Fallen Angel Knight

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This was written around the time I was depressed.

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



Seeing the one I love
Brings me pain to my soul
Like a princess seeing her knight
The princess is struck with pain
Sadly the knight never cared
The knight left the princess a scar

With the fire burning blue
It makes me experience my past
With a traumatized memory
That is from my childhood
With the red ice melting
It makes me ache with angst
While I keep on shedding a tear
As I live with my own fear of myself

The nightmares are a living hell for us
Over a year, I’ve seen so many tragedies
I wish that these nightmares must end
I see the stars to be vanishing away
It feels like I am isolated by the world
It’s unknown if the world understands my pain

With the fire burning blue
I feel my hope and humanity draining away
Like the wax of the candle
I am melting since I’m near the flame
With the red ice melting
I wish my nightmare would forever end
Luckily, it is fading away
It feels like that if a curse is lifted

Every time I think of you
I would cry about you until I stop
Every time I think of you
It will make my heart go to ache
Every time I think of you
I begin to wish that I’m not afraid of you

I think of you that if you were a knight
A knight who wouldn’t understand someone’s pain
Someone’s pain such as my very own

I dreamed of you begin a knight
You came to me when I was crying
A knight that’s pulling me away from my own sadness

I see you as a fallen angel knight
I don’t see you as a burden
I am my own burden

Someday you’ll understand me

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