Just Thoughts

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value and worth of a persons life

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



she thought she was never good enough. She did not care. Then again, what makes a person more valuable than another? their morals? Their intelligence? Their looks? their history? how much meaning they might have in their lives? The color of their skin? Aren't we all born equal? Should we? she thought about that. and she thought about it a lot for she thought she was worth no more than a little bit of nothing.  Then, she thought of ways she might be worth more. With the word worth in her mind money was the next that came up. Maybe if she were rich she would be worth more. for who? for everyone? for some? Would she herself feel more valuable? it seemed doubtful. she never really did care much about money. Maybe, just maybe, if someone told her she was worth something. a lot of something, she would feel a little better. she didn't however, like the idea of being people dependent. of needing approval to feel something. she thought, maybe the value of a person came from within. if we tell ourselves that we’re better. are we really better than someone else? are we only as valuable as we believe ourselves to be? is it a something to be chosen by democracy? a popularity contest perhaps. a single person in itself, she thought, is worth enough. Enough. That's the word. the person is not worth more or less than anybody else, they are worth enough. Throughout our lives whether we are worth more or less is up to us. someone might tell you, you are worthless. But at that moment you decide what words have meaning to you. that someone could be you. and when you feel worthless, you become worthless. however, that does not men it will stay that way forever. people need help sometimes. Help from other people. a push into self acceptance. Because when you tell yourself you are something, it's a lot harder to change it.

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