Not Only For Military Officers Report I (NOFMO Report I)

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Analysis about dealing with a hostile intelligent alien threat.

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



 Let's suppose that intelligent alien life forms exist and decide to pay Earth a visit.Since no life, moreover intelligent, has been traced in our solar system, the alien life forms will come from another star system.The nearest is a few light years away, so the question is why would they travel light years to Earth for a friendly visit, when they could simply try to establish communication?The answer does not make sense since as I said they are intelligent, so if alien life forms approach Earth, they will be hostile.Making scouting is what usually happens before large scale military assaults or intelligence gathering for the decision to be made.

 And why would aliens attack humanity?There is only one reason.They will want the only thing we truly have.Our homeplanet.So that means, they either breathe oxygen or aquatic.In both cases, they will propably be organic or less likely silicon based life forms.That means they are not immortal and can die.Since they are going to be after our planet, they will not use weapons that will damage the ecosystem, unless they are losing.So, with a 90% propability, no nuclear,biological and chemical weapons will be used at the starting phase.

 But launching an interstellar military assault to take over a planet means of few things.You do not have the option of  reinforcements, backup, coverage, supply and communication takes years for an answer.So they are going to have to make the journey with all these along.Since small spacecraft or invasion transports cannot travel interstellar, everything will be carried on one to seven big "motherships", just like Independence Day movie.Once they approach Earth they will start their attack plan.But since mankind has not been attacked before from space and assuming they will gather intelligence, it is obvious they will attempt to take us by surprise.Thus, they first take out sensors(radars) and communications, either by jamming electonically or hacking, even with viruses, but not destroying or using them against us until they are close, as that would alert us that something is not going right.

 It is very clear, that for the aliens to be capable of  massive distant space travel, they will possess superior technology.Besides laser or plasma beams and shields seen in Independence Day, they real worry will be their language,which we won't even have time to decipher, communications security and cybersecurity, since you cannot stop something you do not understand and planting a virus to take out their shields will NOT work IMMIDIATELY, as assuming the worst, their intelligence will report it and be prepared for it.Because modern warfare happens from a distance, our only hope is an advance warning or electronic and cyberwarfare to take out their security for a comuter virus to be able to work and take the supposing shields.But things in war never go as planned and the goal is never succeded, at least not right away.So even if the attempt is not a success, it will slow them down.This WILL have a miniscule impact on morale and psychology, as resistance is a troubling sign that things do not proceed as flawlessly as planned and of course there is no turning back.The good news is that once all motherships are located, we will know there will be no reinforcements and that's all we have to face.

 But the catch is that the aliens will be in space, so we will have the flexibility of using mass destructive weapons BEFORE they enter the atmosphere.So, planting the virus may work AFTER assault(just like movie) or BEFORE from a distance, if they are traced.In this case the Babylon 5 trick may work.That is putting nukes in meteors or debris they will pass close by, but time will be short.The other option is putting nukes in spacecraft or ISS with astronauts willing to die or who suffer from incurable diseases, and emiting an SOS or make attacking moves, so the motherships consider them a serious threat and approach.Even if not destroyed,  nukes in space will cause damage, surely disorganizing the attack and slow them down, thus buying us time and morale.Do not forget we will be fighting to the death for our home, while they will be attacking for their villa, after a really LONG journey.So don't count they won't make mistakes.

 The important factor is always psychology due to the following reason.I have gotten into a few fights and seen some others, and what I have to say is that the more powerful rarely wins.That is because everything starts from who is right and who is wrong.Persons who are drown by injustice fight fearlessly with death determination  and just this only this breaks the opponent's morale, if not frightens him.Technology may be a multipliance factor, but it is always run by intelligent life forms, even if they are smart bombs or artificial intelligence.

 But History teaches that invadors rarely accept a failed attempt, unless you hunt them down.So it is CERTAIN a second and much more powerful assault will be made, before they give up.But of course no surprise will be involved.

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