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Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



Trying to fill a void that so often fills our mind

Living in a paradox turns ones vision  so blind

Minds so far away

Feeling World's apart

Find it difficult to have that heart to heart

Too much missing

Often find my self reflecting reminiscing

Can never give up hoping , praying , wishing

Staring up at the sky While we Hitting rock bottom

Feeling secluded, insignificant... forgotten

Sometimes lack in strength to get through the day

Not always easy to find a way

Lost in life's maze

living in a daze

Thinking maybe it's much more than a phase

They say that time heals everything

Well I guess only time can tell

So many tired eyes... shattered minds

Things just rarely seem to go well  

On stand still Blank empty state

See the world pass before me

I could tell u, but u  could never relate

 Coping through suppression

Every mistake is a life long lesson

We cannot change the past life can change so fast

Are we solely to blame

Or is mindset, thoughts, behaviour

affected by trauma, loss,pain

Several factors can determine an outcome

Only strength can carry one through

Not always being able to draw strength

Just  makes living much harder to do

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