Simple things we take for granted

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Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



I think we can all agree that we take a lot of simple enjoyments of life for granted. In some ways, it can be as little as throwing old clothes in the bin instead of donating them, or in big ways, such as destroying trees and plants for furniture, something that we need far less than oxygen and homes for animals. This can also happen between countries, like using to much fossil fuels, creating global warming that makes the water levels rise, flooding low-lying islands.  

Sometimes we don't realise we're taking resources for granted, but sometimes we do. Whenever we do realise, it's only logical to stop it, but not everyone finds that easy. In these cases, try to start out small, and it will be a lot easier to become generous with the products and resources that not everyone has. It will also be a lot easier to stop using the product so much. Therefore, the environment and the world as we know it will be a happier place, with more selflessness and sharing to find a solution to this expanding problem.

Everyone has their own opinion, like, Why should we share with countries who have never given anything to us? or Why is it our place to stop the problem if no one else is? I can't force you to change opinions, or what you class as taking for granted. But I can make you consider the reasons. If no one fixes a problem, then who will? It's up to our generation, and all the generations after. It's up to us, because we're all living creatures and deserve to be treated fairly.

The next time you ask for something, think about if you're taking it for granted or not, and if you are, what you can do to stop taking it for granted and create a fair solution and outcome.

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