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Estelle and her Sister have been locked up on a spaceship since she was 9. She doesn't know any other life, just living inside a cramped place she calls home, with nothing to do all day.

Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017











I swing open the shower door with flourish, immediately cool air rushes at my body, I shiver.

As I reach for a towel, my long wet hair loudly slaps against my lower back.

After drying off and getting dresses I walk back into the other room of my ‘House’. It is a meduim sized room with a bed, a closet, and a food locker, which contains enough instant meal packets to last me a lifetime.

“Hi.” My sister, Rita, is perched on the ledge in front of the only window, gazing at the earth, “It’s so big.” She marvels.

“Yeah.” I say queitly.

We have been locked up here for nearly 6 years, since I was 9 and she was 12. We had been little kids and decided to have fun, except that fun consisted of breaking into the palace and pranking Prince Maxwell. We got put on trial, and considering that earth has unfair, unjust courts and rules that only apply to lower-class people; we were sentenced to a lifetime in solitary confinement.

Mrs. Ellitront, the headmistress of our quadrent had no objections, I guess she thought we were an embarrasment.

We were childish, but since the laws about being charged as minors were abolished in 2598, we were charged as adults. I guess we are lucky that it was solitary confinement instead of death or something worse. Not that anybody should die for pranking a prince and tresspassing.

People say the laws were abolished because parents were asking the minors to do illegal things, or because too many people were pretending to be minors, nobody really knows why they were abolished. Now you must rely soley on your parents to keep you out of trouble if you are over the age of 6, under six and your parents are charged...if you have any.

A lot of other laws were gotten rid of too, a lot of necessary laws.

Now our world is in complete chaos. According to history books there was equality and freedom a long time ago. Now people are sentenced in court based on their social standing, or how much money the judges were bribed with.

The judges are mostly just rich people who like to think they are helping society, in reality they are just being cruel and accepting bribes.

If your parents commit a crime, then you get sent to a quadrent of kids, who are basically public slaves, they clean up the roads, collect garbage, hold advertisments in the streets. Then their quadrent leader has the guts to say they are helping you.

all the other planets have been at severe war with us for ages.

Eventually our lack of justice and law made it so that the only place left standing was a chunk of earth in the middle of the atlantic ocean, the Republic of Canada.

“I’m going to take a shower.” Rita says as I switch on our large monitor computer.

“Ok”. That computer is the only way we are in contact with the outside world, I have access to security cameras and news stations due to my friend who go tme that before he was brutally murdered for helping someone escape a death sentence two years ago. Charming.

Nothing on the news is worth looking twice at.

Scrolling down the endless articles about King Alexander’s deathly illness is boring, so I switch it off.

I slump over to the window, if only….

The to words I utter the most: “If only we were free”, “If only we hadn’t done that” “If only things were just” if only, if only, if only.

I am full of wishes.Too many wishes, ever since the day I suggested to Rita that we might escape the thought of freedom has been overwhelming me. Every minute of free time is spent dreaming of the day that the king dies. When he dies they review al sentences, and the new king (Prince Maxwell) has the option to release any prisoners that he wants. The chances of us being released is extremely scarce, every king has been just like the last one, and for the past 600 years earth has been ruled the same way, why would he suddenly change it?


“Estelle, our shipment is due any second.” Rita says from the doorway.

Once a month we get a shipment of supplies: food rations, soap, new sheets, etc.

As a part of our ‘lenient’ sentence we are treated like humans instead of prisoners, you know we get basic privileges, a bathroom instead of a pot, clean sheets, an actual window, Rita says we should consider ourselves lucky. It is hard to feel lucky.

About an hour later our port buzzes: the shipment has arrived.

I walk out into the transporter room, the lareg box is sitting there.

I carry it back to the main room. There are only three rooms.

flash of white catches my eye.

What’s that?

I take it out, and examine it, it’s a note.

My heart leaps at the five words on the page:

Help is on the way.

That is all that is written there, but that is all I need.

We will be free.


The next two days I have spent skipping around with light feet, I have not told Rita yet, and I don’t know that I will tell her.

After four days of intense waiting for this ‘help’ I am starting to doubt it.

Maybe they will come with the next shipment.

But no, the next shipment comes and still nobody.

I flounce into my swivel chair, the news has exploded. I read the first head line I see.



“Rita! Rita!” I yell, “He died! The king died!” after blurting out what I learned I rushed back to my computer, Rita at my heels.

According to tradition, the new king makes his first order and carries it out before he can be coronated.

I wonder what his first order will be.

Which means if we are set free it won’t be for a while.

After days of following up the news, I have learned that the new king intends to keep his first order a secret until it is carried out.

It is May 15, time for our shipment.

I slump out to the transporter room, and wait.

After about 10 minutes the machine powers up, the familiar blue and grey box transports.

I bend to pick it up, suddenly something else transports; A man.

I nearly throw the box at him, it has been so long since I saw a human other than Rita or TV.

"Hello, are you Rita?" He asks, he is rather tall, with tanned skin and light brown eyes, he has a mop of brown hair that looks far from neat.

"Um...uh...no." I squeak out, my voice sounds hoarse.

He furrows his brow, "Then...Who are you?"

"Her sister."

He runs his fingers through his hair, the uneasiness in me gets worse, "Well, what is your name?"


"Okay Estelle." He clearly isn't expecting me, "How old are you?"


his eyebrows shoot up, "We are looking for an 18 year old."

"Enough questions, why are you here?" I say.

"His excellency King Maxwell has decreed that we send all unjust prison sentences to the palace to be reviewed and possibly canceled. I was sent to get a Rita Viron."

"That's my sister, she is taking a shower." I am for some odd reason very calm.

"Well, we will depart in ten minutes, so go get her." He looks amused.

'Rita! Rita!" I run yelling at the bathroom door.

She steps out of the bathroom, rubbing her face with a towel, "What! What!" she mimicks my voice.

I tell her. She nearly falls, "We are leaving!"

Twenty minutes later we are on a ship with the man, he said his name was Carl, he is a palace guard.

We get off the ship and are lead to a room where we take showers, eat and get some new clothes.

After nearly two hours here Carl comes back, "His Excellency would like to meet with you to discuss your sentenece."

We are lead down a long white hallway to an elevator. Inside it is white with light brown mosiacs all over the inside, with an elaborately carved wood celing.

Fancy elevator.

"I wonder what he is like." Rita murmurs.

Finally after a long and winding path we reach a gold and white door.

why is everything gold and white?

Once we are lead in I understand why, there is a large white flag with a gold emblem on it.

New flag?

A man, the king I presume, is sitting in front of a large desk.

'Hello, Officer Woodston." he gives a small smile to Rita and I.

"Might I ask who these young ladies are?"

He is in his early twenties with short black hair and the darkest brown eyes I have ever seen, which isn't saying much. The last time I saw him was in teh courtroom, he was 15 or so, so he is roughly 21.

After Carl explains who we are, the King gestures for us to sit.

He reviews our sentence and discusses it a bit.

'I remember you two." then he recalls our story out loud.

"Well," he says picking up a large wooden object with a round bottom, 'That was very serouis crime." he laughs to himself.

He stamps the object down on a piece of paper, "Canceled! You're free!' he leans forward to shake our hands.

I shake his hand lightly, "that's it?"

"Estelle!" Rita whisper-shouts.

"I'm sorry sir."

'No problem" he waves me off, "I suppose it is my job to fix my father's mistakes."

As we are getting ready to leave -the king has left the room- i turn to Rita, "What do we do now? We are too old for the quads, have no family. What now?"

Before she can answer, the King who came back in the room interrupts us, 'I could get you jobs in the palace, if you'de like."

The look on Rita's face is worth a million dollars, "Um, Thank you! Yes! Please." she blurts out.

He laughs, "what can you guys do?"

"Um. clean, we used to be in the quads, we can watch kids. She is a talented pianist. Not much." Rita says.

"well, how would you feel about being guards?"

"Yes, your majesty, thank you." I say being more polite than Rita.

"Great. Mr Woodston will get you uniforms"

After we are dissmissed, Carl leads us to get our uniforms and guns.





Thank you for reading my story. if you would like to leave feedback in the comments section below; I would really apreciate that, I want to make this story better, so tell me what you think!

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