My Love Life Thus Far

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Bored one late summer night, I almost fell asleep staring at my phone's wallpaper, a picture of my current girlfriend. Then out of nowhere, it hit me: man, I sure have a strange love life. So I decided to write about where it is now. Unless things drastically change I won't write actively about what happens.

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



Since I was a small boy, I've always had a strange sort of love life. From liars and cheaters, to girls who just disappear, for a 12 year old kid I've seen lots.

It first started when I went to school for the first time. I never went to pre-school. Me being more of an only child I was able to be homeschooled in my earliest years. Kindergarten was when I met my first love interest, and I believe her name was Sarina. I can't QUITE remember much about her, but I didn't go to the same classroom as her. In fact, the only time I saw her was when I got on the bus.

I was only 5 so obviously it wasn't? a relationship, but she said she liked me. But she once also showed interest in a weirdo named Kaden. He had a mohawk so I didn't like him. After Kindergarten, I never saw her. Chances are she moved from the awful excuse of a trailer park I lived in.

Between 1st and 4th grade, I liked a few classmates, but I never really fell in love. Actually, these were the days when I got my iPod Touch. Me being a kiddie, I thought I was such a hotshot with my own device, although my babysitters all thought it was a good idea to use it just whenever they wanted. These days parts of the iPod cover have been chipped away and it can't connect to WiFi.

When it did work, I had Instagram. I remember 7-year old me managing to get 2 girls on there, I have no idea how. I had to pretend to like My Little Pony for one, and actually convinced myself that I liked it for a while afterwards. The both of them disappeared and I never knew where they went. Latest post I ever saw from one of them was from 2013. After that, things were quiet.

Then, when I was 10 I read someone's Kik username off of a review for a fake Android screen recording software. I investigated and realized it was a 12 year old girl (well, at the time) and we became friends. And soon, oh-ho charismatic ol me managed to get her too. I convinced her I was 14, and used the alias Max. My mom got mad at me once she realized I was catfishing this nice girl. I was forced to tell the truth about myself. We were still friends for a while but recently we've grown distant... currently trying to change that as this is being written.

I convinced my mom to buy me Animal Crossing: New Leaf one day because for some odd reason I just wanted it. I soon learned about the thing where you can meet new people via it. I let the wind guide me and I met a girl named Hope Littzi. These days, that name haunts me.

In the start, she was a nice girl and quickly took a liking to me. And eventually, yes, again, I had a girlfriend like ba-da bang. I also convinced her I was 14, but eventually I felt bad and spilled the beans... she? still liked me. I can't remember quite what it was but something eventually had us split up. It stayed that way for a long time.

Then, one day in 4th grade, I suppose around the same time that I hit puberty, which was relatively REAL early, a redheaded girl named Stacey who I once thought was annoying, started to seem a bit more... attractive. I was not a good speaker back then (these days I contrarily am) so my way of asking Stacey out was slipping a note in her locker. T'was a cheesy love note, I think it was a reference to something she used to like.

Then, disaster struck.

Big, fat, disappointing disaster.

Before Stacey could see the note and reply, I heard on the PA: "[Me] please come to the office to be picked up" because my dad came there as a surprise and took me and my brother to King's Island, an amusement park in my area. I was a sitting duck that whole summer, and unlike all of my other classmates she had no means to communicate with me.

The first day of 5th grade. During recess time, Grace, a friend of both Stacey and I came over and asked me if I wrote a love note to Stacey. I inquired why she was asking and then those 4 words changed everything and began what I consider my first relationship.

"Because she says yes."

I'm in love with Stacey at this point,and she seems in love with me. Nothing serious ever happened between us. It carried on into 6th grade, before something changed. Was probably my hormones, but I started getting really worried every time she didn't text. And I seemed pretty desperate now that I look back. That lead to our breakup. It stung. For a long time. But she and I remained friends. What stung more was when she directly told me she was looking for a boyfriend. That meaning, not me.

Near the end of the school year, another girl started going to my school. She also had red hair, and her name was Dora. As compared to Stacey, who's more of a cuddly teddy bear, she was like, a tall girl. Last Monday of school, I tried my luck and she said yes. We didn't keep in touch too much after school but we had each other's numbers.

This was all my fault. I messaged Hope again one boring day, because I just decided I was too harsh when I broke up with her. I told her how I was doing, and she asked me after like maybe half an hour if I wanted to get back together. Stupid me. I was already with Dora, but I said yes anyway. Afterwards I didn't talk to Dora for a month, which ironically is how long I was with Hope.

She and I seemed in love. Things were going good. Until laat week. It got sour quick. She started lying to me, saying she did marijuana, faked being injured in a car crash, and then my then-friend Chastin came along.

As he does to everyone I really like (he even tried buttering up Stacey, ech) he tries to date them. How? Some weird method. He starts off yelling at them and encouraging suicide.

Typical Chastin.

Usually doesn't go farther than that. But with Hope, he kept going, suddenly being all nicey-nicey. And this is a culmination of both their faults. Long story short, for an amount of time she cheated on me with him. Before I caught on and left her. Part of me says he stole her, while another part says she cold-bloodedly cheated on me.

Then, me being without anyone, I texted Dora again. My last hope. With no real explanation (someone probably told her about me and Hope, I deserved it) she said she couldn't be with me. It's been that way since.

Stacey was still my friend. I vented to her about my situation and she listened. She gave good advice and comfort. Talked to her more often.

Then I remembered the good times I had with her.

New plan was to choose a set day to ask her if she wanted to get nack together. I chronicled every step, albeit rather cryptically on my Instagram (which is now the 3rd account I have owned) and described it as "either the worst or the best idea ever." The day before I planned to ask her... out of the blue...

she apologized for breaking up with me.

I asked "are you saying you wanna get back together" and she said yes. However she wants to wait until 7th grade starts. Since she believes (and after what I've experienced, I agree) that one can't simply date online.

This is where I am now. Now, I'm waiting to go to 7th grade. I have so many classes with her. Now, I'm already flirting with her a little bit every now and then. Now, I'm expecting to have a lot of fun with Stacey, my little teddy bear.

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