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Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



Why do we feel we are never good enough?

The eyes and mind of a child so full of wonder, magic

Life slowly robs us of Everything

Enchantment eventually Dissipates

Turning something so Beautiful ...Tragic

So trouble free the very essence of purity

Eventually tainted with doubt, loss, insecurity... ETC

Spent my younger years Wishing to be older

Oblivious to the fact that age could turn us colder take us one too many steps closer

Turning stones into a bolder

From Baggage free

 to carrying a weight that sometimes bares too heavy for ones shoulder

Such intensity within the eyes

Countless Passerbys

 running in circles lost in  this rat race

Just another nameless face 

We all need atleast a little space

Is anybody always happy ?

It Seems We can only Ever have a taste

Learning it's ok to JUST to be ok

Everything comes and goes

Nobody really knows

we just hope, it's hard to believe

So yeah we are all vulnerable and naive

This life's not just about who we are

but who we have the potential to be

The eyes are not merely enough  to really see

Not always so easy to move on or go back

Sometimes it's Hard not to back track  

Minds often far too over active

Sometimes we get so Easily distracted

Dismorphia holds my mind Captive

See my life flash before my eyes

A glimpse of the past and present in a split second

Make so many attachments,  so many ties

Till the final bye

Without even seeing we watch life  just pass us by

We can Never cease to try

Don't want to be so complicated ...

Why is it so dam hard to simplify

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