Up Until This Moment

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The life of me up till this point. Have you ever wondered what made someone the way they are? What makes them tick? What is the true story that the world does not know? From the beginning I knew my life was nothing important, another cog in the machine of humans. This is the the truth of my life through my eyes and the memories that have stayed with me. The ultimate tell all of the private life of me.

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Submitted: July 10, 2017

Prologue. Just the beginning. I will be publishing more chapters. Read Chapter

My First Memories

Submitted: July 11, 2017

We can never be sure what our actual first memories are, and hell we can't even be sure if they actually happened.  But, we have mad... Read Chapter

The Nightmares and One Fear

Submitted: July 11, 2017

When I was in elementry school I used to have this recurring nightmare.  Always the same never changed, not one thing.  This we... Read Chapter

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