My Dove

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The time when one is about to become an adult is always exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time. Most people tend to disregard their interests and views in order to join that small bubble called 'society'. This poem is about a young man who just entered university and joined 'society' in order to experience as much as his new life had to offer. In conclusion, he realised the true meaning of living.

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



My Dove


The time has come for me to leave the nest

I’m on my way to start a life my own.

Look forward to the fun, forget the rest

Explore the boundaries of the unknown.


I crossed the gate, the scale overwhelmed me

Seems like I’ve entered totally new realm.

So many pleasant things to do, to see

The important matter is not to whelm.


And so, it begins, Independent life

First step to blend, paint my white wings to black

To be accepted is something I strife

To become part of the local wolf pack.


They smoked, they drank, they took and so did I

With each intake, my will would disappear

How could I look into my parent’s eye?

It didn’t matter, they’re there and I’m here.


And so, it dragged, I lost a sense of time

My mind and body were very weakened.

This period was meant to be my prime

So why now I feel my life depleted?


Such low grades, so close to get expulsion

No money left to simply buy some bread

One look at me, a great sense of repulsion

Sometimes just wishing, I would just drop dead.


Leaving my fiend, embracing solitude

I walked new path, to learn from my mistake

Something felt missing, something to include

I asked for answers, waters of the vast blue lake.


In turn, except for gentle passing wind

Whispering foreign words unknown to me

The symphony of nature made time tinned

I closed my eyes, indulging in me flee.


The tender breeze began to slowly howl

Combined with darkness, swiftly dragging in

To the abyss where I could hear the growl,

I felt his glare, I doubted I could win.


As I was sitting there, fighting my battle

I saw bright light dissipating darkness

The flowing warmth made my body brattle

Breathing life once more into my carcass.


I awoke to the golden wave of floss

Glossing and moving like surface waters.

I turned my head, she sat from me across

My eyes met hers, leaving me in totters.


Her tender face stretched into a smile

I felt the blood rush coming to my cheeks.

Abruptly turned away, has been a while

Since my happiness has reached such peaks.


Just then I felt her gentle hand on mine

Not saying a word, asked her with a look.

Not letting go, her firm fingers entwine

She tightened her grip, her head slowly shook.


A moment of silence hung above us

Both our eyes staring into the deep blue

No dialogue, we sat there to discuss

As if we were in painting someone drew.


And so, time passed, a second, minute, hour,

With each breath, I felt destiny at hand

Her by my side made the devils cower

I saw us running on the grassy strand.


Ready to be her brother, lover, friend

Be by her side, protect her, love her

Although I know she’s strong and likes to fend

No matter what I’m there to stop the trouble.


Next to her is where my happiness lied,

Where I felt free to be myself again.

I was mesmerised even when she cried,

Nothing left more from life for me to gain.


Today I sit here wrinkled from old age

Remembering the past, just like the Dove

Splitting the skies, she freed me from my cage,

I met an angel sent from high above.

© Copyright 2018 Yana Nester. All rights reserved.

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