The Choices We Make

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What is the first law of physics? What goes up must come down! Ok, what is the first rule of life? For every choice/action there is an equal consequence/reaction. Yes, we all know this and it doesn't sound hard. I have personally experienced this effect and let me tell your it SUCKS! But maybe with this fresh start things will get better.... Gabriella Corrigan

Trying to juggle basket ball, my dad's company and social life is almost impossible.I have everything anyone my age could have but at what cost. The one thing i want most is reality, I want someone to see me and not the poster boy that the small town we live in has created... Tyson Gibson

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Gabriella... New Girl at Mills Universiy

Submitted: July 12, 2017

 Gabriella Corrigan   I am super excited to start my collage experience at the Mills University. I walk through the cor... Read Chapter