Well Of Despair

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There's a well in my garden but it does not contain water.

Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017



Well Of Despair.

Do you have one of your own? A deep dark well of despair. I have one, just outside; it sits there in my garden like some sort of harbinger of doom. ‘Don’t smile’, it warns, ‘for I am here just waiting for you to approach. I know you can never resist it for long.’

And, do you know what? That well is right! It can, it seems, read me like an open book. The sunlight does not really stand much of a chance against the draw of all that.....blackness! There will always be something that will send me to that edge to stare deep down.

It’s a picture-book well, with a little pitched roof. The wall is made of stones, pushed, arranged and mortared together. Only low, no more than eighteen inches in height, and to look at it is a perfect circle. There is a winch to lower the attached bucket, down and down, deeper and deeper into the ground. No matter how deep though, there is never any water, not even a trickle, to be found. No, this well is full of grief and despair.

Many times I have felt myself drawn to climb on to the wall, to sit on it and stare down into its apparently limitless depths. If there is a bottom to it, it cannot be seen. The bucket, fully unwound does not reach the bottom; and should you drop in a stone, you’ll never hear an impact. This well really does seem to be a channel for nothing more than infinite desperation.

It sits in my garden like an ominous presence, just waiting for my approach; for strangely enough nobody else seems to feel it’s tendrils of hopelessness reach out to grasp and draw them towards it.

I often find myself leaning over, looking down. And I often shudder when I realize just what I am doing. Who knows though – one day I might lean too far, lose my balance, and take that never-ending plunge.

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