Just another slave to time

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Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



See mummy dearest gave us life

We will forever be indebted

Yeah We all make countless mistakes

many sincerely regretted

Minds so fiery , too hot headed

All we are left with are times, moments, memories deep embedded

Life's truths and mysteries remain concealed

holding so much more than what is revealed

Keep your mind fully open and your lips mostly sealed

Words can cut deep

some scars are never truely healed

Try to be Be kind, Encourage...  Inspire

Steer clear of the roads that could lead u to fire

Forget what ' Mankind'' tells u .. mans just a  liar

elevate ur mind take yourself higher

Follow your heart but don't compromise your mind

Consulting one without the other will leave you half blind

Not much faith left in humanity slowly deteriorating our hopes and sanity

Pick myself up reaching for heaven

Minds working over time... 24/7

Troubled minds

forever reading between the lines

Pleading with God just to show us a sign

Not even praying for self help/gain

Im Praying for another's life

Realise that Nothing is truely mine

Living by the clock... tic toc tic toc.....

See im just another slave to time

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