The Enchanted Doll

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This is a story of a little girl protected by a magical doll from the hands of evil Nazi regime

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Passing clouds blocked the sun rays. A thick breeze of air touched the town of Munich. Life was normal for everyone. The milkman dutifully kept the bottle at the door. The elders were reading newspaper seriously while sipping a cup of hot tea inside a small restaurant. A little girl named Julia was running around in the garden chasing butterflies. She was full of energy and dreamed of flying high in the sky. Her friends stopped at her house to wish her happy birthday. She smiled at them and invited them to her house. Julia's mother served her friends with a glass of lemonades. They talked about their studies and about things to do when the vacation starts. She showed a new dress to her friends which her grandmother bought for her. It was a simple white frock-filled with red dots. The girls were giggling and laughing imagining about their life as an adult.

The day is 12 August 1933. A very special day for Julia for she will be turning four. She is quite a delight for her parents. Not a single day passed without her smile. Her father was a journalist he worked for an independent press company. Her mother busily chatted with her neighbors while drying clothes. Little did they know that their peaceful life will take a dangerous turn. It was getting late in the evening. All the relatives of Julia were present in her house. She blew the birthday candles. Kissed her mom and dad. Soon her pet kitty joined her. She received all sort of gifts like a toy train, kitchen set, books about birds, a decorated bracelet, painting box and many more fanciful items.

Everyone had a great feast, drank their wine and finally, the house was empty. Julia's mother closed her eyes and said surprise for you my sweet. Her father placed a beautiful doll in her hand. When she opened her eyes she found the doll looking very life like with blue eyes, red lips, blonde colored hair and wearing a pink gown filled with white flowers. She looked at her daddy and said this is the best present she ever received. She ran upstairs towards her bedroom and placed the doll next to her toy house. She played with the doll for some time then she got tired and went to the window, staring at the stars in the sky blankly. Little did she know that this doll as a life of its own. The doll was staring at Julia and even spoke some words to her which Julia cannot hear.

After Julia switched the lamp off and slept on her bed. The doll started walking around. Examined the room and went towards the door. She peeped through a keyhole and saw Julia parents holding hands and laughing. She heard them saying that this was the only doll left in the toy store. Many wanted to own her. I finally bought it for Julia but it was quite an expensive doll. The funny thing is the toy owner didn't seem to remember the doll being delivered to his shop. Later they too switched all lights and went to bed.

Next day by afternoon everyone was looking afraid. The radio has announced the news about Hitler's occupation of Munich. He made rules that all jews should surrender to Nazi authority. A thunderstorm was forming and It was raining heavily. No one had any idea what might happen to them. The sky was filled with fighter planes randomly dropping bombs everywhere. Julia's house and some of the neighboring house survived the bombing. The city was in shambles. In the night, truckloads of Nazi soldiers arrived. Each group of soldiers armed with guns pointing at the civilians shouted at them to come out and stand in line.

Julia and her parents came out with their hands on their head. The soldiers immediately shot her parents dead. Then they looked at Julia hiding something behind her. It was the doll her father presented her last night. Her eyes were filled with tears. The stoned faced Nazi soldiers laughed at her and said look the little princess protecting her precious doll. Then they separated the elders, disabled people and young children. Later put them in different trucks. All were transported to the concentration camp at Dachau.

The elders were mocked and forced to do hard labors. If they failed they will be shot on the spot. Children were left to starve till evening and given a watery soup. The doll was still in her hand. She told the doll that her parents will come back again and take her away from this terrible place. The doll blinked at her and said I will protect you. The girl being a child smiled happily at her. The doll told her not to reveal her presence to anyone.

The next day the Nazi made children stand in line. Strictly ordered them to keep their lips sealed. The children were shaking nervously at them. The Nazi's looked like demons from hell. Julia finding strength and comfort from the doll. Looked at them fearlessly. This annoyed a Nazi soldier very much he raised his cane to whip her, but the doll looked at his eyes in a penetrating manner. Suddenly he felt dizzy and almost collapsed but managed to stand again. He left the spot without saying a word.

Julia spoke to the doll every day and followed her instructions. The doll told her to go to the kitchen and meet the chef working over there. When she went there the doll hypnotized the people working in the kitchen to give sack full of bread. Julia, later happily distributed the food to starving children. Everyone in the camp grew in fear of Julia. Anyone who dared to touch her will get back in fear. She asked the doll who she is and where she came from but the doll kept mum about it and said God can create many miracles.

Many months passed in the ghetto. Children were happy with Julia taking care of them safely. One kind general noticed Julia being an exceptional girl and very different from others. He had relatives in America who were childless and willing to adopt any child fitting their description. He found Julia to be the perfect person to live with them. One day he called her in his cabin and asked her to take a seat. He ordered his men to give her a cup of cold chocolate milk. He began by saying you see you will be liberated from here soon. You will be traveling to America to live with a new family. The soldiers in the room gave a nasty stare at her. The doll gave a hard look at them. Suddenly everyone faces dissolved into a frightened animal gaze.

When Julia spoke to the doll after everyone left. She said I made this arrangement to get you out of here. I controlled the mind of the general to choose you. Now my work is done you will be safe in America. You will not be needing me anymore. Then the doll turned lifeless again. Julia cried and pleaded her to talk again but it showed no sign of life. Soon she met her new parents who were very kind and soft spoken. The general told some words of comfort and wished her good luck for her new life.

Julia boarded the plane to America with her doll. Her new parents said the doll is looking very unclean and ragged that they can find a better one. She cried and said this is a gift from my parents. It means a lot for me. She sat towards the window and observed the plane lifting up. She put the doll in her lap and kissed her. Soon Julia fell asleep. Her new parents looked at each other and said something tells me this is a very special child and then they looked at the lifeless face of the doll. The couple looked at each other again. A drop of tears and joy filled the face of the doll and blinked her eyes one last time.

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