Fashion Trends of 2006

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We were now at the middle of the decade. What did this mean for fashion tho?
Here I'll recall some of the trends that I recall seeing in real life-on the streets, in school, in malls-and in magazines and movies.
Do you remember these styles?

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



2006 was a year I recall seeing the puffy vest revisited.  This type of vest was usually at least two colors (tho it could be solid) or it had a chevron stripe in the middle, and it basically revisited the 1980s (anyone recall the 1985 film Back to the Future?  Marty McFly wore one of these vests and when he traveled back to 1955 people kept asking him why he wore a life preserver).  I liked these vests.  They were comfy and you could wear it in place of a jacket.

Pin-tucking on blouses was very common in 2006,  A lot of the tops that had pin-tucking were the newer "bib-styles".  The pin-tucking basically added a detail that gave the blouses interest.  Dresses could also have pin-tucking.  Other details you would commonly see in 2006 were the rounded sleeves, lace details, and applique, which you'd commonly see on t-shirts and hoodies.  In 2006 we had these cute hoodies with all sorts of fun details like sequins, heart shaped buttons and other stuff that made me think a bit of my 1980s childhood.

In 2006 the bomber jacket came back in a more "modern" way.  Before they could be utilitarian and "unchic", but now they came in more "girly-styles" and could be cropped or have a fur-trimmed hood.  You could wear these bombers with anything-such as the new ruffle-tier clouses (which meant they were ruffly and had tiers, almost like a cake) and the hot charm bracelts.

What else was popular in 2006?  It was common to see rugby striped shirts, open sweaters, cardigans worn over lacy camisoles, bootcut jeans, "Mod" looks, boatneck tops (black and white striped was HOT in 2006), babydoll tops, military caps, short sleeved hoodies, marled knits, animal prints details (like zebra and cheetah) as well as houndstooth, printed tunics, canvas bags, pendants, swingy cropped jackets (kind of like the 1950s-60s ones), oversized bags with chain straps, kimono dresses, khaki skirts, the A-line, black pipe detail and layered necklaces.

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