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Thoughts on how simple things can connect.

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



 Back in the beggining of 1990s I saw a movie called Top Secret.In the movie the lead actor Val Kilmer, travels to Nazi occupied France to meet with the resistance.Their plan is to liberate a scientist held by the Nazis.The movie is a surreal comedy, the first of it's kind.After hilarious laughter, I took some time to think and noticed that the Nazis never make you laugh.Only the resistance does.So, if the Nazis symbolize death, then the resistance stands for laughter.Hence, laughter is at least one spiritual resistance of humans against death.This is verified by the saying that laughter is life.

 But if this is true, then which is the material resistance of humans against death?I do not why, but my mind went to sea and then to religion.These two seemed to me contradictory, in the sense of joy of swimming and the "blackness" of religion.After some thought on these two, I reached the concusion that water does not belong to God or come from the heavens of Allah.Water is life and is a material resistance of humans against death, because from water life begun.Where do you go in summer?

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