just another day

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a basic poem about the things that affect our daily lives.

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



Its sad that before the ink on this paper actually sets and dries... 
Another young man with a bright future unfortunately dies.. 

Another single mother...with heavenly eyes...breaks down cries.. 
Politicians feeds the city more truth mixed with suttle lies. 

Another fatherless child without a conscious is born.. 
Another woman who was never warned...is left bitter and scorned.. 
One more man will walk out and leave his family broken and torn... 

Another soul is saved..another soul is lost.. 
Some are bought and sold all for material cost. 

One commercial shows a drug.. with claims that it heals... 
Another reveals..these pills really causes harm and kills.... 

One young ambitious officer is sworn in to serve and protect us. 
Another cruises thru our community and won't even respect us. 

Another day, another dollar.. 
Another dollar, another deal.. 
Another homeless man on the corner saying he'll work for a meal... 

Another sinner, another saint... 
Another day that times are hard.. 
Another preacher in the pulpit seducing weak woman in the name of god. 

One more stereo type, one more title or one more label. 
It all produces another Cain, and another Abel. 

Another attraction with actions turned bold and fatal. 
One more embryo aborted on a cold clinic table. 

Another soldier sent to distant lands that might not be coming back... 
Another believer in the chief deceiver with a bomb strapped to his back. 

Just another day......

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