Don't judge anybody!

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This is my advice about people in my opinion.

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



Before you want to judge someone I suggest you read what a writer has to say and what she has learned from people...

Don't judge someone who is ugly when it's gods creation,

Don't judge a person who is obese or anorexic when one can't control their big appetite or the other has an eating disorder,

Don't call someone crazy when they have a mental illness it might no always be from birth it could also happen afterwards from a brain trauma,

Don't separate yourself from people with a physical disability they are no different than you they are still human and want to fit in,

Someone that has violence on the other doesn't know that it's wrong when that's what he saw from his own family history, same goes to rapists as well,

Be kind to poor people and orphans this is one of life's most difficult and painful experiences, they need a home, parents and financial help,

Prostitution may be caused from bad friends and choosing the wrong spouse,

Someone who is attracted to the same sex has different feelings than straight people, they might be born with it or have been isolated from the opposite sex due to society,

A thief may not have any other choice but to steal if he hasn't got any money or isn't able to work,

Someone that is on drugs thinks that they don't have another way out because of their weak personality, seriously they need help,

A criminal is mentally ill because he/she hasn't got any conscience in their heart, even if they do regret it afterwards it wouldn't change a thing because they can't control themselves so they would attempt it again,

Someone who commits suicide isn't conscious to be aware of what they're doing, it is a time of period in life where that person has almost gone insane,

These kinds of people shouldn't be gone to jail. They should first be put in a mental hospital for treatment then they will get their punishments eventually anyway.

So at the end of the day the differences of good and bad people are gods creation, they can't be judged or hated on because people are who they are and they don't want to change, even if they did that will be for their own benefit or not that's up to people,

Remember! no one has the right to judge another human but god!

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