Is it Still Out There?

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is the first part of an incomplete short story. Read and enjoy a scary story about the mysteries in the woods!

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



With great determination it lurks in the dark. It moves through the darkness of the bottomless woods, tracking down whatever or whomever dares to cross its path. It does not sleep. It constantly wanders the woods as the world is its own. In the silence of the empty darkness it roams freely. When it hungers, it kills. Its hate-filled soul does not care how intensely or reluctantly its prey twists and jerks between its sturdy claws. Some calls it evil, others call it instinct. If you were to ask me, I would not be able to draw that conclusion. Not even after I dared set my foot in its presence years ago, unaware it would not be our last encounter.

When I first laid my eyes on the creature I couldn’t help noticing the brown cloak covering its hunched body. Like a mask, its deep hood casted a dark shadow over its face, only revealing a long, pig-like snout. The cloak, ripped in numerous places across its back, revealed long, thick hairs, swaying back and forth in the heavy rain. The creature stood tall between the dripping, dark trees, hunched forward, leaning on a sturdy pine stick. Neither one of us moved, as we were waiting for each other’s reaction. I did not dare breathe, in fear of revealing my position. Did it see me? I do not know. Its enormous size made me feel insignificant in its presence.

I slowly moved my feet backwards, one small step at a time, tracing my footsteps back to where I came from. The creature’s eyes was still locked on me, not blinking nor moving. A cloud of smoke exited its snout before it dissolved into the cold air of the night. Abruptly, the sound of a breaking twig from beyond the trees caught its attention. The creature’s head quickly moved to its left. Then, silence. Growing up, I had heard rumors of a creature in the woods. Stories of disappearances in the dark, and brave warriors of long ago whom could not slay the beast. My ignorance and rationality had long ago made me blind to children’s tales. But yet, there I stood in front of my childhood’s worst nightmare. Until this day I do not know what this spawn from hell was. It did not utter a word as it made its way through the light of the moon, water dripping down its snout. Not a single word was uttered on my behalf. The tall, naked trees had us cornered inside its playground of pain. A playground that likely had seen its share of blood long before I explored a side of the world I had not yet experienced.

The sound of yet another twig breaking in the distance made the creature turn to face it. On the creature’s right side, still waiting for my chance to run away, I started to gain hope of my survival. Silence filled the empty space between us, and I was silently waiting for the creature to disappear between the dark trees ahead. It was not until I stumbled upon a small, insignificant rock, that I knew my time was up. My hands took most of the fall, instinctively reaching for the ground, sinking into the wet dirt below me. I quickly jerked back to free myself, but my hands were stuck in the wet soil. It would not take long before I picked up the sound of wet footsteps coming closer, and immediately my mind was filled with images of children gone missing in the forest, farm animals found along the side of the road, butchered and halfway eaten. Sometimes their stomachs would be grotesquely ripped open, revealing the pink meat and blood rapidly pouring out like a river, painting the road in the same color. In a few seconds I would meet the same fate. My lungs picked up the pace as I breathed faster and harder, feeling my thoughts coming to an end. Suddenly I was no more. For something that felt like an eternity I floated in the darkness of my own mind. My sanity felt the stings of a thousand nails, driving me insane as I could no longer touch the ground nor the sky. Where was I? I began to pray. Not to God, but to the monster that had swallowed me whole.

In the moments of my prayers I found myself waking on a white sheet, covered in sweat and blood. Somehow I had been rescued. I slowly got to my senses and sat up in what seemed to be a bed made out of fir branches. I rubbed my eyes and carefully looked around. It was a small wooden hut, keeping me safe and warm from the wet darkness that haunted the forest. The room was dark, except for the light coming from the fireplace. In the glowing light I inspected my body of wounds and injuries, taking my time to make sure I was not hurt. I appeared to be in the same shape as before I ventured into the woods. How long had I been here? Who had brought me here? In a matter of seconds I saw a shadow creeping outside. Someone had watched me sleep. Suddenly the sound of something, or someone, being dragged across the floor filled the room. I quickly looked around and noticed a steep staircase leading to the second floor. A small stream of blood dripped down the steps of the stairs, and as the sound above me stopped, there was a knock on the door.


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