In the End

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A poem I wrote about a battle that could not be won, and how trust and love in companions can help to bring victory.

Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017



I remember the beginning

Of this battle we have fought

When we thought it impossible

That we could have lost.

We fought the best we could,

We tried to do it right,

But in the end, 

It's not the strength

That brings us through the night. (chorus)


We fought with all our might,

In hopes to seal their fate,

But by the time we knew the answer,

It was far too late.

We needed love

And trust to pull us through

'Cause in the end,

It is the love 

That rings out strong and true. (chorus)


And now, 

With the wheels around us turning,

And now,

With the flames around us burning,

Now in the end,

I want to remind you

Just how much I love you.



You fought for me,

I aided you.

I was in harm,

You'd always come through.

All through the night,

Until the light,

Now in the end

You are by my side.

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