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Time Surfers

Book / Science Fiction

Alison Grale is a regular person..... Then she finds out about time travel, shadow zones, time surfing and a lot of other things she never knew exisited. then everything changes. FAN ME IF YOU LIKE/ WANT MORE!!

This Shadowed World

Book / Fantasy

I am aware there are some mistakes and i am working on editing this chapter. Ruled by the Lord of Midnight, the Shadows of Light and Darkness are preparing a harvest planet for colonozation. When a young soldier gets stranded on the planet during a training mission, she quickly realizes that not everything is as it seems. She now must make the decision between her people and a whole planet.


Book / Fantasy

Alison is the error in a perfect society. Her life is at risk. When an unexpected friend helps her out, she finds out there is a lot more to this perfect city.

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