A letter to my mum

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A letter from a prodigal daughter to her late mother

Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017



Dear Mum......

Now I know the pain you felt, all the tears you shed, suffering from my ignorance and hate. You endured it all alone for my sake. Everyday we fought, I yelled and screamed words that can never be taken back, fueled by teenage rebellion leaving you to drown in your puddle of tears and self loathing. I knew you cried yourself to sleep at night, I heard you sob atimes. You tried building yourself up to stay strong for the both of us but I tore you down with words that stung. You were drowning in depression that was obvious to all, but yet I showed no remorse. I blamed you for everything and not even the man who abandoned us to toil in a life of struggle. Even when I moved away I never called or answer any of your calls. I isolated you from my life after all the effort you put in raising me. All the letters you sent I never read till the day you died, old sick and alone. I never went for your burial. I felt responsible for your death, I am responsible for your death. I drank my feeling away and partied from night to day and then drank some more till I felt numb, my days felt blurry and deem, what an ungrateful brat I was. I remember visiting your grave for the first time, after being knocked up by a pothead scumbag. I cried till I had no tears left. You could have killed me when you had the chance but rather you birth me, and I destroyed you. I feel nothing but remorse now staring into the eyes of my daughter, she's five now and her eyes are the only things? that give me warmth these days. She's still cheerful and innocent but she would one day grow up, and start asking questions about her father, the scumbag abandoned us, karma's a bitch huh? Well, I hope my daughter becomes nothing like me, so she wouldn't end up like me. I guess I'll just let life take it's path. I always loved you mum, I know I never showed it but I truly did and still do. I'm sorry for everything I put you through and wish I could rewrite our story to erase the things I said and did.... Well I guess it's too late.

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