Airi and Aziza (part 1)

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Airi meets a three-thousand-year-old girl named Aziza.

Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017



Airi and Aziza


On the right-side of the Pendleton Queen Park road, a newly formed booth stood on the grass near the side walk. It consisted of a rectangle table covered with a black cloth that had the words ‘Pendleton Queen Park merchandise’ written in bold, yellow letters and a black tent supported by four silver poles. Upon the table were products that were mostly aimed at kids: kites, plushies, huge glasses and toys. Behind the table Airi watched over the products.

Airi wasn’t the sells person. She was just filling in for the sells person who was supposed to come in today to sell the things on the table. John (Airi's boss) didn’t give Airi much information about the person who was to work the booth neither did Serena or Yasmine. Everyone like always kept her out of the loop. “Who could they have gotten to sell this stuff?” She thought to herself. As she was thinking, she heard Yasmine come in on her walky-talky

 “Are you ready to meet our new sells person?”

“Is he here? I didn’t see him enter the park, did I?”

“It’s a female.”

“Another one? John will get lonely being the only male who works here.”

“He’ll be all right with a bunch of beautiful woman around him. In fact, I think that was his plan all alone.”

After chuckling, Airi asked who this person was.

“She’s very old so she might need our help more often than not. Be prepared for that.”

“An older woman, huh. Well, I guess he’s not only into younger girls such as our self’s.”

“Trust me Airi, he is. She maybe old but she looks as young as you.”

Airi could easily imagine a young looking old woman, however, she couldn’t imagine one that looked as young as herself. Whoever this woman was Airi wanted to meet her. “When do I meet her?”

“Serena’s bringing her to you now.”

Airi looked across the park road and saw Serena walking alongside another female who was dressed very strangely. The new woman had light brown-skin, thick eye brows and dark hair which was braided in two pig tails. For attire; she wore a long dress that stopped just above her knees made from old mummy wrap and platform sandals. “Is that the new sells woman?” Airi thought to herself as she watched the woman coming towards her. “She does look very young.”

“Airi, I would like to introduce you to Aziza. She will be selling our stuff for us,” said Serena.

“Nice to meet you Aziza,” said Airi as she held out her hand towards Aziza.

“Why is she holding her hand out to me?” Aziza asked Serena.

“I guess I forgot to teach you about greeting people properly. Don’t worry, I’m sure Airi can teach you.”

“She must be from another country?” Asked Airi.

Both another country and another time. She’s a three-thousand-year-old mummy from Egypt.”

If someone else besides Serena would have told her the person besides her was a mummy, Airi wouldn’t have believed them. However, since it was Serena who said it, it came with a higher believability. “Why do you have a three-thousand-year-old mummy standing beside you?”

“Because I like to keep in touch with the past!” Said Serena in a joking manner.

Airi didn’t think Serena was funny. She didn’t even smile a little.

“Anyway, could you watch over her for a bit while she gets use to her new job?”

Airi agreed to watch over the mummy. She agreed to watch over Aziza not so much because Serena asked her too. She did it because…. well, it was a mummy in front of her and she wanted to get to know her better.

“Ok, Aziza get behind the table and get to work. If you need any help, ask Airi.”

Aziza got behind the table with Airi. They both gave each other a quick glance and a smile before focusing on Serena.

“If you need any help yourself Airi just use your walky-talky, all right?”

“I’m I suppose to stand here with her or am I supposed to patrol my side of the park?”

“Nothing really goes on, on your side of the park Airi. If we need you to do something on your side we will tell you threw the walky-talky, all right?”

Airi nodded her head.

As she began crossing the street back to the other side, Serena shouted for them to do their best.

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