The Song of Life

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This is a poem that I wrote about what I believe to be the meaning of life, for me.

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



Oh, what really is

The meaning of life?

That bittersweet song,

That soft, gentle song,

That we have been singing all along.

It started as a cry

When we first arrived

To this strange planet we call Earth.

Then as we grow older,

That song may grow colder

As we encounter the hardships of life.

We begin to sing pain

And sorrow

And loss.

And the key of the song turns minor.

Yet at some other times

We feel happy with our life

And sing loud, joyful songs 

Full of love.

Growing older and older,

Some warmer, some colder,

Our song begins to fade as we age.

Then, when our song begins to draw to a close,

We sing a sweet whisper;

A susurration of deep feeling.

And then our song finally ends, 

On one unique note.

And, my friend, 

It is that single note 

That is up to you to decide

What it shall be.

© Copyright 2018 Aurora Aurelia. All rights reserved.

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