i wish it wasn't me

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Just some untold feelings

Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017



I wish it wasn't me..

I wish to see you happy..

I wish you have some one else better

I wish you have someone who cares..


I wish it wasn't me

I wish your loneliness wasn't for me

I wish to feel free...

I wish your heart be free....


I wish it wasn'i me..

But if it was... I am really SORRY

I never intended to do this

I never thought it would be like this...


I wish it wasn't me...

I wish all your sad pros were not for me...

I remember the day you confessed...

But we have come too far from there...


I wish it wasn't me...

The sad glimpse behind your smile...

I wish your broken heart meet

A soulmate who's sent for thee..


I wish it wasn't me...

Coz my heart was already booked for someone else..

I never saw you like you did...

Still I wish you to ever be happy...


You moved on but your heart is stucked there...

I wish that somewhere isn't me...

I wish your sleepless nights were not for me

I wish it wasn't me...

I really wish it wasn't for me that your heart deserted like this..


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