Legion of Heroes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Tyrannosaur leader of the Reptilian race, a nation of reptile like creatures who seek nothing more than to conquer lands and enslave it's occupants. After a mysterious vanishings of people start to occur. A team of unlikely Heroes are drawn out.
Each targeted by the Reptilians and Hired Villains they realize the only way to defeat the common enemy. Is to unite. The team unite and take the fight to Tyrannosaur and his troops.

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



The Legion of Warriors


Chapter One Knightmare

The city of Darkwick glistened in the moonlight all seemed quiet. But the Demon Hunter Knightmare knew too well that Villians never rested. In recent weeks the city had been plagued by a spate of disappearances. People of all ages seemed to just vanish into thin air. The Police had been working endlessly to establish any leads but none arose. With most of the crazed villains of Darkwick locked up in various prisons and asylums. Knightmare sensed a new kind of threat.

The Dark Avenger stood silently with a small energy monitor a device which could instantly tell if there was an alien presence in the area. Knightmare could easily detect if an unhuman presence belonged to Earth. After all, Knightmare had escaped Hell itself real name Jason Michaels. A war had broken out between both the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell, troops from both sides landed on Earth in the hope of gaining a sufficient advantage.

Jason was a playboy leaving in riches until the war broke out. A routine business meeting was to take place in the centre of Darkwick, it didn’t take place. Instead hordes of Soldiers from Hell came and dragged mortals down to the depths of the Kingdom, the forces of Heaven were not in time to stop them.

Whilst in Hell Jason along with the fellow mortals were subjected to obscene practices of torture, people were killed, eaten, ripped apart right before his eyes. The forces of Heaven had breached one of walls of the Kingdom, mustering all his strength together Jason took down the soldiers who were responsible for his pain. After that Jason managed to escape the kingdom and ended up being on a war torn Earth.

Siding with Heaven Hell’s soldiers were sent back down. It turned out that those responsible for igniting the war were from both sides. The Scarred Senate a group whose responsibility it is to maintain order between both sides gave Jason the mantle of Knightmare a Dark warrior who would protect Earth from either side.

Minutes had passed and finally something came up on the monitor, Knightmare followed the signal. The device led the Dark Avenger across the City, the energy seemed to be in one place. Knightmare stopped to his surprised it seemed a portal was creating the energy. Peering over the ledge of the rooftop Knightmare saw who was operating the portal.

Diving over the ledge Knightmare took the Reptilian Soldiers by surprise firing his pistols one of the soldiers fell to the ground. The reptiles responded with their own fire power. Knightmare dodged out the way of cosmic rays which were fired upon him. There was at least four of them. Never before had Knightmare encountered the Reptilians who were a reptile race of aliens who were known for being merciless and invading and conquering other planets.

Again Knightmare dodged out the way of rays, the three remaining soldiers began to close in on their target. Knightmare threw a smoke bomb coughs and splutters could be heard from the soldiers, pulling out his staff Knightmare took down the reptiles one by one using the smoke as his cover.

The smoke cleared the soldiers were dazed the portal remained open to Knightmare’s horror more soldiers began to appear!

Chapter Two Emerald

Emerald glided through the sky the Stone Keeper had also been concerned with the recent disappearances in the city of Darkwick. Heading towards the city the stone soon detected a disturbance on the Eastside of the city. Thinking that it could be to do with the recent disappearances Emerald flew off to find out what it was.

Emerald drew closer, the stone shone brightly providing the keeper with vision to see in the dark. The stone keeper noticed a battle going on, on a rooftop. It seemed that one figure was fighting at least a dozen others.

Knightmare continued to fight but the odds soon became overwhelming, the soldiers surrounded the Dark Avenger. Firing his pistols another two soldiers fell, the four remaining reptilians pounced on the vigilante.

Emerald began to close in, Knightmare threw the soldiers off who ended up crashing in all directions to the ground. The vigilante stood ready to take on the soldiers once more but was blinded by a strange green light. A cosmic ray was fired and hit Knightmare he flew for a few metres before crashing to the floor with a thud. The soldiers regrouped and began to close in. Emerald shone the light on the soldiers who were blinded. The reptiles snarled and hissed and tried to grab the stone keeper.

“Power of the stone I call on you to vanquish these foes”!!!! Emerald yelled

Using his powers Emerald took down the soldiers, Knightmare got up. The stone keeper threw the soldiers back threw the portal. Seeing that they had been out matched the remaining soldiers tried to make a run for it. Knightmare shot one of the soldiers in the leg he howled in pain as he fell to the ground.

“We need to find out how to close this” yelled Emerald to Knightmare

Knightmare said nothing he marched over to one of the wounded who he had gunned down earlier.

“Tell me how to shut this thing off or you die” Knightmare snarled clocking his gun

Emerald watched Knightmare he had heard about the controversial methods the vigilante used to detain criminals.

“Ok Ok, I’ll tell you” the soldier spluttered

The reptilian pulled out a device, a button was pressed and the portal disappeared. The other soldier laid a few yards from him expressed his disgust.

“Who sent you”? Knightmare quizzed

A shot was fired. The soldier’s eyes rolled back. Both Emerald and Knightmare turned the other injured soldier was now on his feet. Another shot was fired; the soldier fell to the ground.

“Wow that is brutal” Emerald sighed

“What are you doing here”? Knightmare growled

“The priory sent me here they are concerned about the disappearances just as you are” Emerald told

“It’s nice to finally meet you by the way, I’ve heard all about you” Emerald smiled

“No time for chit chat we have to find where these things are coming from they are definitely alien” Knightmare replied

“You mean like Vulcan Man” Emerald questioned

“Yes, that’s where were going next he’s alien he might know something” Knightmare told

Chapter Three Aksana

Darkwick wasn’t the only place where the bizarre disappearances were taking place. Baltica a small country situated between the Baltic states and Russia was also experiencing people simply vanishing. Aksana a gifted warrior and protector of Baltica suspected Russian involvement.

It had been a few years since the country had gained its independence from Russia but tensions still loomed. The Russians were angered by the Balticans decision to leave. The two countries were on the brink of war until other nations stepped in to prevent it. Instead Russia seemed to accept the country’s decision. Fast forward three years later and the new soviet power had taken charge president Petrov wanted to rebuild the once fallen Soviet Union.

Panic soon struck the Balticans and the country was prepared for an attack should one happen. Other allies were on standby to intervene should Russia attack. Aksana thought that the recent disappearances were to do with Russia, perhaps the Russia would want a ransom for the people they had taken, or was it provocation into war. If Balticia struck first Russia would have the right to strike back.

Aksana was beginning to wonder if terrorists were behind the disappearances, terrorists from either side not happy with the way things are between either country. Never the less the Baltician warrior crossed over the border. Making quick work of the Border Patrol Aksana continued to venture into Russian terrority.

“You shouldn’t be here” a voice said from behind

“Russian Revolver” Aksana hissed

“Are you trying to provoke war” Russian Revolver quizzed

“Of course not I am just trying to find out what happened to my people” Aksana snapped

“And you think my people had something to do with it?” Revolver quizzed

“Shame on you Aksana, the disappearances you speak of have been happening everywhere” Revolver told

“We too have experienced the same problem” Revolver went on

“How do I know you’re not lying” Aksana snapped

“Why would I lie, the Government sent me to investigate funny thing is they think it might be down to your country” Revolver smiled

“Lies” Aksana snapped

“Well there is no proof to suggest that your country isn’t involved is there” Revolver smirked

“And there is no proof that there isn’t Russian involvement” Aksana smiled

“Please we Russians have better interests then kidnapping” Revolver replied

“No you just bully other countries” Aksana told

“Ha-ha really, one thing I have missed about you Aksana is your humour” Revolver grinned

“Just let me be on my way and no harm will come to you” Aksana warned

“You know I can’t let you do that” Revolver smiled

“Fine”!!! Aksana replied

Aksana charged towards Revolver taking a swipe at him, the Russian moved and grabbed the Baltician’s arm sending her falling forwards.

“You see you are always a step behind me” Revolver laughed

Aksana charged into the arrogant Russian sending him flying a few seconds in the air before crashing down on to the floor with a loud thud!

“It seems I caught you off guard” Aksana gloated

Aksana marched towards her fallen foe, Revolver quickly retook the advantage by sweeping the Baltican’s leg from under her. Revolver pounced only to meet with a double kick to the stomach which again sent the Russian hurtling through the air. Dazed and confused the Russian tried to pick himself back up. But was met with a hard punch to the face, stumbling the Russian tried to fight back. Another blow sent the Russian stumbling further. Aksana was about to deliver the final blow when.

A loud explosion shook the both of them.

“What was that” Aksana exclaimed

The Baltician looked flames could be seen coming from Baltica.

“No” Aksana gasped

Aksana leaving her fallen foe quickly flew over to Baltica to see what caused the explosion. Arriving back at Baltica Aksana witnessed her people fleeing from the attackers. The warrior drew closer to where the people were running from to her surprise a portal stood almost in the centre of Baltica but to her further surprise reptilian Soldiers were coming from the portal!

Aksana raced towards the portal there was at least a dozen soldiers that had entered from the portal. The Baltician Warrior charged towards the invaders slaying them as they confronted her, but the more which died the more which came. As more soldiers came through the portal. The Baltician army also provided fire power to try and repulse the invaders, but their weapons proved to be futile against the enemy.

Aksana was surrounded the soldiers pounced, she managed to fight them off but the numbers soon became over whelming. A jeep sped across the land of Baltica and charged straight towards the soldiers gunning them down as it passed.

Seeing Aksana being almost pinned to the ground by the soldiers, Revolver leapt out the vehicle, the jeep continued onwards both exploding in the newly imposed battlefield. Rolling over Revolver withdrew his pistol. Some of the soldiers surrounding Aksana began to fall whilst others carried on, more soldiers came from the portal.

Revolver continued to fire at the soldiers, Aksana continued to cut the reptilians down as if they were trees.

“We need to shut that portal down”!!!! Revolver shouted

“How”? Aksana yelled back

Both continued to fight whilst Revolver attempted to devise a way of eradicating the portal.

“There has to be someone controlling it” Revolver shouted back

“Over there, one soldier isn’t fighting” Aksana shouted

“I’ll hold them off you take him out and get the device” Aksana ordered

Revolver charged towards the entrance of the portal a few feet away a reptilian soldier wasn’t in any direct conflict but seemed providing energy to the portal. The Russian was now inches away from the controller. The soldier turned his eyes widened before he could act Revolver fired his gun, the bullet went through the forehead and the impact sent the soldier falling backwards.

“How the hell do you turn this thing off?” Revolver shouted

“Just destroy it” Aksana shouted back

Knowing there wasn’t any other option, Revolver threw the device high in the air and shot. The Device crumbled to pieces. The portal began to shrink, the remaining soldiers had the look of concern on their face but were still willing to fight. From behind a blade pierced through Revolvers back, the Russian howled in pain and fell to his knees, hearing the scream Aksana turned her expression soon turned to anger as she saw Revolver anguishing in pain.

Slaying the last few soldiers Aksana charged towards the soldier who plunged the sword into Revolver. The last soldier died and all what was left was death and decay on the land of Baltica.

Revolver pulled the blade out before falling on his back, Aksana knelt by his side.

“Thank you” She whispered

“Sometimes we are not enemies” Revolver smiled

“Let me help you” Aksana replied

Aksana scooped up Revolver in her arms and searched for the nearest medic.

“Help over here” Aksana shouted

The medics came running and helped Aksana put Revolver on the stretcher.

“You must go” Revolver told

“Why? you need help” Aksana replied

“It is up to fate, whether I live or die but in the meantime there are others you could be saving” Revolver told

Aksana paused

“Go go”!!! Revolver smiled

Wiping a tear away from her eye Aksana flew up into the air not forgetting that Russian Revolver may have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Chapter Four Vulcan Man

Ever since the planet Vulcania and Earth had contacted each other each side was apprehensive towards the other. Travelling in a car flanked by Government guards and two of his own, Edric a Captain of the Vulcanian army sit quietly in deep thought. Opposite him sat Algar a trusted friend who Edric had grown up with during his time on Vulcania and sat the other side of him was Cola a fellow soldier who the Captain had served with previously.

The journey to the International assembly seemed tired and quite prolonged, or Edric had to do was to tell the rest of world what his planet’s intentions were which were to live side by side with Earth in peace , perhaps a trade in technology or goods. But the main message was peace.

Edric as the nominated speaker was constantly rehearsing the prepared speech mentally over and other again thinking that if anything went wrong, it would lead to potential disaster. Vulcania had many disagreements with other nations that had led to war and could not let the same thing happen again. Silence dominated the atmosphere as everyone seemed to be tense.

“Relax” Algar smiled

“Ha it’s easy for you to say you’re not the one speaking” Edric replied

“Look I’m sure it will be fine” Cola said reassuringly

The car rolled on for at least a few more minutes the mood seemed to lighten a little. The car rolled to a stop at a red traffic light the streets seemed quiet the car behind which was part of the convoy maintained a safe distance. Both vehicles continued the Vulcans were talking and laughing. No one predicted what happened next, a rocket hurtled straight in the car, flames engulfed the vehicle as it flipped on to its roof. The car behind screeched to a halt, the government guards bolted out the vehicle.

Edric crawled out the wreckage avoiding the hissing of the flames he looked around all both guards had been charred by the flames, the driver crushed by the impact. Cola was dazed as was Algar. The government guards came rushing towards them.

“Are you alright” one of them said 

“Fine thanks” Edric replied getting himself up

Edric helped his friends up, shots came through the flames, both government agents fell to the floor. The shooter couldn’t be seen as the fire blinded the Vulcan’s vision. Edric flew over the flames, to his surprise he saw a horde of Reptilian Soldiers firing upon him. Edric dodged the shots fired and charged towards them. Cola was about to join Edric but someone pulled him back.

Edric fought the reptilians who couldn’t get an advantage over the Vulcan due to his raw strength and power. Cola spun around and fought the Reptilian Soldier off, Algar was also locked into combat with the reptilians.

A reptile like creature stepped forward and gestured for the fighting to stop.

“Surrender Vulcans, this planet is now ours, knee before the reptilians” the creature shouted

“Who are you” Edric shouted back

“My name is Charn, Captain of the reptilian army we are here to take over this world” Charn grinned

“Never we seek peace with the Earth’s people and we shall protect them from any harm, besides you attacked us” Edric shouted

“You seek to protect a species you do not know” Charn grinned

“No one deserves to be enslaved or killed without a reason” Edric replied

“Fool” Charn sneered

Two soldiers from behind brought forward a cannon, the sonic waves blasted out weakening the Vulcans.

“aaahhhhhhh” Edric cried

“Surrender now” Charn ordered

“Never” Edric shouted

The Vulcan pounded the ground causing the cannon to fall on its side the reptilians struggled to get it back up, Edric flew over and grabbed the cannon thrusting it into the air, the weapon crashed down on the ground causing the ground shake, knocking the soldiers off guard. Edric was now embroiled in a fight with the reptilians.

Algar and Cola also continued to fight the reptilians, the numbers soon became over bearing from the two Vulcans. The numbers soon got the better of Edric, Charn blasted the Vulcan Captain with the use of his power. The reptilian was a gifted sorcerer as well as army Captain. Edric was weakened by Charn’s assault, the Vulcan tried to get back up only to knocked down again. Dazed and confused the Vulcan lay battered from the onslaught.

The soldiers closed in on the remaining Vulcans, Charn blasted both Vulcans with his magic seemingly killing both of them. The army continued forwards and headed into the inner city.

Chapter Five Captain Justice

Scourge smirked to himself as he threw the sports bag full of his reward into the van. The assassin glanced around quickly, and went back into the house grabbing everything he could. It was time to go the job was done, payment had been made. The mercenary smiled to himself as he walked back out to the van.

The night was dark the stars glistened brightly in the sky, the perfect time to get away. Scourge opened the van door threw his belongings in, slammed the door shut. He glanced round once again, he stopped a silotte could be just made out, Scourge stopped and firmly grasped his Glock 17 pistol.

“Who’s there?” Scourge shouted

Scourge cautiously went towards the direction where the outline of a figure had been seen. Creeping forwards the assassin clocked the trigger backwards. Movement came unexpectedly from behind Scourge spun round.

“Going somewhere?” Captain Justice smiled

“Nowhere you would know” Scourge sneered

“Is that so” Justice replied

“I haven’t got time to talk Captain I have to be somewhere” Scourge snapped

“You always do” Justice mocked

“What do you want?” Scourge snapped becoming inpatient

“Someone took a hit out on some Vulcan soldiers earlier this evening in Metro City, wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?” Justice quizzed

“No” Scourge replied abruptly

“hmmm it’s about an hour’s drive from Light City to Metro City I think you could have done that in probably less” Justice smiled

“I am tired of your games Captain, you try and stop me” Scourge snarled

“You know I will Scourge” Justice replied

“I’m taking you down Scourge”

Before the assassin could react, Justice kicked the gun out of his hand, the weapon flew into the air and clattered to the ground, unable to be seen in the darkness, Scourge charged forwards with left and right jabs, Justice blocked them almost with ease. The two became locked in combat with neither of them gaining the upper hand.

Scourge stepped back Justice confused for a second quickly motioned forwards.

“Ahhhhhhh my eyes” Scourge screamed

Justice turned round a bright white light had ascended from nowhere, shielding his own eyes Justice moved towards the light.

“Stand aside mortal” a voice boomed

The light seemed to shrink both looked on as the light disappeared altogether. A few seconds passed both men looked completely stunned as the light had turned into a woman.

“Who are you?” Justice quizzed

“Yeah who are you? some kind of witch” Scourge sneered

“Who am I? is not important, what is in important is that he comes with me” the woman replied

“He’s going nowhere, as Captain of Justice I’m taking him down” Justice replied

“No one is taking me down” Scourge grinned

Scourge whipped out his pistol, a shot fired, the woman blasted Scourge the bullet dissolved in thin air. The assassin flew for a few seconds before crashing to the ground. Justice turned before he could react he was met with the same fate as Scourge, Justice was sent flying backwards he hit the ground with a thud. The Captain lay there dazed and weakened the woman moved towards Scourge.

The Captain was slowly getting back to his feet.

“I’m sorry Captain but this matter doesn’t concern you” the woman replied

“How do you know my name who are you?” Justice quizzed

Scourge was still on the floor writhing in pain.

A white light shone over the fallen mercenary.

“Who sent you to attack me” the White Witch questioned

“I was paid by the Reptilians to take you out so they could continue their attack that’s why I also attacked Vulcan Man” Scourge told

“Vulcan Man” Justice questioned

“Have you not heard of Vulcan Man” White Witch replied

“Yeah, he could have been in the vehicle which was targeted by our friendly assassin here” Captain Justice replied

“What’s this about reptilians”?

“They have been reported sightings and attack by reptile like creatures, they plan to enslave us” White Witch replied

“I fear your city is next”

A loud explosion boomed in the background screams echoed, gunfire could also be heard.

“There here”

Chapter Six Wave Master

King Oliver sat on his throne beneath the sea the king of the ocean waited anxiously for news from his men. A small scouting party had been sent out to find out what was happening on the surface world as loud explosions shook the sea. The golden doors of the king’s court opened.

“What news do you bring” King Oliver quizzed

“My lord there appears to be no immediate threat to us but it seems war has descended upon the surface world” General Angler replied

“Thank you Angler” Oliver replied

The King got up off his throne and left the court sometimes being alone was the only way, the leader of the Ocean World could gather his thoughts. Ascending the throne at a young age Oliver still had much to learn about ruling his people. But if there was war on the surface world it might affect the Oceania the country he swore to protect.

“What troubles you my lord” a familiar voice spoke

“Desdemona, the surface world is in trouble I worry that their troubles will be brought to us” Oliver replied

“What do you propose” Desdemona questioned

“That I am not sure” Oliver smiled grimly

For a while the two had been in lover but hadn’t married, it seemed they never found the opportunity. The two embraced as Desdemona comforted the King’s woes. A loud explosion soon rumbled the embrace.

“What was that” Oliver questioned

The two stayed silent for a moment, another explosion sounded.

“Stay here” Oliver ordered

The King dashed down towards the Court where the sounds could be heard. The sounds of screams could also be heard., followed by familiar laughter.

“Barracuda, Stingray and Orca” Oliver shouted

“Wave Master oh how we’ve missed you” Barracuda smiled

“Your treacherous dog, you’ll pay for entering my kingdom” Wave Master boomed

“Bring it on” Barracuda grinned

“But before you do, I brought some friends”

“Reptilians” Wave Master said sounding surprised

A figure stepped forward from behind the cluster of armed reptile soldiers.

“Thanks boys but you I’m afraid are now surplus to our requirements” The reptilian grinned

“We had a deal” Barracuda snapped

“Did we” Terrasaur grinned

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Terrasaur screamed

The scream sent Barracuda Orca and Stingray hurtling backwards, Wave Master meanwhile clung to a nearby pillar.

“Get them” Terrasaur screamed

Wave Master and the Oceanians charged towards the Reptilians. The two sides locked into a ferocious battle. Meanwhile the trio of sea villains Barracuda, Sting Ray and Orca joined the melee. The battle was now a three-way fight.

“Take them all out” Terrasaur screamed

“Why don’t you shut up” Wave Master replied

“I’m going to enjoy this” Terrasaur laughed

The two leaders threw themselves into combat with one another. The fight was even as none of them gained the upper hand. Terrasaur screamed once again sending Wave Master hurtling backwards crashing into a wall. Stunned Wave Master was down with Terrasaur closing in.

The reptilian drew his sword.

“Time to end the King of Oceania” Terrasaur laughed

Terrasaur suddenly was knocked to the ground, the Dino like creature spluttered as he fell.

“Desdemona” Wave Master smiled

“Stupid Woman” Terrasaur snarled

The Dino creature knocked the future queen of Oceania down to the floor. Landing with a thud she lay their unconscious.

“No” Wave Master uttered in shock

Terrasaur sneered and proceeded to attack dodging the blows Wave Master had a trick up his sleeve.

“I cast thee out of my land” Wave Master roared

Terrasaur paused only to be soon overcome by a wave water which swept him and the invaders out the kingdom.

“Double Crossing fool, I will have my revenge” Barracuda seethed

“I’ll deal with you later Master of the Sea”

“Is that the thanks I get for saving you” Wave Master smiled

The villains left the Kingdom knowing they had been beaten. The one thing they hated was to be double crossed and Barracuda would hold a grudge, and would plot his revenge.

Oliver scooped Desdemona up in his arms.

“Doctor”!!! he yelled

“Take her” Wave Master instructed passing Desdemona to a nearby doctor.

“The Reptilians will pay for this we must aid the surface world” Wave Master roared

The troops responded by cheering and chanting. Before rushing off to armour up and gather their weapons.

Chapter Seven Knightmare and Emerald

“You sure it’s here” Emerald questioned

“It’s here this Metro City” Knightmare said sternly

“It looks deserted” Emerald went on

“Just keep your wits about you” Knightmare told

“I will besides how did you end up being is this business” Emerald smiled

“What business” Knightmare replied

“You know Crime Fighting” Emerald grinned

“I ended up in Hell, got out and was given this suit” Knightmare replied

“Hell?” Emerald questioned

“Yes, demons came and killed my family I was dragged down to Hell, I escaped one of the lucky ones I guess, it happened many years go” Knightmare replied

“Wow” Emerald replied surprised

“How’d you end up being a stone whatever” Knightmare asked

“A stone keeper, a friend of mine died and ended up giving me the power of the Emerald stone” Emerald replied

“I guess we’ve both lost something” Knightmare replied

“Still no signs of Vulcan man, strange” Emerald said

The two carried on the city was dark deserted no signs of life no signs of its protector even, which unsettled both men. The unlikely duo ventured forward, both stopped suddenly.

“What was that” Emerald questioned referring to a hissing sound which sounded towards the left of them.

“I don’t know, just be prepared” Knightmare told

Both stopped and scanned the area still nothing.

“Ahhhhhh” Emerald screamed

A light blinded the stone keeper, Knightmare was also blinded. The sound of marching could be heard. Knightmare took out the light, both readied themselves the sound of marching drew closer and closer. Both men turned Emerald stone a light behind them the sight of reptilian soldiers could be seen. The stone keeper shone his light in front, to their disbelief more soldiers were in front.

“Were surrounded, what do we do” Emerald said panic in his voice

“We fight” Knightmare replied.

Chapter Eight Vulcan Man

Vulcan struggled as the chains kept him down, the constant flow of dreams messing with his mind.

“What’s happening” Charn demanded

“He’s just having a dream, he thinks he’s on an envoy from Vulcania and you killed his friends” Mirage smiled

“Oh” Charn replied

“You sound disappointed Charn, a few more dreams will wreck the Vulcan’s mind killing him so he isn’t an obstacle to your plans” Mirage smiled.

“As long as it works I don’t care” Charn replied

“As long as I get paid neither do I” Mirage grinned

The villain of dreams and illusion had been a long-time foe of Vulcan Man and other heroes using his powers of illusion to wreak havoc on the those who tried to stop him.

“One more dream should be the killing blow” Mirage smiled

“Do it” Charn ordered

“With pleasure” Mirage grinned

Knightmare and Emerald fought off the Reptilian Soldiers as best they could the numbers were starting to become too much.

“What do we do, there’s too many” Emerald yelled

“Keep fighting” Knightmare shouted back

The two heroes backed off as the hordes of Reptilian Soldiers came towards them. Emerald created a shield, he grabbed Knightmare.

“Hold on” Emerald cried

Grabbing the Dark Avenger, the stone keeper tried to fly out of reach of the soldiers. A blast from out of nowhere connected with Emerald. The Stone keeper let go of Knightmare sending him hurtling towards the unforgiving concrete. Emerald crashed on to the ground with a thud! Knightmare swung to safety using an anchor like device, a blast from behind cut the anchor sending the warrior tumbling towards the ground. Landing with a thud! Both lay their seemingly helpless as the soldiers closed in.

Chapter Nine Captain Justice and White Witch

“You still haven’t told me who you are” Justice told

“I’m a White Witch” White witch smiled

“I get that, but let’s not forget who just blasted who” Justice replied

“My name is Sonia, I come from a line of white Witches who do good, I naturally inherited my magic from my mother. Today Scourge who you know as a well-known assassin tried to kill me for reasons I don’t even know” White Witch told

“Your turn” White Witch smiled

“How do I know I can trust you” Justice replied

A missile launched towards both of them, Captain Justice stood with the look of horror on his face he had no time to re act. White Witch cast a spell the, missile deflected the blast shook the ground. The flames roared but thankfully no one was hurt.

“Because Captain I just saved your life” White Witch smiled

The Captain smiled, Reptilian Soldiers appeared from behind him the two of them launched themselves into the fray. More soldiers marched on towards them, once again the odds were seeming to be over bearing. The Reptilians were being fought off but more and more kept coming.

In the distance some strange phenomena could been seen the soldiers were thrown in all directions, screams from the soldiers could also be heard. Meanwhile both White Witch and Justice continued to fight on.

The strange phenomena were now inches away from both Justice and White Witch, the soldiers became nervy and unsettled. Picking themselves up the soldiers began to back off and head for a hasty retreat. Both White Witch and Captain Justice watched still both ready to take on whatever it was that was coming towards them.

Finally, the strange phenomena stopped the soldiers were retreating. The strange activity stopped a man wearing a maroon suit stepped forward.

“Who are you?” Justice growled

“hey a thanks would be nice I just saved your lives” the man said

“Who are you” White Witch questioned

“Turbo is the name and speed is the game I could see you were in trouble and I thought I’d lend a hand if I knew you’d be like this I wouldn’t of bothered. Turbo replied

White Which paused she shone a white light over Turbo.

“What are you doing?” Justice quizzed

“Seeing if he is telling the truth” White Witch replied

In a few seconds the light disappeared.

“Is he?” Captain Justice quizzed

“Yes, he is Turbo he protects Star Lake City” White Witch replied

“Indeed I do, so who are you guys” Turbo questioned

“Captain Justice and White Witch” Justice replied

“Ah, so what’s going on” Turbo replied

“These Reptilians have invaded Earth using Portal Technology” White Witch told

“Oh, so what do we do now?” Turbo asked

“We follow those soldiers and find out where they are headed” Justice replied

“Sounds like plan lead on” Turbo replied

Chapter Ten Wave Master

Wave Master assembled the troops and prepared to head upwards to the surface land.

“Are we ready General Angler” Wave Master boomed

“Yes your majesty” Angler replied

The men boarded the ships and started to head towards land. The ships voyaged on further but then something appeared not to be right.

“Sir, what’s that light” a crewman asked Angler

“I’m not sure, it seems it’s blocking our path” Angler replied

“Your majesty, we’ve come across some kind of strange light ahead” Angler told

“Proceed on but just be wary this could be an ambush” Wave Master replied

The army of the sea ventured on until……

“Ambush”!!! a crewman shouted

A rocket sounded hitting the ship sending it to ground on the ocean bed.

“Sir we’ve been hit” a crewman shouted

“I know” Angler replied

“What shall you have us do your majesty”? Angler questioned

“Check the damage send out a small scouting party see if can find those demons” Wave Master commanded

A small number of soldiers went out Wave Master against the wishes of the general also joined the small party.

“Be vigilant men, we can’t take anything for granted” Wave Master

“Sir over there” a soldier shouted

“Their back” Wave Master boomed

“We will end this now”

“I don’t think so” Terrasaur grinned

“You but how I washed you away” Wave Master replied confusedly

“You thought you did ha-ha” Terrasaur laughed

“Now I will end you”

The two once again locked themselves in a fierce battle where neither gained any sort of advantage.

“My lord the light it’s a portal” cried Angler

“Then this demon will be going back through it” replied Wave Master

“Oh I don’t think so” Terrasaur snarled

Wave Master began to push Terrasaur towards the light, the Dino like creature tried to resist but couldn’t match the strength of the man from Oceania. Both drew closer to the light.

“It’s over demon” Wave Master boomed

“It may be but you’re coming with me” Terrosaur screamed

Both fell into the portal the light disappeared the remaining reptilians who weren’t slain made a hasty retreat, whilst the Oceania soldiers looked in disbelief as their beloved master had gone.

Chapter Eleven Vulcan Man

Vulcan lay their almost lifeless as Mirage continued to use his magic.

“For goodness sake finish him off” Charn snapped

“Perfection takes time” smiled Mirage

Charn said nothing but displeasure was written all over his face. The second in command of the Reptilian army wanted the potential threat of Vulcan Man destroyed, so he wouldn’t try and stop the invasion from being a success, but Charn knew nothing about Vulcan Man so enlisted the services of Mirage a former Vulcan turned rogue. Back on Vulcania like Edrick, Mirage then known as Algar was a respected Vulcan officer.

Edric along with Algar were sent on a mission to Earth to discuss possible negotiations as both planets seemed wary of each other. The envoy along with soldiers from Earth was ambushed, Cola a Vulcan Officer along with Earth Soldiers was killed. The event put both planets on the brink of war with each other. Until it was find out it was a plot by Algar who wanted to invade Earth rather than have the planet as an ally.

Algar was jailed and became obsessed with Vulcan magic, learning all the tricks the rogue officer broke free from prison. Edrick soon received word of his former comrade’s escape and went to find him. Algar hid on the outskirts of the planet, practicing his magic. Edric soon found him, the two fought falling off the planet, and crashing straight onto Earth.

People of Earth helped Edrick regain his health whilst Algar seemingly died. A few months passed and Edrick in return for the help he received from Metro City vowed to become its protector dubbing himself Vulcan Man. Algar eventually ended up being consumed by the magic, dubbing himself Mirage the master of both illusion and reality he vowed to get revenge on Edrick.

The two had crossed paths since but Vulcan Man always emerged victorious and Mirage always ended up in prison. Recently Mirage escaped prison with the help of the reptilians who said they would pay him to dispose of Vulcan Man so they could take over the City. Enlisting the help of Scourge, the assassin they set their plan in motion. Scourge shot Vulcan Man with a stun rocket, the hero was then brought to a secret location and Mirage began messing with Vulcan Man’s mind using his magic. Scourge was paid and quickly began to prepare to escape.

“Now for the final blow” Mirage smiled

Charn remained silent, Mirage began to produce his magic, Vulcan Man still laid there as if he was lifeless, the magic grew and grew in Mirage’s hands, the Vulcan shouted some words and then BOOM!

Mirage turned and smiled at Charn the smoke cleared.

“What” Mirage gasped

“He’s not there” Charn snapped

“I don’t know what happened” Mirage spluttered

“Oh I think I do, you fool you were too busy messing round, you should off have finished him off straight way”!!! screamed Charn

“looking for me?” Vulcan Man boomed

Reptilian soldiers charged towards Vulcan Man who made quick of them. The man from Vulcania hovered for a brief moment before flying towards both Charn and Mirage.

“Finish him” Charn demanded

Mirage turned and flew towards Vulcan Man, Charn began to plot his escape. Both Vulcans grappled in mid-air Mirage was thrown and flew a few metres in the air before crashing down on to the ground. Vulcan Man landed and marched towards his foe, Charn by now was near the exit of the abandoned factory. Mirage blasted magic Vulcan Man tried to deflect the shots but was struggling. Seeing his enemy getting closer and closer Mirage quickly switched to his next plan.

“Not today Vulcan Man” Mirage smiled

Mirage disappeared so did Charn and all the Reptilian soldiers. Vulcan Man frustrated he didn’t beat his foe, headed out the warehouse into the city.

Chapter Twelve Knightmare and Emerald

Emerald got back up and flew in the air taking out the enemy soldiers as they came towards him. Knightmare got to his feet and immediately threw himself back in the midst of the onslaught.

“We’re outnumbered” Emerald called

“I know” Knightmare replied

“What shall we do” Emerald called back

“We can’t retreat if we do they will progress further into the city” Knightmare told

“So much for Vulcan Man, I thought he would be here by now” Emerald replied sarcastically

Knightmare didn’t reply instead he was fighting off the soldiers as they came towards him. The reptilians continued to march, firing their weaponry.

“If this is the end Knightmare, it’s been a pleasure” Emerald called

“Likewise” Knightmare replied

The two continued to fight the army soldiers seemed never ending, swarms of them practically appeared from nowhere.

Vulcan Man hovered over the City still no sign of Mirage or Charn, the sound of explosion echoed through the City, herds of people like spooked cattle ran for safety. Vulcan flew towards the commotion. The Vulcan stopped and hovered for a brief moment before he threw himself into the horde of soldiers, who just on the edge of the City.

Knightmare and Emerald continued to fight, when the stone keeper noticed something.

“Something is attacking the soldiers from the other direction” Emerald called

“How do you know?” Knightmare called back

“Well apart from I can see, the some of the soldiers seem to be heading towards something” Emerald replied

“They could be invading the City from the other direction” Knightmare called

“No there’s something there, the soldiers are moving backwards” Emerald called again

Vulcan Man dealt with the soldiers with ease as they charged towards him. Bemused that they couldn’t take down there new found foe the soldiers began to form a retreat. Knightmare and Emerald continued to fight.

“They’re retreating” Emerald called sounding surprised

Knightmare didn’t reply for the vigilante was too engaged in combat. Vulcan Man fought off the remaining soldiers. Both Knightmare and Emerald fought off the last remaining hordes before the reptilians began a hasty retreat. Scattering in all directions the soldiers soon disappeared. All were left were the three heroes Vulcan Man stared intensely at both Knightmare and Emerald.

“Who are you two? allies of the Reptilians” Vulcan Man boomed

Before either of them had chance to utter a reply the Vulcan charged towards them.

Chapter Thirteen Captain Justice, White Witch and Turbo

The trio of warriors charged into the midst of chaos, the soldiers were rampant as they charged towards the centre of the City. Once again the city was filled with the panic and fear of its residents as they ran for cover. The three whilst battling the reptilian soldiers kept the public out of harm’s way as best they could.

Turbo with his power suit sped round the invaders making them dizzy and then taking them out. Captain Justice used good old fashion combat skills to take down his foes whilst White Witch cast her magic, which thwarted the attempts the enemy made towards her.

But with all their skills combined the hordes of soldiers kept emerging as if from nowhere. The numbers soon took their toll and before the three new it they were in avertedly back peddling towards the city.

“We need a plan” Justice called

“Any ideas”? White Witch responded

“If we can find out where their coming from we might have an option” Justice replied

“Oh really what’s that”? White Witch questioned

“Well put it this way they are either using a ship nearby or some other way to get here so fast” Justice called back

“If we find out what it is we can destroy their method of getting here which means they won’t be able to practically double in numbers” Justice went on

“Do you think it could be a portal”? White Witch called

“Could be, but we need to find out and fast” Justice responded

“How do we do that”? White Witch asked

“That’s where Turbo comes in” Justice smiled

Turbo took out the soldiers coming towards him, before racing towards where his new found colleagues were positioned to assist them.

“Turbo” Justice called

“Yeah” Turbo replied

“We need you to find out where they are coming from we think it might be a ship or even a portal” Justice replied

“I’m on it” Turbo smiled

Turbo sped towards the direction the soldiers were marching from a light glistened almost blinding the speedster.

“Ah” Turbo grinned

Realising the invaders were using a portal to enter the city, Turbo raced back to the others.

“Captain there using a portal” Turbo told

“We’ll distract the reptiles if you can find a way to shut the portal” Captain Justice replied

Turbo sped off once again and was soon near the entrance of the portal, he paused to think the soldiers kept coming. Turbo noticed something different about one soldier in particular, the reptilian was just stood their using some kind of device, which seemed to keep the portal alive.

Turbo raced towards the reptilian soldier, the reptilian turned his head, the look of surprise displayed all over his face he shouted something in reptilian. The soldiers soon surrounded Turbo making quick work of them he charged towards the lone soldier who continued to shout for help. But the help he was shouting was too busy fighting with Captain Justice and White Witch.

Turbo raced towards the reptilian, his speed over powering the simple soldier who looked horrified as he saw the device disappear from his grasp. Turbo sped off and headed towards where both Captain Justice and White Witch were.

“Their using this to control the portal” Turbo beamed

“What do I do with it”? Turbo asked

“Destroy it see what that does” White Witch replied

“That might be not be a good idea” Captain Justice told

“Why”? White Witch quizzed

“We don’t know what it does” Captain Justice replied

“We haven’t time to figure that out either” White Witch exclaimed

“Look I hate to break up the lover’s tiff but we need to do something and quickly” Turbo grinned

Seeing the temporary distraction, the reptilians launched an offensive attack, Turbo got blasted the device fell on the floor, soldiers scrambled to try and get hold of it, but were thwarted in their attempts to.

Turbo quickly got back to his feet and grabbed the device, much to the anguish of the invaders. Another shot was fired Turbo was grounded, the device laying lifelessly on the war torn ground.

“I’ve had enough of this” White Witch called

Seeing where the device was she cast a spell the device much to Captain Justice’s horror fell into tiny fragments before dissolving. The portal much to the reptilian’s anger and concern began to shrink, a gust of what seemed like wind took hold of the reptilians by force, screams and shouts could be heard as hordes at a time went through the portal.

To the trio’s surprise it wasn’t long before all the reptilians disappeared and they were left on the battle field which was once known as Star Lake City.

Chapter Fourteen Wave Master and Aksana

Both Wave Master and Terrosaur appeared in unfamiliar surroundings, the two were still brawling, but still no one had gained an advantage. Terrosaur screamed sending the leader of Oceania falling backwards.

For a moment the two of them stepped each of them taking a quick glance at the new environment they were in, before re engaging in their conflict, Wavemaster showered Terrosaur with water, much to the Dino creature’s dis-satisfaction as he took to the air to try and shake the water off. Terrosaur thrust himself towards Wavemaster spearing into him before both of them were on the ground once more.

Aksana wandered around thinking of Russian Revolver constantly while trying to figure out where she was. Since the Baltic warrior had taken to the air, emotions such as sadness and anger had clouded her sense of direction which led her to appear to be lost in a land not known to her. The City seemed quiet with no signs of life, damage and destruction could be seen everywhere the Baltican looked. Askana cautiously walked further into the City when a loud shriek stopped her dead in her tracks. Her feet stuck to the ground a cold shiver tingling down her body, the warrior headed for the direction of the strange shrieking. As she did so the shriek was heard again this time louder. Aksana picked up the pace and flew towards the direction of the horrifying ear piercing noise.

Terrosaur backed off once again he was soaked by Wavemaster’s power.

“Curse you water man but don’t worry I will end you” Terrosaur hissed

“Come and try it” Wavemaster goaded

Terrosaur flew in the air, taking aim. Suddenly something from behind sent the screaming reptilian hurtling through the air, before he crash landed onto the floor, with a loud thud!

“Get back demon” a female voice boomed

Wavemaster lowered his guard to see a woman floating in the air, a woman who he had not seen before.

“Identify yourself” Wavemaster commanded

“I am Aksana warrior of Baltica, my land was attacked by these foul creatures, and now they shall pay” Aksana boomed

“They attacked my land too” Wavemaster replied

“It appears we are on the same side, sea dweller” Aksana

“Oh spare me the uniting hero speech I’ll destroy you both” Terrosaur sneered

The two unlikely allies combined their powers send a sheer force that Terrrosaur could not fight off.

“This isn’t over” Terrosaur seethed realising he had been beaten he flew off into the sky.

The two warriors felt relived at their victory and ventured further into the City.

Chapter Fifteen Vulcan Man, Knightmare and Emerald

“We need a new strategy” Emerald shouted

“I know” Knightmare replied

Vulcan Man continued his offensive attack rebuffing any attempts the two made at stopping him.

“Distract Him” Knightmare called

“Alright” Emerald replied confusedly

Emerald soared over Vulcan Man who was facing Knightmare, the green emerald light from the stone keeper soon distracted the man from Vulcania. Quickly dispatching Knightmare, Vulcan Man turned his attention to the stone keeper.

Knightmare meanwhile dust himself off hurriedly before executing his plan. Emerald was still providing a distract but the force of Vulcan Man was weakening his efforts. Emerald was once again taken down but this time Vulcan Man hoisted the stone keeper from the floor, he pulled his right arm back ready to deliver the final assault.

“Hey Vulcan Man” Knightmare called

Vulcan Man spun round dropping Emerald lightly, he flew for a brief moment before stopping, the expression on the Vulcan’s face read complete surprise.

“You’re Jason Michaels” Vulcan Man uttered his eyes fixed completely on Knightmare.

“A mere mortal” Vulcan Man said sounding disheartened

Emerald got back up but this time there wasn’t a Green Light instead a man called Dean Roberts stood motionlessly, as if waiting for something to happen. Vulcan Man was frozen with complete shock and disbelief thinking he was fighting villains but instead he fought those he had sworn to protect.

“You see we are not that different” Knightmare called putting his mask back on.

“He’s right” Emerald called shouting from the other side

“Your kind display courage and have interesting powers” Vulcan Man replied

“Well glad we all know we are on the same side but what about these reptiles like invaders” Emerald called

“You mean Reptilians” Vulcan Man replied

“Yeah those” Emerald called back

“We need to stop them” Vulcan Man said

“But how when there is only the three of us” Emerald replied

“There has to be more people like us” Knightmare told

“But how do we find them”? Emerald questioned

“If there are more like us we need to find out when the next reptilian attack will be surely they will be their” Vulcan replied

“Possibly but if not we’re on our own” Emerald told

Chapter Sixteen Tyrannosaur

Charn and Mirage continued their attempt to flee justice as they headed out the city. Charn suddenly came to an abrupt stop, the action caught Mirage by surprise he stopped just behind the reptilian.

“I’m afraid your services are no longer needed” Charn told

“What do you mean” Mirage replied with a puzzled expression.

Without warning Charn turned on his former ally striking him down, Mirage instantly got back up and fought back, the anger seething in his eyes.

“You treacherous dog, do you think you can just use me and let me go, you are mistaken” Mirage grinned

Mirage cast a spell which consumed Charn suffocating him slowly.

“You reptilians have no idea that us Vulcans are more power” Mirage sneered

Charn uttered muffled sounds as the magic consumed him further. Mirage smiled knowing the pain he was inflicting on his former ally. A horrible screech from behind, almost shattered Mirage’s ears. The Vulcan was on his knees as the screaming deafened him.

“Nice try Vulcan” Terrosaur sneered

Mirage still clutching his eyes, sprang up quickly fighting the pain taking down Terrosaur in the process. The plucky general wasn’t gloating anymore as he hit the floor. Charn pulled himself up weakened by the Vulcan’s power, a strike with his staff sent the Vulcan thrusting forward. A whack at the back of the head the Vulcan was now sprawled out unconscious. The two made a quick exit hoping that they hadn’t aroused any suspicion.

Tyrannosaur stood his feet fixed on the ground looking down at the stars as the space ship glided gently along. The expression of disappointment was easily readable all over his face. The attacks by his armies were being rebuffed by super human protectors, which angered the reptile war lord.

The Reptilian leader turned behind him was stood a figure who bore all sorts of weapons.

“Why am I here” The figure asked

“Because I need your help” Tyrannosaur told

“Ha why would I help you, your kind turned on Mirage, Barracuda Orca and Sting Ray, so how do I know I can trust you” the figure went on

“Because those who you mentioned failed and were useless, your reputation proceeds you, they say you are the best” Tyrannosaur replied

“But what happens to Earth I take them out, you enslave the planet in where I reside” the figure told

“I’m sure you have plenty of places to go” Tyrannosaur smiled

Witch Hunter smiled the idea of getting his revenge and destroying White Witch appeased him.

“Consider it done” Witch Hunter smiled

Chapter Seventeen Witch Hunter

White Witch walked along the burnt ground the ashes making a crunching sound as she walked along with her new companions Turbo and Captain Justice. Her psychic senses informed her that Turbo was some kind of Doctor who experimented with the power of Speed, and turned himself into a living Speedster. But the most intriguing of the two she thought was Captain Justice, a man with a past who seemed very closed in, almost troubled. Respecting that she didn’t pry into his mind even though she wanted to.

The trio continued to walk White Witch stopped one hand touching her forehead the other by her side. The pain throbbed and throbbed beating like a heart the vision was coming.

“Are you alright”? Captain Justice asked

“Yeah I think so” White Witch told

The pain continued to intensify White Witch’s eyes went blurry as the images started to shape, she walked forward a few steps, both Captain Justice and Turbo looked on with concern.

“What shall we do”? Turbo quizzed

“That I don’t know” Justice replied

The two looked at each other with a puzzled but concerning expression. A shot from behind sent Turbo falling forwards, Justice spun round to confront the attacker, White Witch had both hands on her head. Captain Justice had spotted the attacker and moved to engage. Dodging the shots fired upon him the Captain soon found where the enemy was hiding.

Turbo got back up and sped on to help his ally, dodging the shots also. Witch Hunter leapt down from his hiding place to confront the two would be heroes who protected his enemy. Chanting something, a rush of magic stopped Turbo instantly practically freezing him. A should barge from Justice, knocked the would be Hunter off balance some of his magic blasting in different directions. A punch from the vigilante sent the Hunter stumbling.

But soon the advantage Justice had was quickly diminished chanting once more the magic knocked down the Captain. Taking a moment to bask in his new found glory of victory, Witch Hunter stepped over to the fallen Captain. A crooked smile emerged on his face as he paused for a moment, readying himself to deliver the final blow.

Witch Hunter’s smile disappeared a wave of magic consuming him knocking him backwards, White Witch cast more spells counting any attack the Hunter tried. One more rush of magic knocked the hunter off his feet, he fell on the floor defeated.

White Witch helped both her colleagues to their feet before engaging with her fallen foe.

“You alright” White Witch asked helping up the Captain

“Fine thank you” Captain Justice replied showing slight anguish at pain

“Who is he” Turbo piped up

“He is a Witch Hunter for centuries they hunt my kind to kill us for whatever reason they can money mainly” White Witch told

The three walked over to Hunter who lay sprawled out dazed and hurt by the conflict.

“Who sent you”?! Captain Justice quizzed

“Ha as if I am going to tell you” Witch Hunter sneered

“No but you will tell her” Captain Justice smiled

White Witch cast a spell pain, Witch Hunter screamed.

“Alright enough I’ll talk” Witch Hunter told

“Who sent you”?! Captain Justice quizzed again

“Tyrannosaur leader of the reptilians he wanted me to kill the Witch so that you wouldn’t find the others” Witch Hunter spluttered

“Others”? Turbo questioned

“Yes others, there are more like us, the vison told me so and told me where to find them” White Witch told.

“I think best we better find them then” Turbo smiled

The heroes turned to go whilst the Witch Hunter dissolved into the ground.

Chapter Eighteen Assembling the team

Tyrannosaur cursed seeing that all his attempts at vanquishing his enemy had failed. The reptilian took a moment to collect his thoughts pondering on what to do next.

“Prepare for a full invasion” Tyrannosaur barked

“Yes my lord” Terrosaur grinned

White Witch stood just in front of her colleagues chanting various words and phrases, the portal opened. Both Turbo and Captain Justice hesitated as the magic portal enlarged.

“Come on” White Witch ordered

A quick glance at each other the two soon complied with the magic bearer’s instruction, and followed her through the portal.

Aksana and Wavemaster continued to walk through the decadent city, no signs of life anywhere. The two wandered further looking around still cautious should anything or one attack.

Emerald, Knightmare and Vulcan Man also wondered through the city searching for a way to find the reptilians it seemed luck was no longer on their side as they found no leads what so ever. A shot from nowhere, all three jumped back, both Vulcan Man and Emerald hovered Knightmare positioned himself ready to fight. Another shot just missed the dark vigilante.

“Show yourself” demanded Vulcan Man

“If you insist” a familiar voice spoke back

“Mirage” Vulcan Man hissed

“It is I” Mirage laughed

Another blast of magic knocked the stone keeper Emerald out of the sky, Knightmare caught him preventing further injury. A purple glow appeared followed by a distinct laughter of evil. Mirage emerged a white smile gleaming on his face.

“Who needs the reptilians, when I can take you out by myself” Mirage sneered

“Try it” Vulcan Man boomed

“Oh I will” Mirage grinned

Mirage blasted his magic at Vulcan Man, the Vulcan dodging the shots, Emerald shone a greenlight on the rogue Vulcan blinding him, Knightmare leapt up from the ground and delivered a series of punches. Mirage looked stunned a quick blast Knightmare flew backwards, caught by Emerald, who also got blasted.

Now it was just Vulcan Man and Mirage an all Vulcan affair, the two charged like two bulls full of hatred for a rival and eager to dispatch of them. The two embroiled in a fairly even contest. But it didn’t take long for the cunning Vulcan Mirage to gain an advantage.

“You see you can’t beat me even with the help of your friends” Mirage laughed

“Can’t I” Vulcan Man replied

The two collided once again like two opposing forces both crashed to the ground with a devastating thud. Mirage mule kicked Vulcan Man off him and proceeded to blast him with magic.

Aksana and Wavemaster saw a flash of light in the distance fearing it might be the start of another invasion the two charged towards where the light could be seen.

“Now I will finish you” Mirage snarled

A portal was opening Mirage paused stopping his attack, Vulcan Man fought back delivering blow after blow, stunning the other Vulcan. Emerald and Knightmare pulled themselves up.

“What’s that”? Emerald quizzed looking at the portal

“I don’t know but be ready for whatever comes out” Knightmare told

The two of them turned ready to face what was about to come out from the portal. Meanwhile the two Vulcans were still engaged in their almighty clash. A blast from behind Mirage turned, only to be super punched by a woman who he had not seen before. Stunned once again the Vulcan landed, a quick blast sent the woman spiralling out of control, the man she was with caught her almost with ease.

The distraction allowed Vulcan Man to capitalize. The portal opened three beings came out of it. A man with a power suit, a man dressed in dark colours with armour and a lady all in white. Mirage blasted Vulcan Man back.

White Witch blasted Mirage sending him backwards, Turbo spun round him making him dizzy, Knightmare delivered a knocking blow as did Captain Justice. Vulcan Man grabbed his adversary delivering a combination of blows, sending the rogue falling to the ground defeated.

Wavemaster and Aksana got back up to their feet.

“I’m guessing this is the backup” Emerald smiled

“You guessed right” Captain Justice replied

“We have been looking for others like us” Turbo smiled

“Well you found us” Vulcan Man smiled

“it’s time to take care of this threat once and for all” Wavemaster boomed

“Question is how do we do that” Emerald asked

Thunder banged lightning struck the sky went grey the rain started to pour. The ships of reptilian fleet could be seen.

“Looks like they have found us” Vulcan Man told gesturing towards the sky.

Chapter Nineteen Final Battle

The ships hovered in the sky as missiles descended, people ran for cover. The group of warriors stood there as the what seemed like the apocalypse started to form. Some ships landed whilst others continued to float in the black sky. Soldiers got out and proceeded to march towards the city, hell bent on enslaving all of mankind. Tyrannosaur opened the door of his ship he stood watching the invasion unfold. Standing there like a proud father watching his children play football. A smile emerged as more soldiers followed suit.

“We need a plan” Turbo piped up

“He’s right” Emerald agreed

“White Witch can create a portal big enough to send them back” Vulcan Man asked

“Yeah I should be able to” White Witch replied

“Good Justice you stay with her, I’ll take Tyrannosaur, the rest of you take provide a distraction whilst Sonia generates enough power to send them back!” Vulcan Man instructed

“Sounds good to me” Emerald replied

Turbo sped towards the soldiers, Emerald Aksana and Vulcan Man flew whilst Knightmare and Wavemaster charged towards the enemy.

“Come mortal we must take down these treacherous dogs” Wavemaster smiled

“I couldn’t agree more” Knightmare replied

Vulcan Man flew straight towards Tyrannosaur taking out anything that stood in his way. Wavemaster and Knightmare were flung forwards their eyes fracturing like glass as they were deafened by an ear piecing scream.

“It’s time to finish this water boy” Terrosaur sneered

“Tell me how is your lovely wife”

Both Knightmare and Wavemaster assembled themselves to their feet.

“Go” Knightmare ordered

“You dare speak of such of woman demon and I will slay you” Wavemaster barked

“Try it” Terrosaur sneered

The two charged towards each other and instantly thrust themselves into battle each grappling for advantage. Vulcan Man meanwhile set his eyes on Tyrannosaur, who stood just stood their smiling.

“You think you can beat me Vulcan” Tyrannosaur laughed

“Don’t worry I will” Vulcan Man smiled

Vulcan Man launched himself towards Tyrannosaur who swatted the Vulcan like a pesky fly. Vulcan Man regained his balance and once again charged towards his adversary. White Witch thrust her hands upwards chanting the lightning crackled the thunder roared. Captain Justice took soldiers who approached her. A shot from behind sent the Captain falling forwards. The Witch Hunter stood over him grinning.

“I think we have a score to settle Captain” Witch Hunter smiled

“Why do you protect such a creature is beyond me, my brother died trying to kill her”

“You’ll be joining him” Captain Justice told

Taking the legs from under the Witch Hunter who fell on to the wet surface. Captain Justice leapt on to his foe the two grappled neither of them gaining an advantage. Aksana continued to slay soldiers as if she were a wood cutter cutting trees, A shot from behind the Baltican warrior turned Charn stood there grinning.

Emerald tried to help Vulcan Man but Tyrannosaur quickly dispatched him, Turbo and Knightmare continued to fight the soldiers dodging the missiles which descended upon them from up above. The fierce battle raged on with neither side gaining a clear advantage.

Chapter Twenty the Battle Rages On!!!

Witch Hunter kicked Captain Justice off, quickly getting to his feet he knocked White Witch off balance a blast of magic was shot but spiralled into an unknown direction. A punch to White Witch knocked her off her feet, Witch Hunter began to close in on his target.

Terrosaur screamed sending Wavemaster hurtling backwards clutching his ears.

“It’s over for you” Terrosaur sneered

Wavemaster shaken by the horrific noise pushed himself up to his feet, only to be knocked down once again. Aksana became entangled in Charm’s magic the reptilian smiled as he began to crush his victim. Turbo and Knightmare were soon being outnumbered and Emerald and Vulcan Man were still being swatted like flies as they tried to attack Tyrannosaur.

The rain continued to hammer down the thunder continued to roar and the lightning struck. Witch Hunter was closing in White Witch sat up dazed and confused like a predator taking down its prey, he lunged in for the kill. Captain Justice tackled the Witch Hunter, knocking him down with a series of punches, the demon charged towards him, the Captain side stepped him, he threw out his anchor like device which rapped around Witch Hunter, who tried to struggle, throwing it over the top the rope tangled round the demon’s neck. With all his might Captain Justice pulled the rope towards him snapping the creature’s neck in one motion, he let go of the now dead creature and rushed towards White Witch.

“Are you alright” Captain Justice shouted

“Yeah I’m fine” White Witch replied

Captain Justice helped her up within seconds White Witch began chanting her head looking towards the eerie sky, her hands thrust upwards. Reptilian soldiers were soon ward off by Captain Justice.

Charn continued to crush Aksana she grew breathless as the magic continued to entrap her.

“Time to finish this” Charn sneered

Charn lifted one hand whilst the other held Aksana it was time to deliver the final blow. A bullet travelling at ferocious speed shattered the demon’s hand, he screamed in agony as parts of his hand were now lost in the thick war torn ground. Aksana fell on to the ground, gasping for breath. Another shot fired sent the reptilian falling backwards. Russian Revolver helped up his on/off adversary.

“Alexi” Aksana smiled

Russian Revolver said nothing and continued to fire at Charn but soon pain gripped the Russian as he fell to one knee. Charn quickly charged forwards seeing his enemy fall. Aksana knocked him back she pulled out her sword, the demon screamed as she dealt the final blow. Charn’s lifeless body fell to the ground next to others who had met the same fate.

Terrosaur continued to scream, a kick from behind the demon fell scrapping his jaw along the floor. Knightmare proceeded to take advantage only to be knocked back. Wavemaster saw the opportunity and cast his spear towards his screeching enemy. The spear became lodged in the demon whose eyes widened as death consumed him.

Emerald was cast aside like an unwanted toy, he hit the ground with a thud.

“Now the odds are even” Tyrannosaur smiled

Vulcan Man once again charged towards him but was met with heavy blows which shook the Vulcan who looked like he was on the receiving end of a one sided boxing match. Tyrannosaur marched towards the Vulcan picking him up by the scruff of the neck, he roared in the Vulcan’s face.

“It’s over” Tyrannosaur smirked

Shots from behind sent the large creature dangling forwards, Vulcan Man delivered a combination of punches winding the beast. Tyrannosaur fell forwards as the familiar magic consumed him.

“Payback time reptilian beast” Mirage smiled

Tyrannosaur spluttered and tried to gasp for breath as the magic took its toll. Vulcan Man stood and watched for a moment.

“Time to end this” Mirage smiled

“No” Vulcan Man shouted grapping his compatriot’s arm

“No more killing”

“You see Edric that has always been the difference between us, I always get the job done” Mirage snapped

The thunder roared once again and from nowhere a portal took its shape, reptilian soldiers were being thrown back as they entered the portal unwillingly.

“It’s now or never Edrick make your choice” Mirage smiled

Tyrannosaur knocked Mirage down, Vulcan Man delivered a heavy blow which made the beast stumble. Mirage thrust a sword into the reptilian leader from behind.

“No”! Vulcan Man cried

The creature drew the sword out and flung it onside as he was about to attack the portal dragged him towards it, eventually making him go through it, within seconds what seemed like a warzone had suddenly turned back into the relative normal. People came out from all directions cheering the warriors.

The next day the damage was being repaired by both heroes and humans alike the cities were soon restored to normal. The press dubbed the group the Legion of Warriors, each them decided that would stay together in case another threat occurred but until it did they each went their own way.

Chapter Twenty-One Aftermath

Both Aksana and Russian Revolver returned to their respective neighbouring countries the tensions between the two still lingered but both Aksana and Russian Revolver began to help ease the strained relationship by entering negotiations. Knightmare returned to Darkwick and continued to be its protector whilst remaining friends with Emerald and now Vulcan Man.

Emerald went back to the priory in search of his next mission and continued to protect Earth from danger. Vulcan Man remained in Metro City after taking Mirage to serve his prison sentence on Vulcania. Turbo went back to star lake city and continued to practice his experiments on speed. Captain Justice and White Witch stayed together before moving on to their respective homes.

Wavemaster returned to Oceania Desdemona healed from her injuries and the two later married. Scourge the assassin went on the run before anyone could find him and the reptilians were lost in time never to be seen again.


















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