into the seat beside Nick. Even though Nick had watched Danny approach in the rear view he was still startled at the expeditiousness of the only best friend he has ever had, the best friend he just robbed a bank with. 

“What happe----“

“Drive mother fucker, DRIVE!”  Nick was cut off by Danny’s authoritative bark.  The truck was thrown into drive and slammed into motion.  Tires squealing, the two shot off,  away from the bank and toward the most populated part of Orlando, just like they planned.

Belie Isle was a textbook tourist trap – dense traffic, theme parks, over - priced prodigious  shopping malls – if there is a way to grab the attention or attraction of some traveling family, the Isle had it.Nick and Danny came tearing down the strip, pulling into a no-name hotel across the street from Wet and Wild.  Nick made a joke, stating that’s how he likes his women but Danny was too focused on searching the cash for dye packs- just in case Vikki was feeling a little self- assured, a little insurgent,  when she loaded Danny’s bag full of green backs.  There weren’t  any.  There was, however, a note with “call me!” and a phone number.  Danny knew he laid it on thick but he didn’t reckon that thick.  As far as she knew, Danny had a gun pointed at her!  Danny smiling, said  ”take this and get us a room, bottom floor, on the very outside if possible.”  Danny figured it would be best to get a room at the end of the wing, with only one room beside it instead of two.  This made it easier to find out if they were being watched. 

Maybe he was just being paranoid, but he would rather be vastly wrong and prepared, than right and not.

Nick returned with keys to room 201.  It was on the second floor but only had a room to its left.  Danny hopped out of the truck, bag in hand, and opened the room, their room smelling of stale tobacco and perspiration.  He gave the place a quick look-see and stashed the bag under the toilet lid.  Before doing so, Danny pulled out a few hundred for both Nick and himself. 

“Damn, I’m hungry!” Danny said.  “let’s go get something to eat.”

Nick, not protesting the idea, fell in step behind Danny and the two set off to find food.

Driving down International Drive the fact that they had just successfully knocked off a bank hit the guys pretty hard.  Feeling pure unbridled fearlessness Danny stuck his head out the window- fall air sped in as he hollered to the capacity of his lungs.  “WWWWEEEEE DID ITTTTT!”  A Wendy’s came into view, feeling playful he shouted at Nick, “Hey!  You!  Pull into that there fine fast-food establishment so that we may refuel!”  Danny showered him with the couple of hundreds he grabbed from the stash.

Nick did as he was told and parked the Jimmy in the first spot he could find.  They both, with only a glance at one another knew it was a race to the counter.Danny had a head start as he didn’t have to remove keys from their natural habitat.His feet hit the ground quick and he would have made it through the door…. If Nick’s hands hadn’t grabbed his shirt, yanking  him backward with an outstretched leg.  Danny stumbled over it, then completed this motion by toppling over onto his back.  Danny knew he was beat but saw an opportunity, swiftly kicking straight up-right into his friends crotch.  This stopped Nick mid-step, folding him in half.  Danny slid past him almost skipping.  His hand made it to the door when he felt Nick jump aboard his upper half, clutching him in a sideways piggyback.  Danny tried to buck him off but before he could get Nick to release he heard a feminine voice come from the now open Wendy’s door.



Both boys looked up, Nick slid off Danny’s back the way wet bologna slid down a cafeteria wall.

“Carrie!?”  Danny recognized her immediately, her name, spoken in both surprise and contempt.  His ex-girlfriend had seemingly spawned herself before him wearing nothing but a green two-piece and a pair of daisy dukes.The bottom half of the bathing suit ran across her navel in a “V”, accenting the same belly button piercing Danny had bought her eight months before. To say she looked good to him would be a massive under-statement.  The sight of her now – in a moment like this, a period of rebellious, puerile rejoice and celebration – made his iron stomach smelt and his hardened gaze soften.  He tried with all he had to remember why they split up in the first place but something about her glinting green eyes with bikini to match made him forget everything he had ever known.

Navigating his way out of the beauty induced stupor, Danny found enough words to invite her inside for lunch, shoving Nick as he stepped inside the restaurant.

Lunch had produced little more than bland catching up.  Nick would sit there bored, playing third wheel like a professional, Carrie would gawk at Danny, flashing her eyes as if everything he said and did was the most engrossing, spell binding thing ever heard and Danny would sit there, falling for it.  After they had finished eating Danny asked Carrie if she’d like to hang out for a while, Nick (knowing where this was headed) shook his head but did not dare utter a word.

On the ride back to the motel Carrie, sitting in between the boys, offering up a bit of symbolic placement,  began kissing Danny with little inducement to do so.  It could have been Daniel’s smooth talk, or maybe his devilish swagger, but it was most likely the bill fold chock full of hundred dollar bills that he stuffed into his pocket after lunch.  Nick, though he was driving, noticed her bewitching chortle when he said “whoops!” realizing the cash was hanging out of his pants.  Grinning Danny ingeniously did not observe that once money made an appearance he became ten -  fold as fascinating and far more alluring to her.  While Danny thought he had this sheer vision in the palm of his hand she actually had him in the pocket of her short shorts, the ones that he kept glancing at.  The ones that he, no doubt, wanted to remove and vanish so she couldn’t put them back on.

Upon pulling into the motel parking lot Carrie jumped over Danny and dragged him out of the truck, hand in hand.

“Which is yours?”  A devious half smile was offered as she asked him, her blonde hair bobbed in a voluminous cluster on the shoulder  that she peeked at him over.

“Two –oh- one.”  He remarked,  forgetting Nick was even there.  Walking at a speed parallel to a moderate scurry, Carrie and Danny nearly knocked over the door to the room.  Before Danny could remove the key from his pocket, Carrie turned to face him, wrapping her arms tight around him and locking her lips firmly with his.He dropped  the key, muttering “dammit” as he bent down to pick it up.  Nick looked on, used to his friends apostasy, and realized it would be best  to smoke a cancer stick or two before entering the motel  room.By the time Carrie got him through the threshold of the bathroom, Danny had untied her bikini top and unbuttoned her daisy dukes, slipping them off.  Danny let her remove his clothing until they stood there, taking in every square inch with carnal eyes.She could see his engine was revved.  She spread, rolling open her garage door for him to ravish at his leisure.  Danny put it in drive, easing his way,  deeper as he went, inch be delectable inch.  She sighed broadly, pushing her’s against his, commending his eager conviviality.  In an over-compensating slip, he turned her over, popping her trunk, leaning her over the  grimy sink as he greased her rear axle .  They fell back into a rhythmic rapport, she reversed when he drove forward.This done in one surreptitious motion, pushed both their gauges past the red line.  Danny about to spring a leak and shoot a rod went in for the checkered flag.  Checking her face in the mirror he could see he had the green light. 

Bang, Bang, a pounding came from the flimsy bathroom door.

  “Yo Danny!”  You gonna let me get a turn or what?”  his friends voice somewhere between serious and humor.  Red in the face, lulling for a moment he offered a sharp reply:  “Get off my trail Nick!”

Danny ready to take first and be known forever as her vanquisher, heard her chuckle.

“It’s okay hun…. He can come in.” 

Danny liked the tone but loathed the words.  A tidal wave of vexation and displeasure slapped him in the face.  One moment she is his very own sybaritic angel, the next - -with a single retrogressive statement – he remembered the cause of the rift that parted the two eight months ago.  Not only was Carrie “loose” in her ways, she was a natural born psychopath, all too well versed in the art of parasitical theft.  The type of girl that you met at a bar and wake up two weeks later with her still in your bed and, oh wait, your credit card is in her wallet.  By the time you realize your money is gone, so is she – leeching off the next host, chock full of livelihood and sustenance.  A currency vampire.

Danny, stood dead still behind her, awestruck at how quickly she could go from seemingly flawless to bitch queen of the rapscallions, literally drop shifting from sexy to siren, when she spoke – the words slithering and hissing out of her slimy lips, sounding like the snake she truly was.

“Uhh…  Whatcha doing back there?”  Carrie peeked her green eyes over at him, the spark in them venomous and mesmerizing synchronously.

“Get out!” 


“Don’t say anything, just get out.”

Danny saw the acrimony on her face but felt no remorse.  She  hadn’t changed.  He wasn’t even sure if he would have liked it if she had.

Carrie opened her mouth to rebut but the look in Danny’s eyes said she had better kick rocks.  With one final glimpse, Carrie made her exit, but not before she noticed a strip of nylon hanging out between the toilet lid and the case holding it’s innards.  She walked out, her roughish curiosity peaked.

Though that had not gone as Danny had hoped, he still felt providential.  He had robbed a bank, got away, got laid (to near completion), and didn’t have to pillow talk the broad afterward.  It was fair to say this had been a fortuitous day indeed.  There was only one way to top it off – take a stroll across to the tavern-esque restaurant and pay off the bartender so he and Nick could drink.  Of course this is nothing new to the duo.Besides who’s going to complain when they are buying rounds for all the single women and tipping in strictly twenties?  Surely, no veteran bartender of sound mind would ID after being slipped a Benjamin. 

Danny opened the toilet lid and stuffed his pockets directing  Nick out the door and across the street.  In a dark  corner created by the motel’s ninety degree layout,  Carrie watched with glaring eyes.

Once the coast was clear Carrie stepped up to the door of room 201 like she owned it.  The motel still employed key and cylinder lock technology, which, ironically, Danny had taught her how to breech during one of the many times they broke into vacated vacation homes to have sex on a millionaire’s orthopedic.

She made quick work of the lock, entering the motel room, closing the door behind her.  She skipped over to the bathroom and encroached the space in which Danny had stuffed his black money satchel.  Pulling it out, she opened the bag  to view it’s contents.  Holy Fuck!  mouthing the words, eyeing the loot.  A slip of paper caught her vision.  Carrie snatched it out and read it.

Nations Bank

83rd and SW 92nd

“Oh you are finished!”  she said aloud, her devious mind screaming checkmate.  Carrie strutted over to the phone and calmly dialed 911.  It rang once.

“Orlando dispatch, what is your emergency?” 

“Yes, Hi hello….  I ….uh I am staying at the motel off International Drive in Belle Isle and , well, there’s two very suspicious boys staying next to me in room 201.  I overheard them saying something about some bank job….”  She was trying a little too hard to sound elderly but the women on the other end of the phone seemed to buy it so far.  The dispatch lady cut her off.


“Mam, did you happen to see what they were driving?”

“Yes…Yes, I did.”

“Okay.  Did you see the license plate?”, the woman’s voice was monotonous and dull.  Carrie didn’t let this stop her from playing into her role. 

“Matter of fact I did, it was six-nine-R-E-B-E-L.”  She heard the lady type, no doubt, running the plate number in their database.  After a moment the lady’s voice penetrated the satic silence, a lethal seriousness subdued her tone now.

“Mam, I need you to lock your door and stay inside.  That vehicle was placed at a bank robbery earlier today by a good samaritan.  Our nearest  patrol is on the way there now.”

“Goodness me!”  Carrie made herself smile with that one.  “But I just saw them leave their room and go to the restaurant across the street!”

“No problem.  I’ll have them stop there first.” 

The line went dead.  Carrie cradled the beige phone and picked up the satchel.  Opening the door, she stepped into the cool dusk air and onto the main road, grinning as a speeding patrol car rushed past her and into the restaurant’s parking lot.

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