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Love can only go so far. Haunted by his greatest mistake, a man hides from the love of his life.

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



She was what he wanted, so there was no reason to be scared, yet every part of his body shivered knowing that she was upstairs. Looking for him. Dying for him. But he wouldn't do it. He wouldn't approach her. Wouldn't profess his love. Wouldn't defend himself. Instead, he hid in the dark basement underneath his boxes of every godly weapon and tool from the planet that he could find; his body doused in a sheen of wetness from head-to-toe though he couldn't tell if it was his own sweat or the humidity of the basement letting its dew down upon him.

He listened to her feet slowly creak against the floorboards above. It wasn't a matter of her finding him, for she knew he was here. It was a matter of passing it, because passing it meant love. Passing it meant life. But now he knew what he did, and he didn't want anyone else to feel as scared as he. To be stuck in a place where love smothers. Where one will love you to the death.

"My love. Oh, my love." He heard her voice echo throughout the house even though it had been so quiet. "Where are you, my love? I just want to talk."

He knew he messed up. He hadn't known the ramifications. He didn't know that it was so strong. That it could pierce so hard through the body to make desire go rampant and manipulate the mind. But he could fix it, if he found another. Another poor soul to set before her to relinquish another dagger of slavery upon. Another who will love her just as mutually as she loves him.

He felt tears, tears hotter than the air, cascade down his face. He pinched his eyes shut. He couldn't do it. He couldn't face her. And he couldn't do this to anyone else. He thought that he'd always be there for her, always love her even if the feeling wasn't mutual, but he knew then that he was wrong. For her love was stronger. Her love was deadly. And it terrified him.

The basement door slowly creaked open, and light from above casted down the stairs and into the room as if it was straight from the heavens. He heard her footsteps, one after the other, slowly, and almost soundlessly, hit each step. He counted. Four more... three more... two more...

"I see you," she giggled. And though he could not see it, he knew that a deadly smile had crossed her face. 

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