Five Questions with : Pink Sky

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An interview with the writer: Pink Sky

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



We tiptoe

dancing across cotton candy clouds of

  crimson coral and rosy ruffled

waves of wonder

I ask


Question 1: Who is your favorite poet?

(Side question: concerning other poetic writers..Who would you like to read the unpublished works of ?)


Hmm... I actually have multiple favorite poets, but my top three would have to be Anjum Choudhary, Mark Anthony and J. Ironword. Rupi Kaur is also a wondrous poetess and I'd love to read more of her work. They are contemporary writers and poets, making a name for themselves as we speak, and I sincerely wish them the best. Their words have helped me in bad times, moved me, made me smile, genuinely inspired me, and I am sure many people also regard them in this way.As for unpublished poetic writers... well, I really want my friend Dexter to be published already haha, and I wish him the best as he is still planning his writing career. Hullabaloo22 has some serious talent when it comes to poetry, and her passion and drive toward writing is unyielding. I do believe she will find success if she ever decides to be published. Melancholic Wisdom is also a terrific poet, the emotions in his work are raw and earnest and speak volumes. I have faith that his poetry can give a voice to people who are still searching for theirs. Hanorbi is another tremendous talent to look out for, everything in his portfolio is "wow" worthy and I think his talent deserves to have a much bigger audience.


Twirling worlds beneath living in liberated division

we dream away this dreadful sea of

unfloating separation weighing

down our hope for

a better day

I ask


Question 2 : What is your favorite word ?  


My favorite word would have to be "Believe", or "Faith", because I think of faith as something that is both personal and interpersonal. I believe in God, in love, in the beauty of life. I believe in the goodness inside people. I believe in my family, my friends, my loved ones... and I believe in myself as well. I consider the phrase "I believe in you" or "I have faith in you" to be just as meaningful and beautiful to hear as "I love you". And just like life isn't possible without love, I think it is also impossible without faith.


Slip slide swaying in sands of time portraying

no reason or rhyme

we watch as

the clouds



us I



Question 3: When did you first find your passion for writing, and how have you evolved as a writer ?

( Do you remember your first piece or any particular piece that made you think," I love writing " and when you look back at your earlier writing, do you notice a difference in your style/your voice?" ) 


Now that I think of it, I've been writing my whole life, but I never thought I had any potential to become a writer until around two years ago. I remember a story I started writing when I was around 7 or 8 years old, about a princess and a peasant man, the first poem I wrote about forgetting a hurtful event, and my teachers' praises for my essays in middle school... But it didn't mean anything to me because I couldn't see how writing could help me and help others as well. 

Then, in December 2015, I wrote two poems called "I Hope" and "Little Piece". I had heard of writing sites where users share their work for others to read, and I thought "Hey, why not?". I made a Booksie account and posted my first two pieces, not expecting to receive much feedback, but I was wrong. The support I got was touching and it made me realize that writing was not for nothing; it could reach others and make them feel. It was then that my passion for writing was ignited; I realized that I was not alone, that people could laugh, cry, fall in love, and travel anywhere and anytime with me.

When I reread them, I do notice a few differences in my writing. My vocabulary and knowledge broadened, and the variety of topics I've written about has also expanded as I grow older and gain more experience. My grammar has improved a lot, too. I think that I'm still growing as a writer, and my journey is still in its beginning, but I am proud of what I've accomplished so far.


Sort of like the sun

setting slowly with a solemn solace 

sharing silently and spreading it's security

wrapped around woeful moments

with a wantful waking

 knowledge of


I ask



Question 4: Where is your favorite place ( to travel to ) in your imagination ?
( anywhere anytime )


Well, this is a bit of an intimate question haha. My favorite place doesn't reside in a particular location or setting, but with the people who are in it. Sometimes, I imagine myself in a gathering with my friends, where we could have a meal and talk and enjoy each other's company. I like to think about how my niece will be like when she grows up, and how we could bond. I imagine myself wrapped in the arms of someone special, and how it would feel like to be loved. I also like to fantasize about being famous hahaha, meeting my fans and making my mother proud. Sometimes I even imagine my children, how they would look like, how they would behave.... 


Conquering considerately under the puffy cirrus

floating away to flee ever closer to the earth

beneath and nearer to us 

what could have been if only we

could not fear us

afraid of falling

down I





Question 5 : Why would you like to be published?
( what do you hope comes from your written words?) 


I still don't have any plans to be published, as I'm still taking things slow with my writing, but if I ever do, it would be:

a) a personal achievement for me: writing is my passion, and to have a name in the writing world would be a milestone in my life. My eleven year old self thought she will never amount to anything, and I want to prove her wrong. I want her to see just how capable she is to proudly share her work with the world.
b) hopefully a helping hand for whoever will read my work: I endured bullying and some other problems growing up, and I know how it feels like to be lonely, rejected, insecure, to have no control over the bad things that happen in life... I'm sure many others do as well. Maybe there are others going through the same things younger me endured, and I want to help them. That little girl who doesn't believe in herself? I want to help her. That little boy who is always belittled? I want to help him. That teenager who feels like they have to face the world all alone? I'm here for them. Heartbroken and lonely? You're not alone. Confused? We all are at some point. I want to help people, because why wouldn't I if I'm given the chance? I want my words to give my readers stories and poetry they can apply to themselves, to keep that lonely person company, to bring comfort and solace for somebody in need.


Bouncing back and

upon rising 

into more



there seem 

to be I



How would you like to change the world with your writing ?


I'd like my writing to change the world in its very own, small ways. I don't plan on writing a powerful speech to start a world-wide revolution (although we'll never know ;)), but I just want to make the person who picks up my books happy, to become their friend indirectly through my writing. If there's many of those people, then I can leave the Earth comforted in the knowledge that I made a bunch of my friends happy. :)


And so we dance now

with heavy steps of jubilation

jolting bolts of lightening

electrified under foot

sparkling fireworks

cheerfully chanting

celebrating our

task, I


...answering with a question...




What is more beautiful than finding inspiration in a cloud ?


Thank you Pink Sky

I send you my admiration in the next rain cloud

happy tears of appreciation











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