October 31st: Resurrection

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Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



Lauren and Buzz were making love in the car, Buzz thinks he’s like a hero because he’s not a virgin anymore, Cricket noises appears, Lauren said in a scared voice what was that? Babe its just your imagination; Skully Jr Jumped on the car, Lauren Screamed Buzz said in a yelling voice What The fuck! Bring it on Asshole Skully uses his Machete and stabs it from the roof of the car to his head, Lauren continued screaming, when she gets out of the car, Skully chases after her; and stabs his machete through her back; as she groans, and falls to the ground. How Hank, Buzz, and Lauren are not around anymore, they meant a lot to Gale, she couldn’t take it anymore; she went on top of a roof and committed suicide, Mayor west was on the news saying his quote; the poor girl had depression; she has lost the people she loved, it is so sad she risked her own life. To get back at April and Jasper; Skully Jr made his way to their house, he lighted some matches and threw it at their house, it caught on fire and they were stuck in the house; there was no way to escape, because they got trapped, the house exploded and they didn’t make it, Skully Jr Teleported back to his house, without being seen. Deputy Ingalls told Detective Lewis can you make your way to Jeremy and Elizabeth’s House? Yeah sure! What’s going on? April and Jasper’s House was caught on fire, they didn’t make it, the whole house is demolished; Shit! I will head there now, Thanks He replied. Detective Lewis Arrived to talk to Jeremy and Elizabeth he told them the sad news; they busted in tears! I’m so sorry guys, I promise! Skully is going to pay for this, and all of the other murders he committed; Detective Lewis and the Lakesvile Residents wants to end Skully Jr, if they want to destroy him they all must go visit Mary, How Mary can see visions in her mind, she might know where Skully Jr Is! For some days her visions works, and doesn’t work, it has to be a Lucky day for her to have a vision, how Skully Jr was born on the 31st of October that’s when the vision could happen; they want to get rid of him straight away, Mary agreed, but its not long, only a week! it will work! I promise. Brother Chris and Sister Veronica was closing the church for the night they went to pray, out of no where; Skully Jr axed Brother Chris in the back, as blood spurted from his body, Sister Veronica Screams, and no one was there to help; Skully Jr Planted his foot on Sister Veronica’s Back and Sliced her Head off, Skully Jr Silently walks out of the church, and the bodies stayed there the whole night. When the Lakesville Residents made their way to church they were all in shock when they saw the dead bodies they called the ambulance and the cops, the cops had to make an announcement and said sorry guys church is cancelled, please leave the building, they were all in tears, because Brother Chris and Sister Veronica have been part of the Lakesville Church Community; for a very long time.












Everyone in Lakesville went home to drink away their sorrows, they’re all feeling sad at the moment, and made their toast, To brother Chris and Sister Veronica, they will always be family to us! Cheers! Frank went to visit his wife’s Grave, then he went to stand outside the front of, Lakesville Aged care centre to remember the memories of his wife (Martha) Skully Jr Showed up while Frank was there, he had the angriest look on his face because Skully Jr Killed Martha. Frank chucks a Tantrum and punches Skully Jr, Yeah! come on Bitch; Skully Jr stabs a Knife through his gut, as he choked up blood, and stabbed him two more times; Skully Jr went to Put his body in the boot, and drove to Lakesville cemetery, he buried Frank in the dirt, and covered him up; Skully Jr is a homicidal hypocrite just like his dad its been in his family for generations. October 31st/Halloween Everyone who is alive and lives in Lakesville, went to go pay Mary a visit Hello Mary you told us to come back remember, uh yeah come in! they all gathered in the lounge room, Mary was doing her Vision Face, good news; it worked; So where is Skully Jr? he is now located at a safe house past Lakesville, it takes half and hour to get there, alright! lets go get him. The Lakesville Gang drove to the safe house, in a small town called Doyle’s Village; the safe house belongs to the whole Doyle Family; They suddenly Arrived, and went in the safe house. Skully Jr sneaks behind Jeremy and Elizabeth! and knocks them down to the ground, Detective Lewis shot at him he’s gear had bulletproof, as he runs towards him and stabs him in the stomach, while Skully Jr was trying to attack the others, Deputy Ingalls Aimed his gun at his head, and shoots two times; Bang! Bang! Deputy Ingalls takes him to the Station, He sits on the chair Deputy Ingalls says goodbye Skully Jr and with a Rifle, a good big loud bang to his head Booooooooom! The Lakesville Residents has got their dreams come true, they finally defeated Skully Jr and wasn’t in their lives again, Their town was now like paradise; Deputy Ingalls Has retired; Everyone in Lakesville Thanked Deputy Ingalls for being a hero, and saving the day.

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