The Fire-Breathing Dragon

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little kid and horrible ending

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



The Fire-breathing dragon


As a kid, George loved dragons. He admired the way they flew and how gracious they seemed as they flapped their long and threatening wings in the air. He loved their sharp and long teeth and how it seemed as though the slightest touch could rip your skin apart. However, he especially liked when they breathed fire. Other than flying and looking threatening, that’s the thing he wanted to do the most. 

George’s parents were popular people. They spent every Friday night at someone’s dinner party cackling and gossiping as they sipped on fine wine. 

One night, it was their turn to throw the dinner party at their own home. George pretended to be asleep and decided to peek into the long and dreadful play of exchange of polite remarks  that was the dinner party. He saw that a couple of adults were exhaling smoke. Just like dragons. They used a sort of white, small tube. He thought that it was his chance, so he sneaked and took one tube out of a lady’s purse, unaware of the usage of it. Looking at them and analyzing their every move he copied the steps of fire breathing. With a lighter he lit the tube and took a long drag. He coughed and puffed and tried it again. He then blew out a cloud of smoke and he felt satisfied for his dream of being a dragon was accomplished. Little did he know he would never want to stop breathing fire again.

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