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A little rhyming story about the battle of Stamford Bridge and the battle of Hastings.

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017




Part 1

(The battle of Stamford Bridge)

A year of blood, a year of pain

From the frozen North

The Viking long ships came.


England’s green fields

Drew them like a moth to a flame.

In England’s rich history

They would etch their name.


King Harold’s army sped north with all haste

They marched 180 miles in just 4 days.

Coming to rest high upon a forest ridge

They saw the Vikings camped north of Stamford Bridge.



A brave Viking warrior barred their way

Blocking the bridge, their would be blood to pay.

With his axe he stopped the English army in their tracks

Single handedly he held them all back.


From below the bridge a wily English spearman struck

The Brave Viking warrior had run out of luck.

Across the bridge, Harold’s army charged

Winning the day against the Viking horde.


Their victory was short lived

Their cheering quickly stopped,

For word had been sent by Harold their king

William of Normandy had landed in England.



Part 2

(The battle of Hastings)


On a cold misty October morning in 1066

William the king of Normandy,

landed on the English coast of,Sussex.


At the foot of Senlac hill

8400 Normans formed their ranks,

Infantry, cavalry and archers readied themselves for the attack.


King Harold Godwinson of England

Looked down from the top of the hill.

His army of 7500 men were eager to go in for the kill.


Harold’s men formed a shield-wall

Their swords, spears and axes at the ready.

As William’s archers drew back their bows, their aim was sure and steady.


But the archers could not break the English shield-wall

So their cavalry charged up Senlac’s muddy bank

But they were turned back by the stalwart English ranks.


Harold’s men feeling victory was close at hand

Came charging down the hill.

Every Norman dog on English soil they were determined to kill.


Thinking that William their King was dead

The Normans turned tail and fled.

But the Norman King turned his men back around

 Defiantly making them stand their ground.


The English army, now in disarray

Panicked and ran trying to get away

Their foolish charge had cost them the victory of the day.


King Harold was killed, but not by an arrow to the eye.

His body was hacked and torn asunder,

England now lay open for William to conquer and to plunder.


It had been a year of blood, a year of pain,

A year when, William the Conqueror had made his name,

His Army had risen triumphant from the cold October mist,

At the battle of Hastings in the year, 1066.

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