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To recognize the value within yourself is to recognize the value of each life around you.

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



There's been a few calls I've been tending to lately after hours. The peace I've been searching for has been inside me all this time. By all peace done on Earth will be brought forth for the world to see, every man and beast alike. The stares from many will differ as some will curse me, some will sob, most will debate, but none will listen. Life as we know it will eventually fade from each of us as time progresses. Some live day to day as others live Sunday to Sunday. However, the Sun will still set every round about signifying the time to put your current problems behind you to rest assure everything will be well. The Sun's rise will alert us all of new beginnings, telling us to make room for the blessings you will prepare for the people around you. Everyone wants to help, but not many will actually stick around when times of grief and hardship rush overhead. Tall tales of men rising to power will surely frighten many, yet only those pushing for destruction will stand behind them with every sickening word being spoken. In a world where we ignore the planet we all have called home for many years dating back to beginning belief systems, we would rather give our souls away to foolish gimmicks claiming to be the one, but has been wearing stolen gold. The only "God" I will probably recognize as the greatest will be the planet that has provided our ancestors with the resources necessary to live. Our planet sits at a perfect position just us to receive energy and food from the Sun without melting into the pavements we walk. Our planet which presents to us a beautiful moon that welcomes us with different phases letting us know what time of month it is, and brings about our pleasant high/low tides where the jelly fish bloom different colors in the night.

To exclude yourself from those that would risk their lives for you is all the reason to watch who you love more, as the trust on both sides has been tainted with them continuing to further stretch their love for you when there's very little being recieved. Time is a factor much more important than any amount of money each man/woman seeks to gain. Yet it is wasted spreading hate around the world through television, social media, and governments. As I sit high to look low at each person heart for heart I sense selfish greed with every being I seek a smile from every minute passing. With not many to hold in times of darkness, the world will crumble as many will breakdown in private to shed a few tears for loss they're enduring. Adults are weeping like children awaiting someone to lend a shoulder to lean on when needed the most. Family has various meaning as some of two will point to each other when questioned on where is the love going. Not enough as I will answer those who only seek to love one person rather than the very many around them. For man is not born alone as it takes a mother and father to produce new life worth loving to be included in our ever growing families all over the world. Don't make difficult what the next person will make easy to shine on what was once yours, and still should have been today. Forgive those with your true heart not the price tag you place over their heads every morning you wake looking for a million dollar deposit.

I like some others have not much time left here. What has been calling me to answer has been me in a pure form. Most messages I've recieved have made life just as perfect as any many or woman could wish, but some messages shed light on those cruel fatalities done in the dark by those claiming to love me on the other side. Trailing those on the same path I'm traveling, team work is the only way to make sense of which direction is the best for living comfortably. Shed no tears for the time the bed i lay rest in becomes empty with no return for a repeat. The door to the next life will have opened, and the light on this path will be cut as I have moved on to another path where more ppl need me. There's no turning back as we all have to progress on a forward straight path. The blessing to be a blessing to others with the words you speak, and the help you lend with your hands will make way for a peaceful Heaven awaiting you as you continue to work towards it. Hear my cries and I will bring gold where I dig up blessings to share without a thought of a returned favor in mind. Love me because you want to love me, not because you feel you need to in order to make any gains. Allow me the same respect you will have for yourself in the mirror when admiring your beauty and well being.

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