In the Attic

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Flash Fiction Fun
The attic is haunted, and Elena feels spirits.
When she finds her son talking to the ghosts she freaks out.

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Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



“Xander! Lunch time!” I called to my six-year old son.

He comes in, “Thanks Mum.” He says as I hand him his food.

Getting cuter everyday.

“I’ll be right back.” I say picking up some food and heading to the ladder leading to the attic.

I take deep breath.

It’ll be quick, don’t freak out.

I start up the ladder.

Grasping the edge of the attick floor, I set the plate on the floor.

“Hello, Jessica?” I say, trying to stay calm.

A girl with stringy dirty hair, wearing a bloody dress steps out of the shadows, her bottom half has fadded into the air.

“You are here, Elena.” Her raspy voice echoes eerily.

“yes here is some food.”

I set hand her the plate and leave.

When I first ound her here, she scared the hell out of me, then she told me how she died and said that if I moved not only would I stay haunted, but she said that no other owner of the house would treat her right.

I freaked out, and being a single mum I told her I had to move, and she told me that my son would be haunted too.

So, now every day I go and visit her, and feed her. She does not need to eat, she does it for fun.

I am continually terrified that Xander will find her.


I come back to Xander.

“You know I know about Jessica?” he looks at me.

I almost drop the plate, “what?”

He shrugs, “How?” I poke his chest, “Tell me.”

I sit down, shaking.

“She came to the garden and we talked.”

Feeling sick, I look at him, “Don’t EVER talk to her.” I have rarely every yelled at him. “If I find you talked to her ONCE I will do worse than spank you.”

“Ok it’s fine.”

Then his eyes get enveloped in black, “My husband has returned” his voice sounds deep and rapsy.

I scream. “XANDER!!!” I scream.

He claps a hand over my mouth, “I have abducted him, I am Jessicas’s husband.” He draws a knife, “You follow me and you AND Xander die.” He leaves and locks the door.

The lights go out and the TV turns on.

I scream again.

Lightning zaps through the room.

And I hit the floor, I guess I pass out or something. because next thing I know the room is bright and I am standing there, some woman is cooking.

I look down, my legs fade into the air. I am a ghost.

I walk up to the attic, and prepare for a long, horrid life as a ghost.

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