The Loyal Minstrel

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A not-so good-looking Minstrel, a Queen without humility, a conniving brother and Aunt, all wrapped up in the words of a song. What could go wrong?

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



Sandstone Simpleton was an interesting looking fellow. He was five feet tall and had a very round, and balding, head.

His eyebrows were several colors and as bushy as bushy might get.

Now it was his eyebrows that drew one to look, but his unusual eyes really grabbed the attention. They were emerald green in the morning and Sky Blue in the afternoon. But at noon, oh, at noon they were as hazel as hazel can get.

What Sandstone lacked in stature and hair he made up for in song, he was a minstrel of high acclaim; or so he said.


One day Sandstone was strolling through the town that was located just outside the King's Castle Grounds. He was singing songs and trying to attract enough attention to get a free meal.

Suddenly a man approached him and said, "Come with me, the Queen needs a song."

Sandstone pulled away from the man and said, "Good Sir, I know you not! Therefore, I cannot take you at your word. If you come to me on behalf of the Queen, let us see proof of it."

The man simply pointed to an open window in the castle. There, in the window, was the queen. She was gently waving and motioning for him to come to her.

Sandstone made a poor attempt at bowing and said, "Oh, I am begging your pardon Sire, please lead the way."

It took some time for Sandstone to reach the room where the queen was being attended to; being of short stature and a tad overweight slowed him down.

As Sandstone entered the room he made the same poor attempt at bowing and said, "What can this humble servant do for the Queen on this fine and wondrous day?"

The Queen, never looking directly at Mr. Simpleton, replied, "Craft a song that will amuse my husband and make him feel happy. If you can do such a thing I will make you a rich man and award you land and servants. But if you fail me, as did three Court Jesters and two Magicians before you, then I will cast you out from my kingdom with the mark of The Thief on your forehead. No one will ever trust you and you will remain a vagabond for whatever number of years you remain alive.

You have 13 days to craft these songs.

Starting tomorrow night you shall sing the first song to the King during our dinner hour. Now go!"

With that said the Queen gave instructions to her guards that the minstrel could have free movement within the castle grounds, but could not go outside the walls. And he was to be fed twice a day while in her employ. Then the guards took him away.

Sandstone was very upset and his eyes turned to the color of a Ruby.

The guards took him to the kitchen and told the kitchen help what the Queen had said; he was to receive his first meal right away.

The kitchen was all a-buzz with activity. They were in the midst of making lunch for the King and Queen, the King's Brother and Aunt who were visiting from their lands to the east, and their Entourage. So one cook gave Sandstone a platter and told him to take whatever pleased him, but not a lot of any one thing.

Sandstone had never eaten from such abundance before. He was in heaven!

While in the kitchen the Menstrual chatted with one server that was not busy at the time.

"Is there a place of solitude in the castle where a minstrel could practice his singing and not disturb others?" questioned Sandstone.

The server thought, long and hard, then replied, "There is a Reading Room in the Library that can be closed off.

When the King reads from his vast collection of books, he doesn't want disturbances. He ordered that room to be built within the larger room, just for the purpose of quite. Unfortunately, the King seldom gets to use it."

"And where would I find this Library?" Sandstone asked.

The Server replied, "If you have finished eating I shall show you where it is. But we must hurry; my services will be needed soon."

The Minstrel took a napkin and a turkey drumstick from what little was left on his platter, and off they went.



For 12 days sandstone wrote songs, and for 12 nights he sang them to the King. But the King was neither soothed, or amused, he hated them all.

"Is this how my life is to end?" Sandstone wondered to himself.

"Due to no fault of my own I will be a marked man. I will surly starve to death.

Oh woo is I," Sandstone stated aloud as he wandered off in the direction of the Library.


The Menstrual was busy composing his last song when he was surprised to hear muffled voices; they were coming from within the Library.

He was afraid of being found in the King's private room, but curiosity prompted him to act.

"I shall investigate!" thought Sandstone, "I shall open a door, ever so slightly, so I may hear and see who has entered."

Sandstone saw three people in the Library, the Queen, the Brother of the King, and the King's Aunt; they were discussing a plan.

The menstrual was afraid by what he heard, very afraid, so he closed the door and hid behind a chair.

After crouching behind that chair, for a very long time, Sandstone fell asleep.



"Wake up minstrel, it is time." said the Captain of the Guard. "A server said that I might find you here, now come along, you are late.

As Sandstone got up, from his place on the floor, he knew what he must do. Even if the Queen were to have his head, he must do his duty

Well, the little Minstrel felt that way until he was thrust into the Royal dining area and saw the Queen, the King's Brother, and the King's Aunt. He began to tremble with fear!

"Sing minstrel, sing," yelled the Queen, "sing as if your life depends on it!" Then she laughed a wicked laugh!

So Sandstone Simpleton sang despite his fear,


"Oh, --- there once was a queen, very thin,

Who conspired to do her King in!

She made an agreement

With those that were bent

To take his crown, and they were both Kin."


The Queen started yelling, "Guards take the minstrel away!"

But the King told her to sit down and be quiet! Then he commanded the minstrel to continue.


And again, Sandstone Simpleton sang,


"Oh, --- Tonight is your planned demise

Don't be fooled by their veiled disguise

If you eat the beef

You will feel no relief

And shall die --- before --- sunrise."


The King grabbed the Queen by the neck with one hand and a chunk of beef in the other, and then he commanded her, "EAT!"

"I am not hungry my Lord, honest! I am dieting this week.

That minstrel is just a Simpleton, ask anyone.

You should chop off his head for insinuating such things about your Queen!"

The King spoke again, "EAT!" and pushed the meat near her lips.

"It is not my fault my Lord!” Screamed the Queen. “Your Brother and Aunt seek your throne! I had no choice; they were going to kill the both of us if I did not help them."

The King called to his guards and said, "Take My Brother and My Aunt to the dungeon. And arrest all their servants, I wish to question each of them.

Oh, and take this Queen of mine and toss her in the pig's food troth, maybe she will gain some weight with the change in diet!

Also, place a guard with the Queen. Instruct the guard to give her a lashing if she attempts to climb out."

"How long my Lord, shall she be in the troth?" asked the Captain of the guard.

"Until she gains enough weight that you cannot see her ribcage through her skin. And at the dawning of the following day, remove her and strip her naked in the Town square. Tell the people to clean their Queen of her treachery in a manner befitting a dirty pig.

After they have finished scrubbing her, take her to her chambers for a proper bath, in scented oils. Then she shall dress for the evening meal.

Oh yes, and on the night she returns to my table, I wish roast-pork and red potatoes to be served!"

As they took the Queen away the King looked at Sandstone and said, "Minstrel, tonight you have saved your King and His Throne. Now sing a song of a minstrel that is about to become a wealthy man.

It seems that my Aunt will not be needing her property, or her possessions, any longer."


"Oh, --- there once was a minstrel named Sandstone

That saved his King and his throne

His King was grateful

To his servant, so faithful,

And awarded him land and a home."


Then the King yelled, "Everyone Sing!!!"


"Oh, --- there once was a minstrel named Sandstone

That saved his King and his throne

His King was grateful

To his servant, so faithful,

And awarded him lands and a home.

--- Oh, --- and awarded him lands and a home!"


Well, it seems that the king has finally heard a song that he liked and it made him happy.


JE Falcon --- 07-10-2017



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