Tainted Scars Upon Me, All Over My Life

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taken from my book, "Must You Find Out?"

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



Tainted Scars Upon Me, All Over My Life


Stoned upon the ground

Lightning all around

Wishing upon a star

Finding she's too far

This woman can't be reached

There must not be a God

I don't know how to believe in one

When all there is

__is evidence to the contrary

I've come to terms with this bottom

It has to rule my life


__it does

It doesn't get any lower than this

No woman

No friend

And in my head

Are words they never said

So sue me if my mouse

__is still in his house

Thee afternoon I woke up to pain

Has still never ended

Even today, the pain still stays

Blows up everything

__in my face

My plans mean "nothing" to the world

__that controls me

How can I be confident

__living life like this?

All the times I could have tried

All the lies that have been said by I

I can't even see the difference

Between what's real

And what's just fear

The world continues to mop the floor

__with my life

____I may as well not get up

______from this bottom

I'm just gonna wind up here, again

I don't understand

__why everybody has to stop me

____from living my life

I really don't

If they had a reason

That was absolutely valid

__I'd get it

But I don't see what they see in me

Whatever the Hell they see in me

__is non of my business

So I can't stop them all

They are just going to fuck up my life

And that's all that my life will be

"Fucking up"

So if the world is over

So what?

'Least I won't be thee only one dead anymore

I'm trying my best

__not to sound depressed

Not to be a victim

To be able to stay on my side

__of the street of things

I'm trying to own up to my shit

But all of it is so negative

__that I can't sound positive

____at all

Which fuels the power to the people

To hate on me more

People are just fucked up

And that's how every one is gonna be

My solitude is my space

Away from their views of me

I still want them to die though

I still need my vengeance

Since there is no God to avenge me

I can't get along with the world

Even when I forget about

__how I feel about people

How being single

__only multiplies thee agony

The despair

The struggle of being all alone

With no one to confide to

And nothing to do about it

It's enough to drive me more crazy

__than I already am

Maybe it's even why I am

All I can do is suffer

Sicker than my secrets

Sicker than a horny Kat in heat

Begging for a whore to come my way

For a hooker to spread her legs

That I don't have to pay for

I just can't escape this Hell

I don't understand

__this damnation

____that is so prematurely started


Aren't I supposed to ie first

__before I get sent to Hell

____for all eternity?

"How can I not complain?

__when life is that bad?"

Answer me that



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.