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Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



I knew this is how I like to smoke first hit hold up she got to get comfortable go piss lele u know the drill clothes off door stuff sheets back wait girl u for got to grab da prize..layed back feet propped prize out roll da java…she think n think n think, fuc it n lit it inhale n think exhaled ,da hate along wit the fakes…I smiles as I get hypnotized about the very time consuming da prize da stress reliever da numb achiever ..talkin 2 a man…accepting of the new way our man hav become mind takin bac to da men with many concubine but I prefer 1 but hey it can b 2….Accepting my life involving to become numb…First time clean 1 month n three days he came n town blew me by his fine ways..I wonder where he at forgive me but I miss u can u understand dat not even physical mental.. I was there when times was hard u called or text me any time of night now line gone cold yup he busy dammn I wish I had someone I can trust to vent to..u didn’t know I was out of my house for almost 3 felt good yesterday hittin da blunt dumb was right I had a month but naw u only live once…da ride felt dangerous I loved it all..too high to continue with u im so use to it..See u tomorrow…No idea how many times I mesmerized dat ride slept lik a baby..hell naw dat use to b my prize three hits n I'm fuked lik dis…word.. will c tomorrow…I was ready got dammn I was ready money n da bra ready to add to da growin stash…Dammn low blows being blown did all dis jus come from da heart. Dammn he iont know what his bestie been through but I need to b numb my prize we don’t agree no more fuc naw u mad me feel lik a mental tak me bac if u think im sicko…shitten me than fuc life right now…giv me sum prize it time to go…smh u know u aint getting no call bac n his brotheragreed…didn’t he know I already knew it... Prize n possession u already know da next session…N I was right first high I did was n a bed chillin time flying im sensitive hittin dis java accepting we will never b how once was..accepted da fact it is a wrap…My prize aint never lied I jus needed to go bac to my roots when I first started smokin..yessss dis Is it….Now im done..goodbye till I do bettea ill hit yea!!

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