The Nyapocalypse Part 1

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Things aren't going too well for Marcus - that is, until someone changes his life.

Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017



“Why can’t I watch anime, Mom? I’m not pushing it on you!” Marcus Jones yelled at his mother.


“It’s all you do! You’re twenty two years old, you shouldn’t be watching bouncing boobs all day!” Mrs. Jones had been dealing with this obsession for seven years. At first, she had tolerated it, but now, finally having enough of those constant “desu desu” and “baka” noises coming his room, she banned him from watching anime.


“I’m an adult, Mom! I can do what I want!” Marcus didn’t realize what he had just said could backfire on him – which it did.


“Oh, REALLY? Then get out of here and get a job!” An even angrier Mrs. Jones pushed Marcus towards the apartment door, surprising him and making him fall on his back. Marcus quickly scrambled to get himself off of the floor, his anger quickly becoming fear.


“That’s right! OUT! OUT!” Marcus ran out the open door, not caring about anything but getting away from his mom, afraid of what she would do. Little did Mrs. Jones know that was the last time he would see her son before he died.


- - -


Marcus was being rained on as he walked along the street, looking down at the ground. His anger had long since transformed into depression. He had absolutely nowhere to go, no money, and no internet connection; what else was he supposed to feel?


He took a look at an alleyway to the left of him, and went into it, deciding he’d spend his last days in there. As he walked near the end of the alley, he noticed a figure moving out of the corner of his eye. Surprised, his head turned to the dumpster where the figure had moved behind, only to see nothing. He shrugged it off as his mind playing tricks on him and walked to the end of the alley.


All of a sudden, he felt a huge weight on his head. His body buckled down to the pavement, and he let out a scream as he realized that someone - or something - had tackled him.


“Heh, you scream like a girl!” said an ironically feminine voice. The weight on Marcus’s back let up, which prompted him to get off the ground. He turned to run away as fast as he could, only to see something he had only seen before on computers, stopping him in his tracks.


It was a catgirl. And no, it wasn’t just some girl cosplaying - it was an actual anime catgirl, staring at him in the face, larger-than-life eyes and all. She had long, blue hair with a tail and ears to match. She was wearing a green t-shirt and light brown shorts, and her hands were on her hips.


Marcus simply gazed dumbfounded at this beautiful creature, his eyes darting to every part of her - from her breasts to her hips to her tail, which was twitching in irritation.


“So, are you just going to stare at me like this, pervert?” the catgirl said, finally snapping Marcus out of his trance.


“Oh my god… you’re REAL!” he said, the look of a curious child on his face.


“Yeah; so?” the catgirl said, her huge eyes acquiring a glazed look.


“Can I touch your-”




“I didn’t even finish-”


“I don’t care what part of me you want to you touch, you’re not touching it.” She sighed. “Besides, if I wanted to, I could turn you into a catgirl like me with a touch.”


“Wait, what?”


“Dammit, I shouldn’t have said that. Oh, well; do you want to be a catgirl?”


Marcus considered her words for a moment. Almost all his life he had spent glued to some sort of screen; his father had left him at birth, after all. He didn’t do very well in school, even dropping out in tenth grade. He didn’t want to become one of those beggars out on the streets, smoking cigarettes - so, in the end, he told her that he did want to be a catgirl.


“Ah, good. I’ve been alone here for two months now - I’d really like some company,” she admitted, a sad look developing on her face.


“Really? You don’t seem lonely,” he said.


“I’ve been hiding my emotions,” she further revealed.


“Aww… you want a hug?” Marcus put his hands out towards the catgirl. She hesitated for a moment, then ran to Marcus.


As Marcus was hugging her, he began to feel the transformation beginning; he was turning into a catgirl, just like her…

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