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Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



Friend ,Relation and Stray cat


?What is a Friend?

"Someone who is not related by blood, but who is dear to you,"

 What  is a relation?

"A bond that you create with people."

Are friends and relation that important?

"Did you know that, once a cat lost its master it go back to be a stray cat?"


What is the real meaning of friendship and relationship? 

The concept that we need each other to live on this planet  is quite famous isn't it? But have you never felt a feeling of personal satisfaction in loneliness? Did you ever enjoy a moment of peace and quiet while being alone? Well, if you did you probably understand what I am referring. Friends and relations are in fact beautiful things, but they are not necessary.

"Why?"You might ask, because Human being can in fact live alone on this planet and I do not need science to prove it. Just take a look at yourself, at your own personal emotions. You probably think that you could not live without your friends, and if that is the case...That is still a good thing  my friend, but don't you think that sometimes, your friends are bothersome and you just want to be left alone in the piece and comfort of your home. Well that is because all Humans are different, but we all share something call emotions, Joy, Sadness, Loneliness, Anxiety, Fear, Happiness.

We all seek some sort of Salvation  ,we all seek something that will make us reach a certain personal feelings of Salvation, and that  Salvation comes in many forms, even the worst scoundrels of this world have their own form of it like you


Yes you! You probably find that Salvation by being with your friends, parting, and enjoying life the best you can or you young artist.


Who express your perception of the world we live in through your painting.Putting an indescribable effort in each of your canvas and each nuance of color you use to depict your particular vision of this world.

Or even you criminal!! Yes you! Don't turn your eyes, yes you!

"Me? "

You that find Your Happiness !your salvation! In despicable act like gambling, killing, or making others suffer.

We all seek some sort of eternal happiness ,either through our own liking, Sport, game , Sex, or even eating food, Human are selfish being who always seek the best way to enjoy themselves without caring about the others, and that is the fact that human history already establish to being true, and friendship and relation or not that different, it's just a way for human to enjoy life to find Happiness, but do you need it.


But Friendship like every emotions on this planet is something beautiful, and full of unexpected outcome. You never know what you're supposed friend things and treason is part of our genetic make up, but does that make friendship despicable?


Just hard to understand, Nowadays people lost the meaning of the word friend. A friend is someone not related by blood who is deeply dear to you, but how do we know if the friendship relation we have are genuine.

You to the right , yes you how do you know if your friendship is real.

"Well a real friend is someone who is always with me, who protect me no matter what and will do anything I ask of him ,"

Ahahahaah Hilarious!! Do you live in some sort of fantasy world or something, life is not like the one in Anime, Never you will see a friend literally following your order like a dog, or even  be ready to take a fire punch through his chest to save you my dear, this is real life not One Piece or Dragon ball Z. Now you to the left how do you know that friendship is genuine?

" Well if my friend share the same passion then I and that we never get in trouble ,"

AHAHAHAHAHA Hilarious!!! oh my god CONGRATULATION!! you are so clever you won a mirror, now you gain one more new friend, Yourself. One last person, you the old woman in the back!!, yes you granny get up. So how do someone knows if their friendship is genuine?

"Time, Hardship, Difference, and Solidarity ,"

CONGRATULATION OLD HAG!!! you got it. That is why i always say that you should listen to your elders. Time, Hardship, Difference, and Solidarity are the answer.

" WHY!?"

Well quite simple my dear Watson: Time because real friendship is not built in one day, one month or one year, real friendship takes years to become true ,only by overcoming the Hardship of live together that the bond becomes stronger; Difference because a real friends does not need to be the person you want them to be, all human are different after all; and Finally Solidarity. A real friend does not need to be the perfect being, or to be the person you want them to be , a real friend is not someone who support you in any thing.A real friend , is someone who will always help you to go higher someone that does not force you to be like they want , someone who only want you to be better in everything you like,Someone that will not drag you down ,Someone that want you to find your own and personal Salvation that s all.

That is why i m still searching for the real deal , the real and genuine friendship.

"Okay but why did you talk about a stray cat at the beginning "

Well my dear just remember our conversation and the meaning of loneliness , friendship and bonds and you will find out why .


Friend , Relation and stray cat END

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